It’s been a long time coming hasn’t it? Here at the Daily Rake we’ve been building up this Anglin takedown for quite a while now, at least by the standards of a website barely a month old. Frankly, Anglin has deserved this since long before the Daily Rake was launched, but we can’t turn back the clock. In any case, the wait is all over now, we’ve arrived.

Now sure, we’ve mentioned his satire-like endorsement of Nick Fuentes as the next POTUS. We wrote about a bizarre, low energy attack he just did on TRS/NJP. We’ve even covered his pathetic response to the Waukesha BLM Christmas Massacre. But all of those were articles that were relevant when they were written. None of them were the true Felting that Mr. Anglin needed.

Two days ago, as the prelude to me breaking out the bamboo stick on Little Andy, I wrote my article, The Politics of Biological Failures, which you can read here. Ultimately the point I made, and which will be made over and over again in this series, is that some people are simply nasty mutants, and their politics are inseparable from the fact that they are societal outcasts, motivated by their anger and hatred towards average, everyday decent people.

Which leads us to the Good Optics Manlets.

Such as Little Andrew Anglin, seen above.

I used to be a fan of the DeadMemeStormer way back when it used to be good, which ended at around 2018, 2019 at the latest. As such, I distinctly remember the one and only good bit of antifa propaganda I ever saw. Sometime around 2016, back when twatter was still fun, they had made this poster that said something like “the angry little nazi,” and all it included was pictures of Andrew Anglin.

It wasn’t this, but this is also quite good.

I couldn’t find it again, but I remember getting this sinking feeling in my stomach. I had never seen Anglin before, and I was not prepared for the guy running the website I liked to be outright hideous. I should have listened to my gut feeling. It has never let me down even a single time in politics.

Okay maybe one time. I guess I’m not perfect.

Still, I remember clearly that visceral repulsion I got when first looking at Anglin’s face. And if he’s repulsive to a normal man like me I have no idea how the CatNat crowd tolerates him.

No matter how many times Anglin fans Fuentes’ tiny Mexican balls, I don’t think he’s getting invited to their next all-male “groyping,” struggle sessions.

I was planning on launching our Assaulting of Anglin series by starting with his response to the Harvey Weinstein Affair. Break down the psychology of someone who would not simply defend Harvey Weinstein, but write an entire leftists meme or two in his defense.

However, just two days ago I received an excellent comment from one “WhiteNoize.” His history with the Daily Stormer is similar to mine, and I think it adds a lot of context that could otherwise be missing.

I have reproduced this comment in its entirety below, with only paragraph breaks added for readability.


I’ve been reading the DailyStormer everyday since before trump got elected. I had been following Alex Jones prior, but found out about the DailyStormer from 4chan. He was talking about jewish power and I never looked back at Alex jones. In those days DS was pretty good, and it wasn’t the weird manlet cult that it is today. He had links to other “alt-right” figures at the bottom of the home page like David Duke, Grandpa lampshade, TRS, white rabbit radio and others, and that was cool. It gave me the impression that he was a team player and was in “this” to win “this”. At the time I preferred his site over TDS simply because i’m more of a reader than a listener.

It feels like another lifetime ago, but once upon a time the DeadMeme Stormer was actually funny. In my research for this series I had to go back and look at some old Stormer stuff. The 2015-16 beef with Ramzpaul, the coverage of Ukraine, random articles here or there.

I had wondered, did I simply like the DailyStormer because I was younger then, because it was my first introduction to Naughty Goyim product, or was it really a site worthy of my time? Was Andrew Anglin at one time a comedic heavy weight, or was the DailyStormer always awful?


The answer is somewhere in the middle. Jew jokes are hilarious, and Anglin got to steal the best memes from 4Chan back when that site was good. Then he got to steal the best memes from the DS forum, which was better than the articles. Making a somewhat funny website that talks about jews, especially with other people’s content is not really that hard. Even still, there was a time where the Daily Stormer at least gave the appearance of being a sort of fake-lowbrow site. The kind that used humour to achieve serious political goals.

Similar to WhiteNoize, I too am more of a reader than a listener, and articles serve a valid function that videos can’t. This is why FTN has Dissident Mag. Something very valuable was lost when Anglin glitched out and went into the jump the shark infinite loop. We needed a daily news site that filled the niche left behind by Anglin trooning out.

