Looks like Grindr has finally banned Nicholas Juan Fuentes. That’s gonna make AFPAC II, and White Twink Summer a lot harder to set up.

Oh sorry, Gettr. In any case, Gettr was obviously a worthless cuckservative gayop from the start, that I had entirely forgotten about until now. Even still, it’s beyond shocking that Fuentes got banned. He’s always been super optical.

But I guess it’s his fault for being a cringe Wignat.

I’ve said what needed to be said on Fuentes here. I’m only writing this up in case anybody ever feels the need to get on Gettr. It is yet another fake free speech platform that exists as a fake alternative to entrap the goyim who get censored from twatter.

Don’t let them win you over just by a single beatdown of the TradHomo Virginal Optics Chads.

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  1. I’m concerned about this whole topic.

    Where can I find a free non-oppressive spot for online presence of my Hybrid (as in hybrid vehicle) Pansexual Midget Homo Replica?

    He is sure to win the erection, having a human gay couple with first tranny, reality show actor with new york tribe connections, then a George Romero pedorast I mean pedo-cast I mean pedo cast-member erected digitally 3 hours late… it’s all so YESTERDAY !

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