My motivation initially for doing the Fuentes Felting series was a combination of venting some rage at the parasitical smirking twink, and having some laughs while doing it. Some of the best humour comes from a place that is quite cruel, and I certainly took extreme pleasure in laughing at the downfall of the Mixed-Race Mexican Child Savior of the White Race.

We live in an era where the (((propagandists))) who lied us into Iraq are also the biggest proponents for censorship, corporate, or otherwise. Where an anti-White BLM activist intentionally rams his car into a parade and does not get terrorism charges, while James Fields get 419 years for a car accident. Where we have child trannies. Where young people can’t afford to buy houses.

Where over 500k Americans have died of opiate overdoses since the year 2000. Where we have absurdly anti-White enforcement of hate crime/speech laws. And where our cultural factories, such as hollywood, produce at best apolitical garbage Marvel schlock, and at worse, Santa Inc.

The list of things that actually matter goes on.

So I understand why guys like Eric Striker and the rest of the TRS goys rarely responded to the Beardsoy crew’s constant homosexual attacks. After all, Striker spends his time writing articles exposing the BLM activism of the Waukesha terrorist, or covering important trial like CVille, or exposing Con Inc. figureheads as being part of an Israeli run “modeling” agency.

If you’re spending your time doing actually productive things, I understand not responding to faggoty e-attacks from the Homosexual Republican Party Outsiders.

America First, pictured mere seconds before successfully infiltrating the Republican Party.

I understand, but Fuentes needed to get bitchslapped back into the ground, and has needed that for a long time.

A lot of TRS fans were extremely angry at the “lol, you deserved to get censored by ADL driven twitter you heterosexual wignat,” crowd, for a very long time. Fuentes, in addition to being an annoying and unwatchable faggot, was far more interested in stealing an audience built by people trying to actually do politics.

Constantly engaging with the twink would be pointless catty e-drama. But a solid beat down of Fuentes was a political act long overdue.

And so I took it upon myself to really lay pipe into Nicky “saving my virgin ass for my Catboi husband” Fuentes. Not literally of course, Fuentes has catbois for that.

I started with my retrospective of the CatNat grift operation. Then some TRS forum post directed me to KiwiFarms absolutely felting the Future President of the United States, so I wrote one more. That one was mostly about @raper6000, Serious Guy Nick Fuentes’ backup twitter account, going into absolute meltdown mode.

Fuentes had @cheeser3000 for a while, although I can’t remember if it was before or after @raper6000. Also, twitter meltdowns are fairly common for the Patriotic Mexican-American.

And so is not seeing anyone but mummy and daddy for a two week period.

If you’re curious, Serious Optical guy goes by BossBabyIncel12 on Instagram. He started with BossBabyIncel1 and has worked his way up the numbers as he keeps getting banned. Which is weird because his optics are tight.

It’s been obvious to everybody who was heterosexual and over the age of 25 that Fuentes was a joke right from the very beginning. Then it became obvious to the next crop of less high quality but still decent fans after the Catboi stream. Then he dropped the next tier of fans after not getting deplatformed after even Trump.

Pictured: Former fan getting it.

At this point it’s pretty hard to imagine anyone of any sort of quality remains.

But I wanted to make sure that only the most autistic and inexperienced losers on the planet could deny that Fuentes was a hilariously irrelevant faggot. So I made an article felting Fuentes. Then I made another. The beatings continued. And continued again. And then we wrapped it up.

It was fun while it lasted, and some high quality content for sure. I started off enjoying every second of beating on the twink revolutionary, but even by the end of the fourth article, I mostly had it out of my system. I did a massive editing of planned content, and rushed the finale through the finish line.

Pictured: the stud of the AmNat movement.

There’s only so many times you can find a variation on the same types of jokes, and there’s only so much commentary you can provide. After all, the best chirp of Fuentes isn’t even the repressed homosexuality, it’s that he truly is an irrelevant loser who lives in his parents basement. Even Fuentes himself with his latest twitter meltdown is admitting that ”it’s so over,” and other shit like that.

Well, it is, and so is my coverage of him. For any political purpose, I’ve already got more than enough to make sure everybody knows what a joke he is, so at this point my motivation is non-existent to continue. The political goal of “have a nice resource you can link to so everyone sees what an undeniable faggot Fuentes is,” has been achieved, and at this point it would just be engaging in annoying teenage e-drama with a pure as virgin snow e-celeb on the tail end of the downward slope of his career.

The seemingly daily shill threads on POL have turned into a deluge of “WTF is wrong with this faggot,” threads. Those will soon be over as everyone tires of the Mexican twink, and he will be well and truly irrelevant.

As of this, I’m out, and I don’t think I’ll be getting myself back in. If anyone ever tries to shill Nicky Juan Fuentes again, send them this way.


I realized that there was one thing missing from our takedown of Fuentes. We never let the audience hear how annoying this faggots voice is, and how repulsive he truly is on video. Let us correct that for you now, with Nicholas “MegaStud” Fuentes being asked a basic question on how he could possibly give anyone advice on wahmens while being pure as virgin snow.

What an absolute Chad. 

