When writing my previous article on the Weinstein Defender, which you can read here, I did some research on the forum GamerUprising. One of them linked to some NJP related content on twatter. It’s hard to say what it was, because this is what I found when I followed the link.

It’s not just one page. It keeps going forever.

Deleted account after deleted account.

I almost started thinking that this was a glitch, that only happened because I had a censored account. After all, you’d usually see one or two responses that aren’t censored after scrolling down 4 pages.

But no, it just kept going until finally I encountered the first non-censored account five full pages of scrolling later.

Faggot grifters like Nicky Fuentes tried to put out the harmful idea that the way you respond to (((ADL))) driven censorship is you just have “amazing optics.” This amounts to being an obsequious little bitch, which will inevitably end in your censorship as well.

Ultimately, this response is emasculating and impotent. The way you should be responding to censorship is “if I’m not on that website, it’s for fags.” 

Below is a great example of what not to do. This is Juan Fuentes’ twatter career.

Crawling back to twatter, making tinier and tinier accounts like “Poo Poo” that get censored faster and faster. This is how Fuentes will become the next POTUS. Well that and gaming livestreams plus based blacks.

I really like that Warren Balogh quote, “make them choose between power and legitimacy.” Engaging in mass censorship has the cost that people should no longer view the uncensored as legitimate. After all, anti-War videos were getting outright deleted from YouTube since at least 2013. Even milquetoast gay jews like Milo were getting censored back in 2016. And even my tiny twatter account that I barely even used got deleted for some bullshit reason back in early 2021.

Part of the Fuentes grift operation, and why the little Mexican was allowed to be on twatter/YouTube for not just months, but outright years after everyone interesting and actually effective had been censored was because he would argue that not being censored by the (((ADL))) conferred legitimacy. Of course, it did the exact opposite.

Still, I think there is so much censorship now that it has become utterly undeniable. We have reached critical mass in society where having a twatter account is like universally acknowledged to be the mark of the shill, and if anyone denies that they’re simply lying.

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