In a very serious story, I personally know a woman who has been struggling to get her now 18 year old daughter unmutiliated through the TransCareBC program. Her daughter has been diagnosed as “gender dysphoric,” and half convinced that she’s a tranny. This woman, who will be referred to as K from here on out, has been thus far successful at keeping her daughter from serious self-harm. Other girls in British Columbia as young as 16 have been given double masectomies, and children as young as 13 have been given these permanently sterilizing “puberty blocker” hormonal treatments.

I know, it’s fucked out there.

I met K when I sat in at a completely different trial, that I will have to write up one day. The lawyer representing that individual, a father jailed for “causing harm,” to his child by trying to save her from permanent mutiliation through TransCareBC, is also helping out K and others in the cause of… not allowing children to be mutiliated by profit seeking perverts.

Carey Linde, Lawyer

I saw Carey Linde in person at that trial, and was only moderately impressed. Still, he’s been fighting the good fight, and at a very reasonable cost. As one of the ways he’s been fighting, there has been legislation put forth by the tranny lobby that forces British Columbians to identify their pronouns in court. No really, it’s like those weirdos on twatter who have (they/them) in their bios, except you need to do that when you show up to court.

Like, a guy who’s on trial for raping and murdering a woman still needs to clarify that his pronouns are (he/him), and he could easily say (she/her) or (xir/xor), or whatever the fuck he wants. In fact, he can even change this midway through trial, as one tranny did no less than four times in the same case.

The current kerfuffle has been over yet another arguably trivial, but culturally important imposition of the tranny lobby through the Law Society of British Columbia. They were trying to get some particular bullshit policy through. It might have been the required pronoun naming, it might have been something else. I’ve reached out to K for clarification, but it’s honestly not incredibly important. What is important is that he promoted this call with the poster below.

What happened next is going to shock you. Make sure you’re sitting down for this, but the dilating trannies got triggered and made some formal complaints to the LSBC to try to make an example out of this Uppity Non-Pervert. We’ll cover that in the next installments.

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