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  1. I used to listen to Nick in the 2016/17 period and enjoyed some of his commentary. I would later listen to TRS and found it to be far superior to the point where Nick’s commentary began to sound bland. He would make nasty little snarky comments on TRS and Striker, usually in response to his own superchats defending them or supporting them. I didn’t see the need for it. I couldn’t understand why some people refused to stay in their lane. He really hated Striker the most, as do alot of these types, like Beardson. Striker takes his politics seriously, and in my opinion, had a strong effect on the rest of TRS by injecting the more Socialist ideals into the politic. These ideals already existed, but Striker gave them more form and precision, highlighting the superior model of central-planning. He’s working-class, wears his heart on his sleeve, and just wants to do what is best for his race. Something about him drives the ironybro types crazy. They’ve internalized their irony to the point where someone like Striker, who finds irony to be alien, is a beacon of everything wrong with their rotten worldview. Nick would spend the next few years attacking Trump, and rightfully so, but when it came to the 2020 election, he went back to supporting Trump despite years of complaining about him using the ancient excuse that he was the lesser of two evils. TRS on the other hand, correctly dropped Trump. Trump lost, and all the support of the AmNats wasn’t good enough. Nick put alot of so-called clout on the line, and he lost. The 2020 election proved the influence of the ‘WigNat’. The Wignat giveth, and the Wignat taketh away. I hate this type of content, because I don’t like this drama or cultivating of it, but his response to Waukesha was disgusting. Only now does Nick claim that opposition to him is proof of his relevance, pretending he didn’t spent 5 years constantly attacking ‘wignats’ and burning every bridge he could find on a map.

    In response to Nicks claim that “You dare even criticize White women and all of Wignat twitter will be out for blood” I say ‘Yes’. His response to Waukesha is cowardly, and deliberately obfuscating the issue. Why the hell is he condmending ‘white women’ and ‘wignats’ in response to an anti-White terror attack? Either he’s desperately losing legitimacy, or he’s managed. Either way, he’s in opposition to White collectivism. The anti-women rhetoric is very clearly managed and cultivated by Israeli intelligence. It is speculation, but I have a decade+ of experience in these circles and know inorganic astrourfing when I see it. /pol/ has been through many era’s and changes, and its latest iteration is a shadow of what it once was. While major events will see a surge of organic posting; the periods inbetween are botted threads promoting Conservatism, Free-Market capitalism, anti-China and hatred of White Women. It was not like this before, but all thread production is botted. /pol/ is treated like an introvenus drip where the most toxic narratives are pumped in to infect and nullify the organic impact of white advocate politics. The response to PF is threads calling them feds. The response to Waukesha is threads attacking White women. The response to Israel/Palestine is a desperate bid for neutrality. The modern botted mantra of this fake /pol/ is ‘Not my problem’. Despite this unrelenting pressure from astroturfing shills, white advoacy and National Socialism continues growing. /pol/ can not be removed, because it would simply migrate and move to a site without these botted controls, and with better moderation, so it remains like an occupied territory kept under constant social engineering oppression. The anti-women posting has reached a peak, and it’s not natural or organic. It’s astroturfed, preying on mens loneliness, but I am certain that 90% of it is fake.

    Nicks animosity towards White women in particular is unhealthy. It’s extremely suspicous, and the response from so-called ‘WigNats’ to protect our women is a wholesome primal moral and ethical instinct. White women do not have power. If they did, this system would look very different. Blaming women is an ancient misdirection. They should be defended, regardless of their actions, because that is our duty. The ‘White Liberal’ is also our kin, and defending them from depictions as a boogeyman is also part of that duty. Many people are products of social engineering they have no control over, and while they must be opposed, they are still our kin and essentially held hostage by a system that hates them. This hatred of White women is alien to all of us, and it is distinctly foreign. Who truly hates White women? Zionist Supremacy. So what does that make Nick?

    1. good effort post, thank you

    2. Great post, although please use more paragraph breaks.

      I’ve maintained through my critique of these AmNat losers that I always thought Fuentes was an unwatchable faggot. However, I was coming from DS back when it was hardcore, and I never stopped listening to TRS. I don’t think anyone who started listening to TRS would ever have the impression that Fuentes was anything other than an annoying faggot.

      However, I can believe someone who never got exposure to TRS could think that Fuentes was the real deal. This is why I maintain that there were some very high quality people in the AmNat fake movement. They dropped off after CatboiGate, or after Jan 6th, or maybe one day they just realized that Fuentes was a faggot.

      But the long term harm Fuentes did was tell these people “omfg TRS are feds blah blah cringe heteros,” and many of them get disgusted with Fuentes being a fake faggot, but also get so disgusted with politics more broadly that they just check out.

      That’s the long term purpose of a gayop, like Fuentes. To get people to spend their time, energy, and money on a thing that goes nowhere. The goal is to induce learned helplessness.

  2. Why’s this guy always renting Convertible V6 mustangs, thats like the gayest/most fem car ever.

    1. He doesn’t even own the car? He’s t-posing while standing on the seat of a rented mustang?

      Serious guy here.

    2. Felted

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  8. He who says “optics” is the enemy.

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