Keith Woods has already saved the White Race with his srs bzns twitter activism. Today, the mad lad has done it again. We are now even more saved.

The ADL has been tricked, decombobulated, and downright bamboozled by Irish Hitler. He’s full on holocausted the ADL. Millions of Jonathan Greenblatt’s shoes were found in a pile. Jonathan Greenblatt’s twitter account was locked in a room with a bear and an eagle. The bear ripped his account to pieces while the eagle gnawed at his message drafts. 

It couldn’t have been done without Toel Mavis, the Australian retard who attacked Striker for attacking Yoel Vabis’ performative Tradcath LARP quite seriously. I wouldn’t have predicted it, but it looks like being constantly online and saying Christ is Kang just hooked Jonathan Greenblatt’s penis up to a masturbation machine and turned him into a bar of jew fat soap.

Keith Woods has achieved Total Aryan Victory by getting a few constantly online good optics Hitler Worshippers to tweet #BantheADL. Now Elon Musk will know that the Goyim don’t like the ADL, something I am certain that he was previously  unaware of.

To be clear, this is the same Elon Musk who is literally giving your information over to Israeli tech companies, something I covered a week ago. 


Elon Musk’s X revealed it will begin to collect users’ “biometric information” as part of a new security feature for users willing to fork over $8 per month for the site’s premium subscription plan.

The site formerly known as Twitter sent users push notifications on Wednesday nudging them to check out the updated policy – which takes effect on Sept. 29 and includes new disclosures about its plan to collect job history and other personal data.

“Based on your consent, we may collect and use your biometric information for safety, security and identification purposes,” the privacy policy reads.

X’s policy also notes that the company “may collect and use your personal information (such as your employment history, educational history, employment preferences, skills and abilities, job search activity and engagement, and so on) to recommend potential jobs for you, to share with potential employers when you apply for a job, to enable employers to find potential candidates, and to show you more relevant advertising.”

No one gets hired through twatter Xer. This is at best about advertisements, with a side of letting Israel spy on you. It’s also an admission that Musk has totally cucked to the ADL, as if we needed more evidence, since (((Blackrock))) and the (((ADL))) coordinate to make sure that any non-zionist corporations don’t get any advertiser shekels. Musk wants those shekels, so you can enjoy Big Tech Schlomo having even more of your personal data than before.

The old version of X’s privacy policy did not include a mention of biometric data or job history.

When reached for comment, an X spokesperson said the reference to biometric information is related to a feature intended for “premium users.”

Pay extra so that Moisha in Israel collects even more of your personal information. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, that very same NYPost article had this article in the sidebar. 

You read that correctly. Musk blames the schools for brainwashing his son not into being a troon, but into hating rich people.

He’s fine with the whole tranny thing. That’s not a concern of his.

NY Post:

Elon Musk believes his “communist” transgender daughter [That means son you NYPost faggots] severed ties with her his billionaire father because she he was brainwashed into “thinking that anyone rich is evil” at the ritzy California school he sent her him to.

NYPost is the conservative paper, fighting against teh WoKEsTErS, and they make sure to refer to trannies with their imaginary pronouns. They don’t point out that this boy was brainwashed into thinking he was a girl, but hating rich people?! Now that’s the sort of Marxism that really perturbs their petunias. 

The CEO of X, formerly known as Twitter, washed his hands of any responsibility for the recent rift between himself and 19-year-old Vivian Jenna Wilson — instead blaming the Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences in Santa Monica for infecting her with the “woke mind virus.”

Wilson’s transition was part of a domino effect that led to Musk buying the social media app as part of his mission to stomp out wokeness, according to an excerpt of the upcoming biography “Elon Musk” that was published in the Wall Street Journal Thursday.

The SpaceX founder told author Walter Isaacson that he was initially “generally sanguine” with his child’s decision until in April 2022 when Wilson “became a fervent Marxist and broke off all relations with him,” the excerpt reveals.

That year, Wilson was granted a petition to change her gender, as well as her name, which she hoped would demolish any connection between herself and her biological father.

“She went beyond socialism to being a full communist and thinking that anyone rich is evil,” said Musk, whose net worth is estimated at $257.5 billion.

