Ladies and gentlemen, we have hit a goldrush of sperg poasting online. Yesterday some of these dipshits left some comments on our beautiful website. One of them even went so far as to link to an enclave of Virginal Republican Party Outsiders known as GamerUprising. I went over there for a nice little chuckle.

Needless to say it’s the typical blend of “these goyim are secretly feds,” combined with tons of posting calling me a woman.

Fuck me, how’d they manage to figure it out? I will never recover from this.

I honestly don’t know what’s worse, that these retards have such utter certainly in the bizarre delusion that I have a vagina, or that they think this is some insult in the first place. Me being or not being a wahmen is not an argument, but you’ll see the Manlet Cult employ this tactic quite often. We believe it to be a coping mechanism.

You may be wondering why I’m showing you this particular retard, TrumpTrainwreck1488. After all his post doesn’t seem to add much. He’s just another anti-social loser calling me a secret fronthole.

Except that I hit the “general” tab on the forum, and was greeted with this. Yes, you read that correctly. This admitted incel is dishing out relationship advice online.

I’m not going to quote all of this spergery, I just want to show the audience how amazingly shitty and delusional our detractors are.


I have never been in a relationship with a woman. I’m probably more an incel than Nick Fuentes, because at least he has gone to events with females present.

So… why are you giving us advice on women?

And Nick doesn’t have Asperger’s.

Oh okay, please proceed.

Nick is a volcel. I am the real deal. The last time I had intimate contact with a woman was high school Spanish class. Some black chick sexually assaulted me by grabbing my crotch while the lights were out and the teacher was talking. I squirmed around and told her to stop. Then the teacher looked at me and asked if I had something to say. It was from this moment that my hate for women was born, and I never looked back.

Just sort of skim this next part, I’ll bold the actually relevant bits. I’m including it in full because it sets the tone of bizarre manlet spew.

Attractive young white women are not for you. This is currently the highest valued demographic in human history. Everyone wants them. Rich men have bought them. These women are extremely arrogant. They are first-class citizens in a world of various degrees of second and third-class citizens. They can have anything and everything they want. They don’t need or want you. That’s not how it should be but that’s how it is. If you try to get with these girls as anything but a rich dude or a top 1% turbochad, you’re going to be slapped down and feel like a tool as they sneer at you.

I welcome to the Top 1% Turbochad Club any of my fellow men who have had the experience of trying to get with an attractive girl only to have her not turn into a Disney-tier mean girls supervillain on them. Unfortunately pretty much every guy I’ve ever met is also a member of this club, so I guess it’s not that special.

It’s harsh to say this, but it’s more accurate that TrumpLover1488 is in that unfortunate bottom 1% of men. Men who are physically hideous and so spergy that even nice girls can only hide their disgust and annoyance for so long before lashing out at them.

However, luckily for all of us, KingOfIsraelCuck1488 is kind enough to dole out some helpful advice if you ever find yourself in the horrible situation of some cutie flashing her eyes at you.

Do not talk to them, do not show interest in them, do not respond to their advances. They are tricking you one way or another.

I’m sorry, I might have misread this, but did he not start this post by admitting that he had zero experience with women? Is he now trying to pretend that he’s had to deal with some hard experiences where women were just throwing themselves at him? I thought he said that he had literally never even been at an event with females present.

Well anyway, it’s great the permavirgin1488 is giving us this advice. Most men easily fall victim to the succor of the strumpet’s call. What would be the consequences of getting romantically engaged with a vagina-person?

If it doesn’t make sense given the reality, it’s fake. Hot girl will not be your exclusive girlfriend and marry you. That’s a Disney movie. The most you will get is a short-term open relationship, which you should decline because you’re not a degenerate. Since there’s no other outcome of communicating with them, you should ignore them.

Hot girl won’t be my exclusive partner? Oh my god that’s awful. Hot girl won’t commit for the long term. Fucking Hot Girl, that bitch. Who can forget when Hot Girl cheated on Dave in Accounting last year. So typical of Hot Girl.

Thank god the men I know in real life all found attractive women with nice personalities who think that Hot Girl is a stupid whore. And wouldn’t you know it, Hot Girl has a terrible relationship with her father, you can count on that. I think her name is Chastity or something whorey like that.

That does it. This virgin has convinced me that unless we are in the top 1% of GigaChads all we will be able to get from Hot Girl is casual sex and not lifetime committment. What ever will we do to taste the sweet nectar of love and a lifetime shared together?

Get an average-looking chubby girl. That is the best bang for the buck. You want someone who has been consistently overweight since puberty and so has never tasted whoredom, but who still has good enough genetics to start a family with.

