Last summer I went to a few “anti-vaxxx” rallies in Vancouver. These were put in conjunction with the People’s Party of Canada, or PPC. If you don’t know what the PPC is, some Cuckservative named Maxime Bernier got outmaneuvered in Cuckservative Party of Canada backroom politics, got assmad, quit the party, and started his own fake populist party while paying himself 104k a year in salary despite never winning a seat.

Maxime Bernier, PPC leader. $105k/year salaray.

Anyway I was somewhat in and out of politics at this point, but this seemed like something decent to me at the time. I was as of then still somewhat finkled on the PPC, and they were certainly better than the CPC, because they at least pretended to be against child trannies and that sort of stuff. Remember, PPC == People’s Party of Canada. CPC == Conservative Party of Canada.

So I showed up to this “No New Normal,” rally in downtown Vancouver. Before I even got there I was first accosted by some Falun Gong members complaining about the CCP stealing their organs or something. No really, they were whining about their organs being stolen. Here’s the entire video I made of the event. The start of the video includes the Asians all dressed in yellow whining about organ theft.

This gives us our first opportunity to talk once about effective propaganda. First, try not to make claims about child organ harvesting. That’s hilarious.

Okay okay, let me explain. Organ theft, child or otherwise, is most definitely not funny. The funny bit is the context of me walking through a bunch of Asians all dressed in yellow, doing a weird Falun Gong group dance, and then walking up to me and explaining that I need to sign a petition or their organs are going to be stolen by the communist Chinese.

I mean, I really hope that nobody steals these poor people’s organs, but I just don’t know what the thought process is here. What exactly do they expect me to accomplish by signing the petition they asked me to sign? Is the CCP going to be looking at this petition and saying,

“well fuck, Random_Guy34442 doesn’t want us to stop thieving these organs. I mean we were really enjoying the organ thievery, but Random_Guy34442 made it clear he’s opposed to this, and we’re just going to have to live without this sweet sweet organ meat from here on.”

CCP Leaders as they see me ask them to stop stealing child organs.

It literally does not even matter if the CPC is in fact stealing Falun Gong Cult Members organs or whatever. What matters in propaganda is the reaction of the audience. And my reaction was “Not sure I believe you,” combined with “am I a bad person for finding this hilarious?” 

Going up to random people on the street and saying “The fucking communists are stealing our child organs,” is ineffective propaganda, again, even if true. Instead, what I would have done is say something like:

“Well there’s a religious group in China called the Falun Gong, and they’re very persecuted by the Communist Government. Many of them have been thrown in prison for their beliefs, and after they die, often times in prison at young ages, the government makes them do organ transfers against their will, and against their religion.”

Now how is the average person going to respond to this?

“OMG. That’s awful!”

First, by believing you, since that sounds very realistic. Second, by understanding your outrage, after all it is an outrage that the government would violate someone’s religious beliefs in such a disgusting manner. Now let’s contrast with the beneath.

“Holy shit, my adorable nephew’s organs are just seconds from being harvested by the communist Chinese. It’s like the goddamn matrix out there. There are entire crops of Falun Gong members who are harvested where our kidneys are being thieved right out of our bodies.”

Meanwhile in China…

I know I exaggerated it, but you don’t want people seeing your propaganda and thinking “you know, I’m really not sure I believe these people.” It certainly didn’t help that they were doing this weird cult-like dance, and were shoving pamphlets into my face while barely being able to speak English.

The organization you’re trying to get people to support needs to have some realistic, even if small, chance of success, or people won’t want to support it. This doesn’t mean that average everyday people are “cucks,” or support Globo Homo Schlomo, it means you are not entitled to everybodies time, money, and sweat. If the communist Chinese are really harvesting child organs for profit, and your solution is to go around downtown Vancouver and accost randos and try to get them to sign petitions, I’m not exactly filled with confidence. It is important to come across as passionate, but also levelheaded and rational. You need to inspire people with confidence that you will at least not do retarded shit.

So like not the above.

That’s better.

Anyway, after chilling with the Falun Gongers I made my way over to the “No New Normal”/PPC rally. It started off with them playing some music which was fairly unobjectionable. It would have been rude to shove my phone into the face of everyone that I was talking to, so I didn’t film any of this part. What happened was that I worked the crowd a bit, and was almost immediately accosted by some guy who was going on about Bill Gates Agenda 21 and how there are microchips being put in the vaccines.

