One of my previous pieces in this series ruffled a few feathers. I was making fun of Keith Woods combining forces with Dinesh D’Souza, Charlie Kirk, Matt Walsh, and others to push the #BantheADL hashtag.

I stand by everything I said. Everything that you see on twatter is approved by the ADL, who remain entirely unbanned and unvanned, no matter how many times you tweet. 

However, I understand why some people feel that tweeting #bantheADL is a net positive. What shouldn’t be controversial is me calling Elon Musk a fraudulent, backstabbing little bitch who is owned by Jonathan Greenblatt.

Let’s see how the LET’S GOOOOOOOOO slacktivism campaign to get Elon Musk to censor the ADL went.

Musk promises to sue the ADL for calling him anti-semitic. Holy shit, HuWhyte race saved. I hope that no one thinks that he needs to have his feet held to the fire and forced to go through with this finkle-LOLsuit. Him tweeting it is enough for me. 

Don’t worry Goys, it’s really happening. Musk, a guy who is such a bitch that he wouldn’t even call out the ADL by name back when they were organizing an advertiser boycott of his site, is now going to sue them for $22 billion because they meanly slandered him as anti-semitic, and that’s very much a mean and not nice thing to do.

If you think that Elon Musk is going to go through with that I’ve got a bridge to sell you. However, in his case he arguably has a point. Elon Musk has sucked miles of circumsized cock to get to where he is. If he hated the Jews, it certainly hasn’t manifested itself in any tangible political action against them.

Likewise, no matter how much he claims to hate the ADL in particular, this hatred certainly hasn’t manifested itself in any consequences for them.

Elon Musk is promising to dump some data on the ADL. He’s not going to stop censoring all of us, or even censoring links to our sites, but he’s dumping some data, whatever that means. Actually, I know what that means. It means LET’S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOO.

Above Musk doubles down on “The ADL is bad because they’re slandering me as an uppity Goy when I am actually an obedient little bitch.” Below we see a wild “Interesting” tweet, along with some idiotic finklethink from Alex Jones.

But hey, Fraudulent Space Genius replied to two of Woods’ tweets. He can’t reply to tweets by any of the NJP, PA, or other groups, because he censored all of them at the behest of the ADL, but senpai responded to Irish Hitler! That means that he’s about to ban the – 

Nevermind. Some Jew named David Draiman whined that the zionist hate group known as the ADL, founded to get a Jew who raped and murdered a thirteen year old White child and then poorly framed two Blacks for the crime, does lots of good work against the Goyim. Musk replies that, until they break the law, they won’t be banned.

Unlike all of the enemies of the ADL, who apparently can just be banned without breaking any laws. Musk doesn’t bother explaining this contradiction.

David Draiman is a classic jignat. I hopped on over to his account and saw that this was his last post. All the rest of his tweets are like this. This guy has Elon Musk’s ear, not you.

Back to the original tweet, Keith Woods is seen in the replies begging senpai to notice him. 

Jaime, can we zoom in on that screencap Woods tweeted?

Not only has the ADL violated twitter’s terms of service, but they’ve also potentially violated the law. User Dances_On_Graves left this comment under the article where I first made fun of this waste of time.

Not that you need any more ammunition, but you could contrast the meager campaign to ban the ADL from X with what would’ve actually been a serious response by Musk & Carlson to their advertiser boycotts; filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

I don’t know what it’s like in Canada, but here in the USA, ORGANIZING (not announcing or advocating for, but coordinating) a boycott is actually illegal under anti-trust legislation. In fact, the FTC has specifically prosecuted advertiser boycotts before (third to last paragraph):

Let’s take a look at the very first statement in that link. 


Any company may, on its own, refuse to do business with another firm, but an agreement among competitors not to do business with targeted individuals or businesses may be an illegal boycott, especially if the group of competitors working together has market power.

Boycotts for other reasons may be illegal if the boycott restricts competition and lacks a business justification. The FTC charged a group of California auto dealers with using an illegal boycott to prevent a newspaper from telling consumers how to use wholesale price information when shopping for cars. The FTC proved that the boycott affected price competition and had no reasonable justification.

It’s unclear if the FTC has authority to make political boycotts illegal, but Musk and his legal team aren’t virgins when it comes to long shot lawsuits. You’d think that he could file a complaint with the FTC, but I guess he doesn’t have enough money for that or something. 

To see who they’d be suing, let’s take a look at the ADL’s “corporate partners list.”

As if Musk couldn’t be any more of a faggot, his old company, Paypal, is on the list of ADL corporate partners. Actually, they’re so important that they’re featured in the graphic, there are many more. I went to the ADL’s page on corporate sponsors, and they list at least these others.

By the way, TD Bank is the biggest poz factory in Canada. I get Pride month YouTube advertisements from them all the time. It’s not even Pride month at this time, they just love that they spend the money they steal from you on weird perverts.

I went to watch a video on Tethered Ring Space Launchers, and was treated to this. I hadn’t even done any research into banking or AIDS, yet I still had this shoved into my face. 

It’s called “TD Pride 2023: No Stopping,” and they ain’t lyin’. Why should the Monkeypox community get only one month? How about the whole year? And then the next one after that. 