Constantly online virgin finds One Weird Trick to lifetime of faithful pussy: Wife up that fatty.

Definitely be sure she’s not too smart. Smart girls use their brains to manipulate you, fuck with you, one-up you, intimidate you. And they have all the societal resources to do that.

Make sure the fatty is dumb. If it’s a smart fatty it doesn’t count.

Dumb is fine. If you want to dominate a woman, you must be more intelligent than her. If you are, you will know. If you don’t know, you’re not. End it immediately.

Don’t think about it, just move on. If she has interests that are ‘smart people-y,’ get the fuuck out of there. You’re falling into a spider’s web of belittlement and shit testing for the next 50 years of your life. Smart, attractive women are not nice. That’s not a thing. They are cunning.

Imagine some guy actually listening to this perma-virgin? Imagine some guy in a happy relationship with a smart, attractive woman, and saying “holy fuck, she’s not fat and dumb, better upgrade.”

Make sure you’re sitting for his explanation of why dumb pussy is so vastly superior.

Think about it like this: there are only so many ways a woman can fuck with you. Each one of these has a certain intelligence requirement. A braindead potato cannot fuck with you in any way, because it’s too stupid to comprehend what that would even entail. The more intelligent one gets, the more ways they can fuck with you. The benefits you get from a smart wife are tiny in comparison. Male friends should fill the need you may have for any mental stimulation. There’s a sweet spot here. I think it’s around 90 IQ. That’s my opinion. Find your own sweet spot, but base it on what I’m saying. Smart is not better, unless you’re prepared to deal with mountains of shit for a moderate boost to intelligence of your descendants for a single generation.

Imagine a lifetime with this sweet sweet retarded girl.

I mean a braindead potato is obviously the feminine ideal, but sadly they’re so rare. You’ve got to play the odds with these kinds of things. It’s far easier to find a girl who’s only somewhat dumb, as opposed to a quadruplegic retard with a functional vagina. Sadly.

I also think that virgins with zero experience with women should definitely be spending their time online trying to narrow down the exact stupidity that’s most desirable in a wife. After that, it’s most important to write effortpost screeds online with your genius level insights. Going outside and trying to meet people should be a distant priority for any psychologically healthy man. To say otherwise is to shill for feminism.

Just skim over this next part. I’m mostly including it just so you can see how long this post is.

Intelligence varies much more from generation to generation than does looks. This means general facial features, symmetry, etc. are a much better indicator of genetics than an individual’s intelligence. A genius ape’s kids are non-genius apes. A dumb fat white girl’s kids are average white kids. People with shit physiognomy have kids with shit physiognomy. Again, we’re looking for the undervalued asset here. Chubby white woman with good facial symmetry. She would look good if only she could put down the fork. Ideally her kids will not be fat because you will teach them well.

Is this dysgenic? Yes. Our base intelligence will be slowly eroded over time by rewarding stupid people with lots of babies. It’s a sacrifice in order to not be used and abused by our women who could honestly use a few smacks to the head anyway. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Maybe you’re not. Maybe an ubermensch future is your ideal, where we’re all 140 IQ and women’s intelligence is such that they can all manipulate men with ease. To me that sounds like hell. I prefer a quiet farm town.

Ask yourself: do women dominate more where the average IQ is lower, or higher? The answer is obvious to me.

Once genetic engineering is fleshed out, we can isolate the simp genes and expel them from the gene pool. Whatever IQ was lost in the interim period will be irrelevant.

The closer to “animalistic female creature that emotionally desires a family” and the further from “modern woman with important career and opinions,” the better. Mid–to-late 20s is preferable. Then it’s more likely she will marry you without “getting to know you” for a year and then finding a bigger dick.

If you get married, prepare to be divorced. Assume it will happen. No property she can steal in divorce court. No part of your shared life that can’t be substituted for something else at a moment’s notice. This isn’t ideal, it’s reality. Women have made our world hellish and it’s on them to fix it. Until then, we’re making the best with what we’ve got.

The first response is from Highlander,

Agreed with all of this

Imagine a lifetime with this sweet sweet retarded girl.

Alright, let me do a recap of the hyper-virgins dating advice thus far. First, unless you are in the top 1% of GigaChads, women will all cruelly reject your advances. Second, it’s easy to get hot girls into open relationships where they let you bang them. However, it’s extremely difficult to get an exclusive girlfriend. Third, the genius solution to this is to wife up some fatty. But she needs to be really stupid. Stupid late 20’s chubsters are the land of milk and honey when it comes to virgin gash.