The tranny stuff was fine, but hating someone just because they have a net worth of $257.6 billion? Unacceptable wokeness!

Elon Musk is a yarmaluke licking LOLcow, and always has been. He’s had the opportunity to ban the ADL since the beginning, and they dared him to do it by organizing an advertiser boycott of his site. Instead, that little bitch couldn’t even name them, instead referring to vague “activist groups” who were being big meanies to the world’s richest cuck.

However, the guy who censors all of us did take the time to impotently whine that the ADL didn’t hold a press conference denouncing Julius Malema.  

Striker asked rhetorically why Musk didn’t treat them like he treats us and ban them. Now Keith Woods is asking the same question non-rhetorically, and he’s gotten some friends to help him out.

We’ve already covered Boel Navis, but you wouldn’t believe the powerhouse of Totally Not Controlled Ppposition that has the audacity, nay, the temerity to meekly suggest to Elon “my wife’s trans son” Musk that banning the ADL might be a good thing that he could possibly look into. 

Based and redpilled Charlie Kirk, who some might remember as the chief target of the Gayper Wars for being a completely fake piece of shit who exists to keep young White men on the servative plantation, has courageously taken up the mantle of #BantheADL. He’s joined by based and redpilled freethinkiner Matt Walsh. 

Woods isn’t wrong when he says that he’s uniting the e-right. He really is, and even based and redpilled Dinesh D’Souza is getting in on the action!

Yes, that Dinesh D’Souza. “DEMONrats are the real racists” Dinesh D’Souza.

But don’t worry. He got internet comedian and school shooter Sam Hyde to retweet someone else once. So one actually cool person, who doesn’t even pretend to be political anymore.

Notice who the ADL got at that conference? That’s Christopher Wray, the literal director of the FBI. One of the many institutions of power that the ADL has control over is federal law enforcement. To fight against this juggernaut Keith Woods is tweeting a little bit, hoping that Elon Musk might ban their twitter account. I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, that they’re asking for so little, that they aren’t going to get even that, or that they are this pleased with themselves.

I aborted my run for local office here in Canada. If I had ran and won it would have been a bigger victory than what all the e-rightoids had achieved in all their years of slacktivism. But imagine for a second that I had carried on, hoping not to win, or even to get something like 5% of the votes, but to get at least one of my parents to vote for me. Then, I failed at even that, and literally no one voted for me, but I posted LET’S GOOOOOOOOO ten thousand times on twitter.

That would still be less pathetic and more of an achievement than getting Dinesh D’Souza to retweet your pathetic little hashtag from your hugbox on twatter. 

After I wrote my last piece on Woods’ gay little twatter slacktivism, the thin skinned pseudo-intellectual responded by whining on the internet about Warren Balogh sharing a piece with me. I don’t know what sort of passive aggressive threat he was trying to make, as if the NJP was going to suffer SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES by Balogh posting my article.

And is Warren Balogh no longer a representative of NJP? He shared a gutter hitpiece on his channel today.

Shockingly, even after Keith Woods tattled on Warren, the NJP leadership did not Night of the Long Knives Mr. Balogh. In fact, he hasn’t even taken the post down, something you can do on Telegram by right clicking and hitting “delete.” 

It’s almost like being a constantly online fag gives you zero power to demand anything from anyone who isn’t also a constantly online fag. The ADL has the FBI and deca-trillion dollar hedge funds. Keith Woods has a tiny amount of internet clout with annoying constantly online people.

You should be humiliated to be posting on twitter, since everything you do and say is approved by Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL. Yes, that includes your gay little #BantheADL hashtag. If Greenblatt felt threatened by you then he’d tell his shabbos named Musk to remove your account, something he’s already done to all the actually interesting people well over half a year ago. 

I’m sorry that someone needs to be this blunt to you Keith, but the only reason why you still have a twitter account is because you are an impotent fag. Stop getting hyped about Charlie Kirk, Dinesh D’Souza, and Matt Walsh retweeting your gay, impotent hashtag and go hand out flyers for the Irish National Party, or whomever the PA equivalent is for Ireland.