Once again, I must stress that, while this is retarded, even if true you should not be going around saying that. Because people are going to think you’re a fucking weirdo. Instead, here’s a cliffnotes example what I would say about the whole vaxxx issue.

“Well you know, these are literally the most profitable products for big pharma ever. These corps are raking in tens of billions from this, and you know isn’t it weird how the very same people who promoted BLM fiery, but mostly peaceful protests are also saying two years in that it’s so important that everybody gets these shots. And remember how they refused to shut down the border even from a foreign pandemic?”

In one sense, we’re cheating here, because that is actually the truth. But even if Bill Gates was in fact secretly putting microchips into vaccines in order to reduce the human population down to 5% through UN Agenda 21, you shouldn’t go around dressed like a hobo and say that to random people.

I continued mingling amongst the crowd before the speeches started, and noticed two types of people. People who mostly stood in the same spot, were very quiet, and who seemed to not know anybody else there. The other group was people who were closer to the stage, were more animated, and had clearly been there before.

In the latter group, there were multiple people doing the “vaccines are genocide,” bit, and trust me, not with even the slightest bit of social intelligence or charisma. One guy literally decked out his truck and was driving around with the “VACCINES ARE GENOCIDE,” decal written all over his car. He was honking at random people on a street about half a km away from the rally the entire time with a megaphone screaming “stop vaccine genocide now,” which made me literally start sweating with how cringey it was, and make some antifa-looking skanks in front of me laugh at them. Other people had that “oh my fucking god I feel so uncomfortable” look on their faces, like someone took a shit in public.

I don’t think I would have cringed harder if I walked in on my parents having a nice steamy experimental fuck session, where only one of them was enjoying it.

This is a prime example of why anti-social losers must be viciously exterminated from any political movement. When the only two reactions you get from the general public is intense cringing, and people on the other side laughing at what a retard you are, the problem is most definitely not that average people just aren’t HARDCORE enough to save the human race from VACCINE GENOCIDE.

Instead, you’re just a faggot. Stop being a faggot.

As an actual example of what to do, the video shows the tail end of this one guys speech about how small businesses are negatively affected by the arbitrary governmental response to Covid-19. He didn’t say it all that well, and I got some LOLbertarian vibes, but overall he was fairly unobjectionable, since he was at least somewhat hitting the right target.

Then the jew Naomi Chocyk comes in. She’s some PPC regional coordinator, and she gets up there on stage and does this “US FREEDOM FIGHTERS MUST UNITE, TOGETHER WE STAND UNDEFEATED” routine. I put that in all caps, because she screamed this into the microphone. People walking on the street behind the museum area start looking around, wondering why this retard is ruining their nice stroll in downtown Vancouver.

Keep in mind, this is coming from a political party that has never won a single seat in an election, and doesn’t even have 357 candidates this time, and is not remotely threatening to win a single seat. This is what it means for “freedom fighters to stand undefeated.”

At this point I start sweating profusely. I’m looking around while simultaneously pulling my hood over. Praying to god nobody I know in real life sees me with these people and thinks I’m somehow a loser by association. I mean I felt that way during the NO VAXXX GENCIDE honking retards, but it had died down in the meantime. Then, through (((Naomi Chocyk))) it came back, like herpes.

I’m serious, her speech was only about one minute, and it was one of the most painful minutes of my life. There were even these moments where she’d do things like say “ARE YOU READY FOR FREEEEEDOM,” expecting we the goyim to be just wildly enthusiastic and going absolutely buck wild. And it really showed that there was about 1/5th of the audience, the weirdos, who applauded that enthusiastically. Then there was a small group of people who politely gave a tepid, obligatory hand patter. Then there was a full half or even more of the crowd just standing there stunned.

The fuck is this jew going on about?

Sadly, I did not get any of this out of body experience on camera. However, I did get most of Grift Leader Maxime Bernier’s speech, when he came on right after. That starts at around 1:30 of the below video.

Bernier’s speech was only mildly cringey. I mean first of all, the guy can barely speak English. You’d think he’d make an effort to learn really well, but holy shit he’s just halting with every word of his speech. As for the content itself, it’s standard LOLbertarian talking point about “muh freedom,” and “covid tyranny.”

His speech lasted about 5 minutes. There was a very cute blonde girl with her mom standing right in front of me. I couldn’t see her face, but she was cute from the back.