This is what makes for a productive and happy marriage. Find a wahmen who’s really unattractive to you and who wilts your boner every time she takes her clothes off. But to make up for this she needs to be painfully stupid. The perfect level of stupidity is an IQ of 90, because women who are just a bit dumber than average are completely incapable of fucking you over in divorce.

Wow girls, in addition to figuring out that I’m secretly a woman, he’s figured us all out. Everything that he said here was a reality based statement. It’s over for us. Put on weight and pretend to be stupid or your dream man, TrumpCaboose1488 won’t fall for your feminine wiles.

Secret feminist Enwar rises to the rescue of the vagina people. Enwar is just engaging in a tried and true tactic of pointing out that OP is a retard. Truly the libs will stop at nothing.

Another feminazi shows up in the thread. Transcript below.

The solution is not to get a dumb fat whore…

I guess this advice isn’t aimed at me because I’ve been in relationships before and the idea of having to settle with a low IQ chubster doesn’t sit well with me.

They have all the same issues “hot” women have. You haven’t discovered a cheat code for women, lots of men think this way @ that’s also why the low tier Becky types are the most used up with the crappiest attitudes.

Also, I have dated women a standard deviation below me and the void was sometimes palpable. There are communication issues that come from there being too large an IQ gap, you want someone very close to you in terms of intelligence.

I love how obviously you can spot the two guys in the entire thread who actually get laid. The majority is a bunch of admitted incels who think they’ve found the secret to Chubster Virgin Pussy Heaven. Any guy with actual experience knows that sometimes the absolute whoriest girls are far from the most attractive. Hell, you can even be an incel and know this, it’s common knowledge FFS.

Even the sex with a dumb girl isn’t nearly as good, in part because much of the actual enjoyment of sex is the intimacy. These losers have an extremely pornographic attitude towards sexuality that is often present amongst people who never get sex. I have plenty of sympathy for that, unless they’re also part of a toxic, worthless political “movement,” that constantly takes snipeshots at us.

It’s amazing how comments like this are not the norm on that forum. They’ve created an echo chamber where having sex with a woman is a revolutionary act.

Anyway, Trainwreck1488 responds to Numbered.

No man, you don’t get it. I’m not saying settle with a dumb fatass. I’m saying settle with a slightly less intelligent than average, slightly more fat than healthy woman who has never been tempted by whoredom. Basically, an average woman pre-Black Death Europe with a little more meat for strategic reasons.

I just can’t get over how delusional this guy is. Slightly chubby woman in their late 20’s have never seen a dick before? Yes, that’s it. Especially if they’re stupid. Dumb girls are less whorey.

Oh but wait, what if they only recently put on some weight? Fuck me, they might have crossed the magic threshold where the forcefield that protects their fat vaginas from enemy dick went down due to them losing 5 lbs or so. For all we know they just took 500 cocks the previous month, but then they binge ate Ben And Jerry’s Settlemint flavoured ice cream and now they’re passing as virgins.

The horror you will feel as you notice in her high school yearbook that she was once moderately attractive…

Anyway, back to TrumpTrainwreck1488,

Nigga, you’re not supposed to communicate with them. I also have communication issues with my cat. I put my shoes out in my room so he can roll around on them and I feed him when he’s hungry.

Communicating with your wife is for simps. Just put out a big bowl of dog food on the ground and let her roll around in your laundry.

The rest of that thread is about one quarter TrumpTrainwreck1488 being a weird sperg. A full half is other spergs somewhat or even completely agreeing with him, or sperging out over something else. The last quarter is some commenter essentially saying “WTF you’re literally an incel. Why are you giving out relationship advice?”

Look, this is not me attacking young men and women who are suffering romantically. Societal problems require societal solutions, and I want to help you. But the same is true for obesity. Being overweight, while not great, is forgivable. The “Fat Shaming” movement is just a loserfest. The same is true for people making not getting sex an enormous part of their identity.

I’m saying this for the inevitable lurkers who encounter shit like that on forums. That garbage is toxic, and is 100% cynically promoted by the Anglin/Weev crowd because those lonely desperate men make for a reliable readership, and can be counted on to do what little internet activism is still available to us in 2021. To be clear, if you’re heading over to the Hyphen-Report and leaving some attack comments in defense of the little jew nazi just know that I am aware you get no pussy.

I want to help overweight people lose their weight. I want to help people suffering romantically find somebody to spend the rest of their lives with. But when some obese fatty starts going on about me “fat shaming” her for pointing out she’s not healthy, there’s not really any way to respond other than “look at this chonker.” And when these virginal romantic advice dealers start attacking us for saying the jew feminist Harvey Weinstein shouldn’t be allowed to rape women, then sic “retired” Mossad agents on them to shut them up, there’s really nothing left to say but “have sex incel.”