But as time went on the outside links disappeared, and the manlet cult began to form. First it was a fixation with age of consent laws, then it was all women are whores, to women need to be beaten and raped. I would take the impotent manlet rage articles with a grain of salt and a chuckle and peruse the rest of the articles. It became clear trump was a fraud after the first year of his presidency, [I thought] “anglin will come around,” he never did. It was the last year of the trump presidency that I stopped viewing his site in earnest and more like a bum-fight, yeah its entertaining and all, but you feel dirty afterwards.

One weird thing that just jogged my memory. At the bottom of every article on the old Stormer, would be displayed the top 5 highest rated comments. Most of the time, the comments were funnier than the articles themselves. There was a forum, The Goyim Know, that was linked into the articles, and that forum was the best part of the website. For some reason, maybe a good one but probably not, that feature was suddenly removed from the website.

Reading Anglin’s site in isolation was quite possibly the biggest single step down in quality. The content there was simply not good enough to be all that enjoyable by itself, even pre-WeinsteinGate. At least for a while the forum still existed, and I was a member, but there was no comparison to seeing the hilarious community posts at the bottom of each article.

While the removal of community content on each article was the most jarring step down in quality, it was far from the only one. There was always the occasional Manlet Rage article as early as 2015, but it was easy to play it off as satire back then. Over time I began to realize that Anglin being the High Class Adolf Enjoyer was the fake bit, and the venemous manlet spewing about “locking women in cages,” was his actual personality.

In a myriad of ways, most related to content, the site just kept getting worse and worse. The last stop for me was when I got banned on the old forum, The Goyim Know, mentioned earlier for an extremely tepid defense of TRS. It was the last straw for me, and I stopped reading right then in late 2019. I checked the site a single time at the 2020 US election I honestly wondered if I wasn’t just reading some extremely clever satire of some MAGA Plantruster. It had degraded that far.

So I went all in on TRS, I became a pay-chad and started listening to everything on the TRS network while at work. I don’t feel like I absorb as much but everyone on TRS seems relatable and normal. After all what do I have in common with a bitter sex tourist that looks like Johnathan Greenblat’s son? Then checked out the hyphen-report after hearing about it on FTN and it was all over, though ill still look back at Anglin for a chuckle. The articles are way better written with more nuance and all without the weird manlet cult of personality.

Thank you. We try. I’ll have a lot more to say on the various idiotic DS attacks on TRS in later installments.

NOTE: This was originally written for the Hyphen Report, but we had an acrimonious split, as many of you know.

DS is utter shit today, the articles are poorly written, trivial subject matter, and as a Christian its off putting how he drapes himself in religion to add gravitas to his bitter screeds. Its slimy like Joel Osteen. Also TRS is relevant in trying to affect IRL change whereas Anglin is completely irrelevant because he is against IRL anything, just lay low and listen to him gripe about his shortcomings with women (no pun intended).

Televangelist Joel Osteen

I had no idea who Joel Osteen was, but apparently he’s some televangelist. I’ve never seen him speak, but I’m sure it’s all about how you can gift him some money and contribute to the cause or receive salvation. Reminds me of something.

Check out my series on NWG, if you haven’t already. Combine Jason “Go Pee” Kohne’s grift routine with Andrew Anglin/Nick Fuentes’ insincere commitment to Christianity, and you have a run of the mill televangelist.

Anglin like a jewish TV series started strong but by the end of the season devolved into utter faggottry with Mexican twinks and their joke of a “political movement” that has the optics of a cringy social studies school project, his nig rapper appreciation articles, D and C articles along the lines of the vax or whatever the touchstone of division is atm, white women resentment articles, and apologetics for Epstein and Wienstien. Like WTF am I reading? No one is this off point without it being purposeful, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that imo points to him being a kike or in the employment of kikes. Can’t believe I gave that failed loser $100.

You’re telling me you don’t think that Nick Fuentes is the next President of the United States?

I mean I might have done an entire series breaking out the bamboo stick on the TradHomo Twinkcel Revolutionary Republican Party Outsiders myself, but even I acknowledge that he’s going to be killing himself  sitting in the oval office in about 5 years, 10 max. To deny that Nick Fuentes will be president? Absolutely ridiculous.