I’ve already said everything I need to say about the constantly online faggotry. I’ll let the peanut gallery take it from here. 

Keith Woods Telegram

According to a poll I posted here, half of you are not on Twitter. Now is the time to join and start boosting our side. Don’t listen to the people who want to discourage you from online outreach so they can lead you into their own echo chamber. Yesterday, I ratio’d Musk with #BanTheADL, and then we made it the number one trend on the whole site.

No one punches above their weight more than our movement, but it only works because we are more active and coordinated.

Commenter “Drive Laser 84” was, shockingly, unimpressed with the HuWhyte Race Saver ratio’ing Musk with his uncensored X account.

We need to join twatter to get the ADL banned. Holy shit, I saw better plans from Andrew Torba.

Tolerant Fellow’s Telegram:

Even if Musk does ban the ADL’s Twitter account it isn’t going to stop them from having the final word on who and what is allowed on the site. Jews don’t control things by sending DMs on the internet, they send a salaried, full time employee to your corporate head office who then tells you what your content policy is going to be. If you refuse they pick up the hotline to Larry Fink, who sends the message down the chain telling companies Blackrock hold controlling shares in not to advertise on your platform. If that doesn’t work Senators start getting phone calls, and before you know it the DOJ has trumped up charges for you.

What are you talking about? Take the ADL’s twitter account away and they’ll have no ability to get FBI director Christopher Wray to start legally harassing you and potentially putting you in prison. It’s not like they’ve inserted themselves into every part of the corporate-state complex. They just tweet, because that’s how power works in Weimerica.

Commenter Mael,

It’s also worth pointing out these “LET’S GO” campaigns on social media ironically never actually go anywhere outside of social media. The ADL has been unpopular and universally despised for several years now, and and it still wields unprecedented power over society. We’ve reached a point where simply “bringing attention” to water being wet is no longer a good enough cause for celebration. 
Five years ago, I can remember when people were celebrating when Trump was cynically “bringing attention” to the South African government’s racial mistreatment of its Afrikaner population, which ultimately resulted in nothing happening. Excitement was in the air for a hot second, and then it vanished overnight. 
And that’s the problem with rightoids in general… They’re so desperate for a “win” that they’re always willing to settle for superficial half-measures that generate the euphoric illusion of “shifting the Overton window”, but they end up scratching their heads decades later, wondering why the power dynamic has remained firmly in place.
Contrary to what the e-right believes, the internet is not a pathway to power, and social media is not the modern equivalent of The Public Square, but rather it’s an insular cyber space where the powerless occasionally get to express their political grievances while getting seduced by clicks, likes, shares, and impressions.
Left to their own devices years into the future, elderly AF zoomers would still be slowly typing “LET’S GOOO” from the comfort of their dilapidated nursing homes to cope with being childless and living in a country where whites are 2% of the US population.
It was difficult for me to bold any particular part of that, it was perfect.

I’ve been hearing about some half-truth said by a self-interested politician “pushing the Overton Window” for more than a decade. I’ve been hearing about social media campaigns “influencing the conversation,” for the same amount of time.

What I have not seen is one single, tangible political victory by these e-creatures. Now, with social media even more censored than ever before, and with politicians returning from the brief populist moment ending in 2018, when they had to say close to what the people wanted to hear, and getting back to business as usual, the e-rightoids are still LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOing their way into spending a Friday night tweeting. 

Saying nigger on Xbox Live is more political than this garbage. 

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  1. “Something on the internet doesnt matter! I must write an Encyclopedia volume about it.”

    It’s fun and builds up a good crowd.

    The petty politicking youre advocating is no more useful than internet typing. It’s too late. What’s needed is an actual physical army. Maybe Patriot Front is developing into that.

    1. >builds up a good crowd
      Yeah bro, cheef keef is having a blast with Dinesh Dsouza and Matt Walsh, maybe Ali Alexander and some of his underage catamites will join in for good measure

      1. Some grifting shitbags latch onto a trending topic that otherwise exposes thousands to Jewish racketeering so therefore it is dumb? I really don’t understand the hate for Keith, he has a large audience and is playing it the best way he sees fit. Not everyone is going to have the same approach to our situation, nor should anyone sit around like some smug galaxy brain that has secretly mapped the perfect approach. This petty critiquing of personalities is like a throwback to 2018 ironybro drama, shit is gay as fuck and comes across as bitter.