These are the people attacking us. Sexless losers with such delusions of grandeur that they’re dishing out relationship advice. Go outside.

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  1. Two semi-deranged incels or Andy and Weev? Also, bring back Self Help Sundays if you’re attempting to revive some of the spirit of the old Stormer.

  2. I never understood the ds/trs beef. Like, Cantwell is dumb for talking to the fbi (thinking he was going to help them catch antifa, lol) but he’s obviously not a fed, and iirc that was what started this all. Later on it came out that he was doxxing/threatening to dox some goys over basically being made fun of and having his feelings hurt and that’s fucked up but the stuff with Jayoh just seemed like a misunderstanding. I distinctly remember Mike explaining that that podcast was Jayoh role-playing various fictional characters for a book or something and at the time I just wished that someone would have explained that to Anglin. His rallying around Fuentes is truly bizarre. Fuentes is literally gay. Of course he hates women, all gay men hate women, lol. Anyway, the whole thing is just weird and I’m glad that you’re shedding light on this stuff, it’s been a long time coming. I’d really like to know more about what’s going on with weev, is he just a self-hating Jew? And did the ds really get paid by shadowy donors to produce infighting articles? Idk man, I’ve heard rumors but the whole thing is so murky idk what to believe.

    1. The Jayoh stuff was a giant leap to conclusions. It was obvious larping on a libertarian podcast from a guy who said he was shooting heroin in between classes at Harvard and flying to South America in Black Hawks to escape the feds. Whether he was trolling or lying is irrelevant because we all know there’s no way it was true. Anglin and Weev are dishonest bad actors who have a bone to pick so they used it as a smoking gun.

  3. Trumptraincuck1488 is literally ChisChan. Another proud member of the “movement” we’re not a part of.

  4. I know theres still some normal people on the forum, and trumptrainwreck1488 isn’t a representation of all of them, though still a significant contingent of the user base. Like I said in an earlier post, DS is like a jewish TV series, starts strong, gets you hooked, and over the course of time descends into faggotry. This is the classic technique of “boiling the frog”.

    Andy didn’t come out, black dildo swinging, he did it slowly over time, nig appreciation here, “don’t have sex with women” there, and its overlooked and forgiven as a fluke or a quirk. But as the heat is slowly turned up and the faggotry increases, it becomes clear that this isn’t the exception, it’s the rule. So I would like to ask any forum members reading this to just take a step back, look at Andy, look at weev, look at the content, and ask yourself “is it still worth giving time, energy, money, and attention to DS?” A website who’s heroes are nig rappers who beat women and are a drain on the community but white hero’s are conspicuously absent (save Trump)? How

    Take a long hard think about what lil Andy’s personal ideology is positing and ask yourself, “does this have legs? And if it does get anywhere where will that be?” A prison cell for Domestic Violence? DS embraced the purity spiral of Andy’s personal ideology. These confused, impressionable, young boys caught in the vortex of the purity spiral is why nuance is so important, because if your caught in that vortex for too long you wind up like Trumptrainwreck1488, yet another cat-boy in andy’s harem. A train-wreck indeed.

  5. As much as Andy derides atomwaffen there is alot of parallels,
    (1) Mexican twinks/ trannys {check} (Fuentes and the trainwreck for those keeping count.)
    (2) calls to violence (only women so far) {check}
    (3) shady disingenuous leadership {check}
    (4) cringe optics to appeal to disaffected and confused teen boys {check}

    1. Gotta love how the people lecturing us on optics are going around openly talking about being unfuckable losers who want to do violence to women. And not “guys I just got a divorce, can someone here help me kill my ex-wife,” type angry but understandable shitposting, actual serious calls to murdering women and locking them in cages.

      See optics matter, except when they don’t. Cantwell trying to rat out antifa to the feds makes him a fed, but Milo doing the same is fine. These people are sayers of things, and the best way to deal with them is to post pictures of them so everyone can see how ugly they are.

  6. I can only assume the women this retard is suggesting are perfect are literal negresses think about it almost everyone of them are at least slightly overweight and not one of them has an IQ over 90.

  7. This sounds like someone who is a miserable piece of shit and is offering “good dating advice” so that he will have plenty of losers to continue to talk to on his obscure corner of the internet. After all, if they had actual good advice they might end up with girlfriends and move out of “Faggottown USA, population: him.” He’d end up with no other losers to talk with and might have to act more normal if he wanted contact with others.

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