I mean his optics are too on point for any other outcome.

“Make sure to be fucking gay and vote for existing political parties.” – Ghandi

Just like his wahmen hating, the niggernoise appreciation was something excused as either an odd quirk of Anglin, or some satire. But even back when the Stormer was good he would go on rants about how Kanye West is a musical genius, and unironically talk about how Rick Ross or whomever actually made amazing music.

Above is the trailer for TwinkPac III. I covered that here, and yes, that is inaudibly shitty niggernoise in their trailer. It’s a good thing these people make sure to remind us all that we’re the wiggers, or everybody might forget.

FYI- There’s nothing inherently wrong with being short, but manlets like AA give give short guys a bad name. Like just chill out.

Being short is fine. An entire political movement made up of nothing but guys under 5’7 is an entirely different story. When Patrick Casey is both the stud of your political movement, and also leaves because it’s too ghey and retarded for him, it says everything you need to know.

If you’re under 5’7, don’t take it personal kid, you’ll grow up someday.

Tune in next time as we delve deep into the Suckjob of Harvey Weinstein.

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  1. The right is a dysfunctional movement for dysfunctional people and the product of post-WW2 dysgenicism (=people who would not have had families before were able to procreate during the “Pax Americana”.)

    And now that the post-war boom is over (it basically ended with the fall of the Soviet Union), you have all of these low-IQ incels failing in both the economic as well as the sexual market again. As they should. And they react by lashing out, fantasizing about shooting up female gyms, and believing in all kinds of weird conspiracy theories such as flat earth, fake moon landing, Q, etc.

    1. I don’t agree that this is just a right wing issue. You should just look at the mutants in antifa.

      Beta-orbiters (submissive incels/cucks) tend to drift towards submissive politics, ‘dominant’ personality type incels will drift toward ‘dominant’ and violent politics. All social and political movements have their own hierarchy and people issues to work out.

      These people should be helped and not pandered to like Anglin is cynically doing. I guess the fact that he has come to realize that he is a manlet incel, changed his priorities from helping the movement, to creating a gatekeeping echo chamber to take profit from people like him. Sad!

    2. it isn’t just a right wing issue they did a study of 151 incels 38.85% of the incel participants were right-leaning, 44.70% were left-leaning.

  2. The moon landing was fake as hell and anyone with a strong science background like me can figure that one out.
    Word to the wise – it only takes one fact which makes a theory impossible to destroy said theory, and I could give you at least six facts destroying the moon landing narrative but I don’t have the time or care enough to provide the technical details here and do I care if some anonymous poster changes his mind? Hell no.

    But yeah…flat earth… how many are shills poisoning the wells at “truther” sites and how many are molluscs? who cares.

    Re. this post – Keep trashing every website with strong online presence advocating for “white people”… it’s darn obvious that these shit-wits aren’t working for you, and it is good fun, I just wish these posts would get even funnier in an extreme Graham Chapman styled absurdity manner.

    1. Um… do you understand what a science background is? Like.. I have a medical background and… I wouldn’t take my advice unless you want to die… eh heh.

    2. I don’t understand what you’re going on about with this post. I’m quite doubtful that the moon landing was faked.

  3. Ummm yeah so you can confirm the moon landing with a $400 telescope. Maybe that’s just a hologram projected from a star fort by the tartarians.
    Moon landing is fake sources
    —johnny (everyone is a tranny monoxide)
    —–trust me bro
    —–wewuz kanga
    —–serious science background guy.
    Moon landing happened sources

    —-the space agencies of Russia china India Germany the United States Japan.
    —guy in his backyard on a clear night with a telescope and the right coordinates.

    1. Joinny Monoxide did nuffin wrong

      1. He hasn’t done a listenable show in 3 years

        1. Ya i know lol, I remember the first show I listened to Johnny hosted a literal jew flat earther or something

  4. Someone in the other room left the TV on the other day and I woke up to the faint soundings of a Joel Osteen sermon, I was still groggy so I only remember some vague details but he was telling a story about “answered prayers” and his example was how he needed something done and he was getting bureaucrat-ganged so he mentioned it to his “friend” who “just happened” to be jewish, and through some chain of jewish networking it got to the head of the office who also “just happened” to be jewish and he got put to the front of the line.