        1. Go call someone a nigger on Xbox live

        2. Good observations. Very good. The reflexive disgust and repulsion towards dealing with conservative losers and conman freaks is merited. We should however be more reserved when passing judgement on someone like Keith . Emotional incontinence when dealing with online drama is very female. It should be noted that those people who will not name the jewish people and what their religion teaches, as well as their obvious leading role in promoting white genocide, well, those people should be bullied without mercy.

  2. Yeah lets get the ADL to ban itself from an ADL controlled platform. “Commenter Mael” is absolutely right.

    “exposes thousands to Jewish racketeering” where does any of this say jewish ? is this a campaign to stop the ‘woke communist white liberal ADL” from tweeting? if they are exposing people to ‘jewish racketeering’ where do they tell the ignorant twatters that the ADL is actually a jewish supremacist organization? I mean its waking them up to what? that the ADL is woke bro, they are leftists man. But they don’t say JEW. This is some faggot optics time wasting. This is more like an ad campaign for twitter, ‘SEE we have edgy conversations about the WOKE and LEFTIST ADL, WE are so relevant and based pls buy a blue checkmark and stay invested in this jewish, i mean BASED AND REDPILLED platform’

    1. That’s right
      HH borther!

      I honestly thought Kief was a cool guy, but deplatforming the ADL on Twitter without talking about jews?
      I get that he’s been trying to “push Elon to live up to his promises on free speech” but it’s not gonna happen on this bigger gayer version of Gab that Musk has created.

      At least on Gab you could call a jew a jew.

  3. “And is Warren Balogh no longer a representative of NJP? He shared a gutter hitpiece on his channel today.”

    Warren is in big trouble now!
    Sven, who regularly reads and talks about the daily rake on podcast, is going to be so angry about Warren sharing a Daily Rake article!!!

    Next he’ll share an AKnation video and chairman Mike will 100% kick him to the curb for his “nigger loving”

    Don’t worry serious political activists, NJP is collapsing any day now. They’re really for real finished this time!!

    1. It’s pretty ironic that this article suggested they wouldn’t Night of the Long Knives a founding member of NJP on the day they did Night of the Long Knives a different founding member of NJP. Adios, McKevitt.

      1. What are you talking about

  4. Guys guys we can’t criticize Keith or else we’re destroying the moobment! Also why the fuck would Elon ban the ADL when he’s literally allowing them to meet with his CEO to extort Twitter?

    1. A hashtag and getting endorsements from conservative faggots isn’t going to do anything. This is gay and it shows a lot of people haven’t learned

    In real life?

  6. Not that you need any more ammunition, but you could contrast the meager campaign to ban the ADL from X with what would’ve actually been a serious response by Musk & Carlson to their advertiser boycotts; filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

    I don’t know what it’s like in Canada, but here in the USA, ORGANIZING (not announcing or advocating for, but coordinating) a boycott is actually illegal under anti-trust legislation. In fact, the FTC has specifically prosecuted advertiser boycotts before (third to last paragraph):

  7. “The SpaceX founder told author (((Walter Isaacson*))) ”
    – of course he did

    [*who is currently writing musk’s biography, because of course he is]

  8. “The perfect litmus test of who is controlled opposition or not”

    Meaning once you notice the REAL controlled opposition jumping onboard, you’re not permitted to sound the “Fake & Gay” alarm.

    I wanted to believe in Keith but this & crying to Warren about one critic is pathetic. This weasely feminine behavior typically comes from a fag like Fuentes or Milo. Struggling to keep their accounts from getting banned while staying on message; trying to have their cake & eat it.

    It’s one thing to try & pointlessly push for an ADL account to be banned on a disinterested website, but it’s another thing to do it, fail, and cry wolf at anybody who didn’t join in or saw through it immediately.

    Pretending you’re more ‘based’ for mildly inconveniencing Jews seems like stealing Valor from everyone who already lost their accounts being open & direct with the truth.

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