Anyway, they didn’t even bother sticking around to the end, and left halfway through. I don’t blame them, as I myself, even though I was getting content, went and hung out with the Organ Theft Asians again due to a combination of him being boring and an annoying LOLbert faggot.

The end of Bernier’s speech was yet again painfully cringe-inducing. He ends the speech with a “rising”:

You are with us, I’m with you. We have to stay strong and free, and we will win that fight. Thank you!

The majority of the audience, myself included, didn’t bother clapping for this fucking faggot even a single time during his speech, including the end. People just standing there, as they realize that, no matter how utterly and almost openly disinterested the existing major political parties in Canada are at doing a single thing for the peasants, if this LOLbert grifting faggot is the best option, there’s no point in wasting your time on politics.

Because as that unsettling thought was precipitating throughout the crowd, some guy who works with the PPC took the mic, thanked Bernier, and then lead the crowd in a chant of “FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM.”

It was sheer pain for me navigating my own video to get the perfect screenshot of this moment, until I muted the video. Just so you know, this was on a random Saturday, with a half empty plaza with tons of empty space behind me. And like maybe 1/5th of the audience is going along with the FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM chant like the cuckiest little Sir William Wallace LARPers at the medival renaissance fair.

The above screencap best captures the moment where the majority of the small audience makes the decision to hightail it right the fuck out of there, and put all this politics shit behind them.

I said earlier that many of the people in the crowd were totally normal. Most of them probably thought this was like the Yellow Vests protests in France, where it’s not really about the yellow vests, that’s just a symbol. Or the Boston Tea Party before the American Revolution. After all, this was taking place in Canada during the summer of church burnings.

In any case, I distinctly remember two older Boomer types, a man and wife couple, turning around with their eyes downcast to the ground with this haunted look on their faces. A look that said “what the fuck was that Ethel?”

I can’t tell if it’s funny or sad. These people deserve representation, and instead they get a grifting former Cuck Party Leader candidate and some anti-social losers screaming about VACCINE GENOCIDE.

BTW, the rally was called “No New Normal.” They hold them every Saturday at 11PM in the exact same spot.

And yes, the irony is lost on them, because they’re anti-social losers. Again, not the majority of the crowd, just the people running the freakshow.

With the now defunct TWP, going after their “optics,” is somewhat missing the point. TWP intentionally had terrible appeal to normal people, because Heimbach was an anti-social loser who wanted to pretend that normal people just weren’t HARDCORE enough to enjoy Nazi LARPers.

In a similar vein, going after these people’s messaging is also somewhat missing the point. The “No New Normal” losers just want a social club. Both groups are weirdos who have been rejected by society, so they want a smaller, parallel society where they can have some status and clout.

It’s trivially easy to come up extremely effective anti-Covid-19 propaganda, but it’s impossible if you’re an anti-social loser in search of a social club where you can finally get the status that normal society has denied to you because you’re a fucking weirdo.

Point out that the very same propagandists making arbitrary anti-Covid19 rules and enforcing them on people are big BLM supporters, which can be thought of as COVID Superspreader events?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! That would be popular!

Point out that the Canadian Government, where this was taking place, pretended that shutting down the border was “Xenophobic White Supremacy,” and then a year later did in fact shut down the border, long after Covid19 had set up shop in Canada. Only they didn’t even shut down the border, they just said they did and anyone who has a “work reason,” to cross the border and come back can do so without even having to do the ridiculous “self isolation,” routine.

Because apparently like the universe just magically knows and if you go across the border on a month long truck haul you are immune to Covid19, but if you cross the border for 3 hours to buy some big league chew you are now infectious to the point of radioactivity?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! That would be popular!

Point out that any sane government would have a national food stockpile of something like rice and dried vegetables in warehouses that could be used to save the people in times of emergency, and our government doesn’t, and has no plans for this?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! That would be popular!

Point out that mask mandates are hilariously arbitrary and basically retarded?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! That would be popular!

Make the first criticism of the vaccines that this is literally the most profitable product in Big Pharma history. That they are making tens of billions of dollars and our government has absolutely not forced them to sell at a price even approaching cost?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! That would be popular!

Because like, why use popular propaganda when you could instead drive around harassing average everyday people in a car decked out with “NO VACCINE GENOCIDE” written on the side and ruin everybodies day by being a fucking retard? Why use any of the popular talking points I raised above, when you can instead talk about Bill Gates putting microchips in people to enact UN Depopulation Agenda 21? Why be easily popular when you could be massively unpopular for more effort?