  5. Just wait and watch till Andrew Anglin BTFOs everyone of you. I’m from his forum where this article has been shared. (

    We are coming for you. We never forgive, we never forget. Expect us.

    1. Okay uhm “sneschampion.” We’ll be waiting here, quivering with fear that the constantly online incels might… what? Post a bit on our site?

      The sheer levels of delusions of these people.

      1. I’ve already totally BTFOed TRS, Enoch, Sven and that pierced ear medic on our forums many times.


        As you can see, I’m the attack dog of the two Andrews against fat out-of-shape neo-nazis like you, who like to wear the cuck muzzle and get booster shots. I’ve been asked by weev himself, to warn you that if you keep doing what you are doing, he will not hesitate to hack your website and yes d0xxing of you fed shills is also on the table, because we do not consider you part of our movement. So yes you shall quiver in fear because we are a legion.

        1. I had to manually approve this retards comment. The auto-spam detection deleted it because of all the hyperlinks.

          That’s what his “we are coming for you,” amounted to. Posting a comment that gets autoflagged as spam, that I could easily have never even seen.

          This is the quality of human we’re dealing with here goyim. I think we got this.

        2. have sex

          1. Biological failure obsesses about sex, news at 11. Actually no, everyone knew that :^)

        3. Surprise surprise, this guy wants to attack and the most visceral and scathing thing he can think of is to refer to covid shit – a long dead distraction issue that nobody cares about. Then he follows it up with a threat of “hacking and d0xxing” by a kike (but really it’s probably just mossad).
          Then here we are half a year later and it ended up being an idle threat.

          1. I called it at the time. These are extremely low quality people we’re dealing with here.

  6. The forum posts under the articles were removed because of technical reasons AFAIK.

  7. […] part 1, which you can read here, I reprinted the comment from WhiteNoize, because I feel he and I had a similar story when it came […]

  8. @SNES: posting threats online is damn near retarded; it’s even more retarded given your presumed position that everyone here is a fed, because one can only deduce that you knowingly post threats around feds. 👍🏻

    Now, as for the article: for all the criticism of Anglin, he gets major props for not being afraid of group shame for calling out women and calling into question the game, when:

    a) the game has led many men to their doom and
    b) the game has pulled many men back to or kept them in the mainstream because that’s where the pssy was at
    c) the game was what we were told to focus on by the culture led by the forces which we are supposed to understand are against us and which we are supposedly fighting – you really think it is designed to the end that we are fruitful and multiply? 🤡 wake up
    d) the game is given so much focus and is the way men judged one another, rather than their accomplishments for community and for creating real power, and the “winner” was not Alpha Chad, who even has his limits, but the one who can balance everything, like all the Johnny Depps, Putins, Gates could not, and ends up being the perfect combination of each at the right moment. Kind of like a perfect version of Roosh. So basically the winner of the game is wearing a mask and knows how to wear the right mask.
    e) in the end, understanding when to wear the right mask leaves you so blackpilled and fatigued, your conclusion is that the game is crap and you end up
    Calling out women. (See: roosh) so if women are not a problem, then why is understanding them most leading to the understanding that they are a problem? LOL

    The bottom line is women need principles of Christianity, national socialism, Islam, communism or really any other kind of guidance system paired with social shame and looming punishment/disincentive. It’s built to work with how they are natured. A do what you feel like free-for-all that calls each a princess and rewards each for their worst behaviors, expands their sexual marketplace and makes one-minute orgasm the center of the world leads to the result we see.

    According to your school of thought, nothing is wrong here; We evidently just have to tell them they won’t have grandchildren, when they are keen to just import a new population. We evidently have to tell them they will be cat women when they are raised and wired to not think a day beyond where they are, whether because they can just abort the consequences or undo their consent and be rewarded for it, when they are being sold the glamour of christocuck importa-child, muh we need to reduce our own population to solve global warming (but never mind Africa or Asia, 99% of the world population), or the glories of being an animal parent.