I didn’t even get all the creepiest mutants, since I essentially had to cap at random, and couldn’t scroll back. Despite this, I think the images speak volumes.

Also on the list of corporate partners is BMO, or the Bank of Montreal, which is another of Canada’s five major banks. It took me about two seconds of looking at the list of corporate partners that the ADL themselves put out there to see multiple corporations with massive market share in the same industry working together with the ADL, presumably also participating in the boycott of twatter advertisement. What does Musk have to say about this?

Musk explains that the ADL coordinates the advertiser boycott, and demands that he suspend or shadowban any account that they don’t like. Okay, faggot, how about banning them then? Jaime, can we pull up that tweet of Musk’s again?

The ADL has probably broken the law by coordinating this advertiser boycott against twitter. At the very least, Musk could file a complaint with the FTC. Even without that, they have clearly violated the terms of service. Yet Musk doesn’t ban them, only the Goyim who they don’t like.

As for his announced defamation LOLsuit, the fact that he hasn’t banned the ADL, suspended them, or deleted any of their content implies that Twitter as an entity does not consider the ADL to be defamatory. 

Radicalized_Normie says the following in a BANG thread,

Twitter has TOS, that (in theory) the ADL, like everyone else must follow.

ADL has never been suspended, banned or forced to delete content off Twitter.

Twitter sues ADL for defamation, but if defamation is part of TOS and ADL has never been dinged for breaking TOS, then obviously, according to Twitter, the ADL has never defamed them.

So the only way to go forward is to say that Twitter was unable to hold ADL accountable for defamation because of extortion.

The reason why Twitter was unable to hold the ADL accountable, because Elon Musk is a fifty five year old child who is somehow, someway, less politically serious than Donald Trump. Additionally, the ADL has actual, real world power. Their twitter account has been getting ratio’d for years. They don’t care, and never have.

Anyway, it’s over now. #BantheADL is no longer trending. The world remains as it was. At least YeGate was entertaining.

I have another, long worked on side project that has nothing to do with this site. I’ve been waiting for the right time to announce it, and in the meantime I try to write at least one article per day on this platform. Seeing the difference in effort that I pour into that project, contrasted with some uncensored fags tweeting next to Dinesh D’Souza and pretending that they’re somehow changing the world because Elon Musk deigned to notice them, leaves something of a sour taste in my mouth. 


Justice Report:

Internet platform X has suspended a number of Identitarian Movement accounts shortly after the company’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, met with the Anti-Defamation League. The bans come despite Elon Musk, the owner of X, criticizing the ADL for attempting to destroy X and squeeze it out of ad revenue.

Go read the Justice Report article. Musk certainly doesn’t want you to, which is why he bans links to that site on X, the retarded new name for twatter. I covered the new CEO when Musk installed her, and even I was surprised at how openly a (((Blackrock))) puppet she is.

There may not be a bigger fraud in all the world than Elon Musk.

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  1. The ADL’s conduct could probably be charitably described as ‘wrongful interference with business relations.’

    If only Musk had some lawyers, or something, and maybe free will (which he apparently lacks).

  2. So Musk is going to hire a bunch of jew lawyers to sue another bunch of jews (being represented by jew lawyers) in front of a judge who might also be a jew.
    The already low esteem I held for Musk has plummeted even further.

  3. If you see it it’s for you.

    The idea and slogan #BanTheADL sounds so perfectly made for my interests… It’s my bait and I want to take it.

    But the essential problem with Musk is that he’s a fraud, he’s so good at being a fraud that people actually believe him when he says he’s going to put trains and cars in vacuum tubes and make reusable rocket buses to Mars and it’s totally for real gonna work.

    How many fabulous lies do you need from one man? If he wasn’t a billionaire no one would even pretend to believe his bullshit, but he’s a billionaire because he’s so good at bullshitting gullible people.

  4. […] I Hate the E-Right Part 13: Elon “Interesting!” Musk Declines to #BanTheADL, or Even Fil… […]

  5. Why would Greenblatt even care about his Twitter account being banned when he can walk into a meeting with the CEO and issue orders any time he wants?
    The public-facing account just gives the common man a venue to bantz the ADL into oblivion.
    What a thoroughly pointless movement.

  6. Very flattered that my (day late) comment garnered your attention! Thank you for the recognition.

    I figure that the precedent of the car dealership advertising boycott is all which is needed. Freedom of association is fulfilled by individually cutting business ties, and freedom of speech by exclaiming others ought to do so on their own.

    When you are communicating and strategizing with others (and potentially impelling them to get with the program), however, you are striving for the manifest success of your boycott against the target (commercial ruin, employment termination or prompt apologetic cock-sucking).

    Not a lawyer qualified to drink any legal professional under the table on this matter, but the FTC’s webpage and linked article on the matter seem to leave things pretty unambiguous. You don’t wilfully gang up with others against individuals or organizations to exclude them from the market. You just don’t.

    Would the FTC prosecute the ADL with balls full of principle or withstanding bullets from the White House? I doubt it. But the biggest part of toppling a hypocritical republic is testing its fidelity to its own rules, and bringing attention to any equivocation.

    Thanks again for the mention, brother. To a white future.

  7. Whoops. Jew.

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