This kind of thinking only makes sense when you have thoroughly understood that these people just want their little weirdo social club. After all, if they used popular talking points they might attract, gasp, normal well adjusted people who are going to start saying things like “there are a lot of really fucking weird people in this group, can we do something about that?” Or, from Bernier’s perspective, might start saying things like “can you explain what exactly is your political roadmap/plan for getting me the things I want?”

I hope all parallels to the WLM retards are immediately obvious. Don’t forget that they got really going back when we had average everyday people like parents going after school boards for Critical Race Theory. Then all of a sudden these losers show up with some insanely cringey “White Man You are being sentenced to EXTINCTION,” posters that didn’t have any clear goals other than making pro-White advocacy super anti-social and cringe. Similarly we have these “Bill Gates conspiracy vaccine genocide,” cringe weirdos to whom normal people have one of two responses, second hand embarrassment or pointed laughter.

And just like with the people in the audience, I strongly believe that 80+% of the people following WLM stuff are great, high quality people desperate for representation. But they are a very non-vocal majority, because the anti-social weirdos running things have enacted an immune system to normal, serious people actually enacting positive change.

For example, after our first article on WLM shit-tier propaganda, which you can read here, we started getting what appears to be an extremely weak attempt at brigading. One of the arguments they kept repeating is that you have to be anti-White to make even 100% objective critiques of an ostensibly pro-White movement.

Criticisms invite competition, which invites meritocracy, which these losers simply cannot abide. I’d be extremely happy if the NJP put on some internal competition to see who could make the best posters, even if all of my contributions lost. These people don’t feel the same way, because it’s not really about the cause, it’s about their internal status within these fringe groups.

As painfully embarrassing as the PPC’s performance was, they at least had functional propaganda. What I mean by that is they were running on abolishing Vaxx mandate bullshit, which people want, so while their propaganda was insanely shitty, there was an actual point to it. If people had liked their speeches, they might have gotten other people to vote for them, or voted for the PPC themselves. “If you like this speech, vote for me,” is easy to understand.

I mean it’s not like they just stuck a cringy “No VAXX GENOCIDE” poster on a random electrical cabinet or something like that, with no call to action. Imagine someone doing something like that.

Anyway, as painful as the No New Normal rally was at the time, experiences like that always lead to fun stories. So as long as you are very careful with your personal safety and don’t give these types money, it’s not the end of the world to take a gamble with your time in one of these types of groups. It cost me some gas money and a Saturday morning to find out that Maxime Bernier and the PPC were a bunch of jokes, along with the anti-vaxx movement leaders. Considering that I’m a writer for Hyphen-Report, that’s time and money well spent. Use your discretion.

And who knows, maybe it would have been an actually productive group, seriously interested in getting political victories. Wouldn’t that have been something?

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  1. The first half is pretty darn funny, John Cleese would be proud but Graham Chapman would point out you didn’t go far enough with the organ absurdity.

    But…seriously, if you write the term “anti-social” to any thinking person, the immediate response will be “what’s the bullshit detector reading, steve?”

    I don’t have the time to tell you why, but think of the term “Social Media” and you will be on the right track, the track out of this shit tunnel….then you use the tired Lemur-shit argument “CONSPIRCCY TERRRR-ER-IST” “retard” who used the word Gates…and GENOCIDE ?…. can you ER-magine !!!

    And don’t listen to me (molecular biologist for 20 years who actually worked on corona, cloned 3 of it’s genes including the sloppy replicase, etc)… Molecular Immunology lab director for 3 years… but you need a couple clues – Noone has ever died from a corona virus infection and there ain’t no more “virulent” doctor evil or otherwise form- it’s replication and genome dictates this.

    And… if you produce a viral antigen in your body you WILL get autoimmune destruction of cells tissues organs especially on exposure to the common cold corona. BASIC IMMUNOLOGY.

    So who’s the retard here? the guy shouting genocide? or the guy concerned about FITTING IN to a “social group” … gee wally…. (most remaining blogs are remaining for a reason…and if the word jew appears…hmmm… and still remaining? makes ya think.

    1. yeah well i’m a doctor of faggotology and can confirm you’re a faggot

    2. What the fuck did I just read?

      1. fuck niggers

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    in my view its genuinely remarkable for me.

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