    So if you don’t think women turned against us by this system are the problem, you are delusional. And ultimately a coward, because you are afraid of calling it out and being told you aren’t successful with woman. “Oh noes my masculinity because peoples will think I don’t ejaculate into a mushy goo bag better jeer and put down those who call a spade a spade”

    1. Since I believe that we should take a relatively hands off approach to censorship I’m leaving this up here. However, no, Anglin very much does not get props for being a angry little manlet unironically posting about raping women. Incoherent comments to the contrary to not particularly impress me.

      I do agree that SnesChampion simultaneously threatening us while calling us feds is pretty funny though.

      1. I commend you for that approach to free speech.

        Somewhere between “rape all women” and “believe all women” is a reality which the opposition-right , with its woeful ignorance of the woman problem, was not talking about, and quick to laugh at anyone who did.

        In historic terms, it makes sense to just chuckle away if you are the feudal alpha-guard, looking down on the weakling peasants who you assume can’t get laid. And if you are drowning in pssy, pumping out child after child, with teenage girls running away from home and into their arms as well. But is that reality?

        No. The “alpha-guard” is a mix of buffoons, some who are likely secretly among the whopping 30% (!!) of men who are not having ANY sex between 18 and 30. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of irony; for the last 50 years (before Weinstein and Epstein), men have been told sex is everything and everything increasingly operates in a way that leaves them thirsty. So what do you do, try to understand this demographic and the transformations that have taken place, fully aware that they are probably as discontent with clown world as you are, or do you point the finger and call them manlets?

        Apparently the answer isn’t as clear as one might think; 30% of all men likely feel they live in a femme-liberated shithole of degenerate female supremacy, and buffoons want to ignore the points I outlined (a thru e) and say “yea but bro have you heard about illegal immigration and AIPAC”?

        1. JFC. There is no such thing as the “women question,” you fucking incels. Have sex and stop being so fucking weird.

          You’d think these spergs would point out that the rate of sexless women is almost identical. That the problems are not the “Oppressive Mommy Tyranny Government,” or whatever retard shit they came up with, but rather the deliberate and malicious breakdown of our society as done by Globo Homo Schlomo. But no, that wouldn’t justify them hating women, so they don’t want to go there, despite that narrative being actually productive.

    2. I agree we shouldn’t put pussy on a pedestal but I strongly don’t recommend rape

  9. Bitch: your memes are such cringe garbage that they would literally destroy any natural sex appeal you might have had.

    If you were a 10/10 teenage virgin naked in my bed and I’d just drank 2 quarts of vodka, I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about those memes you posted, and it would make it impossible for me to get an erection.

    But you’re obviously not a 10/10 or a teenager, or you wouldn’t be riding the dick of some guy on the internet you’ve never met like a gutter trash third world meth hooker.

    However many hours of your life you spent compiling these memes and garbled sentences should have been spent trying to convince Mike Enoch to debate Andrew Anglin on the Ralph Retort like any biological male with basic human dignity would do. Then we would all know who the real alpha male is.

    1. I’m leaving this up here because I think it serves as a great example of the type of delusional incels we’re dealing with.

      1. It thinks that I’m secretly a woman.
      2. It wants to pretend that it could get a 10/10 into its bed.

      Frankly I’m not sure which is more ridiculous.

      Sweetheart everybody here knows that you types get no pussy. Run along back to the incel factory at GamerUprising and trade dating advice with your fellow incels that none of you will ever use before you eventually die alone and unloved.

      1. So when is Mike Enoch ever going to debate Andrew Anglin?

        1. What does fake ‘debating’ even do for anyone? What does lying, misrepresenting what your opponent says and talking over them actually accomplish?

    2. Just so everyone knows. Yes, that commenter was Andrew Anglin himself. I wrote a piece on it at the time, and came back to this series when writing the recap to remember this.

  10. Y’all some haters. double a is the greatest writer of our generation. DS is virtually the only website worth reading. This website is nice. I just found it recently. It’s clearly a derivative. But All great works are.

    1. You are mentally ill as much as Andrew Anglin. DS now is pure low IQ trash. a personal diary of a mentall ill loser and biological failure. You also use leftist gay wordings like “being a hater”. Hating is ok you fag loser.

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