I had never heard of “Jack Murphy,” born (((Jack Goldman))) before. Apparently he’s big in the manletsphere, and he’s one of these weird self-help masculinity gurus who has a side hustle as some vague journalist and “Conservative Influencer”.

If you want to Unlock the Secrets of Masculine Power or whatever you can give him $790 per year, or $4k right now. In exchange you get access to a skilled network of wannabes who are interested in pretending to be very successful alongside you.

I’ve never liked self-help guru types, and for good reason. Even still I was not expecting this.

National File:

Alpha male lifestyle coach-turned-conservative influencer John Goldman, who markets himself using the name Jack Murphy, sparked controversy earlier this month when he snapped at a [Sydney Watson] who relayed a fan’s question about an article promoting a sexual lifestyle many consider emasculating.

Sydney Watson, who you may know for humiliating Juan Fuentes by pointing out that he’s a virgin dishing out relationship advice, had Jack Goldman on her show, the You Are Here podcast. Watson reads a superchat that from Mr. DickAndBallz.

Mr. DickAndBallz says, “could you please clear up the cuck article you wrote?”

At this point AlphaBrain HyperChad Jack Goldman responds with:

I am not going to talk about this and basically fuck you for bringing this up right here and now.

When Sydney protests, trying to keep the conversation light by saying “I didn’t know what it was.” To which he says:

“well maybe just use a little bit of common sense, fuck you, heartfelt.”

Goyim I feel we may have stumbled upon something big here, and it’s not just because I’ve cheated and already know what’s about to happen.

The question was about an article Murphy wrote in which he promoted married men allowing their wives to have sex outside of the marriage.

This is generally referred to as “cuckoldry” by those who engage in the act.

NationalFile is too high class to break down that article, but they give a link to it. Let me go ahead and transcribe that for you. But first, a screeshot in case you think this is too good to be true.

Today I sent my adoring loyal hot young girlfriend of two years to have sex with a stranger from tinder. She is currently at his apartment, checked in with me via text and is presumably sucking and fucking her way to a good time.
I’m alone writing.
Couldn’t be happier.

I don’t know what’s worse with these literal cucks, that they let their girlfriends have sex with other men, or that they enjoy this so much they’re really thinking about it. I mean really getting into the gory details. “Oh yeah, I’ll bet my girlfriend is sucking his dick right now.” Jesus. Fucking stop.

It would literally be better to just be such a pussy that your girlfriend openly bangs other guys. Instead this fucking weirdo pretends to enjoy it then he puts it on the internet for the entire world to see.

I’m almost 40.  Years ago, after my divorce from my blue pill marriage, I found RoissyRoosh V, and eventually Rational Male. Along the way I made friends with Cernovich and we came up together in the game.

Cernovich, Roosh, Roissy? Now there’s a blast from the past. Let me refresh my memory on this Cernovich fellow.

I remember him as this lisping weirdo who was going on about his “Gorilla Mindset.” It was this weird self-help guru shit where he was a beta loser before adopting the Gorilla Grindset and slaughtering college aged pussies like Gorilla’s slaughter bananas or something.

I learned over time how my natural disposition is to be dominant. For submissive women, I’m practically an ideal. I’ve had sex slaves, little girls, and tied them all up.   Feminists seek me out to fuck them like the patriarchy.
And yet I’ve just sent my 15 year junior girlfriend to bang Matt from Tinder.  Why?

Is it because you’re a completely full of shit loser jew with psychological problems who talks a big game about having little girl sex slaves on the internet, but who actually can’t keep his gold digging girlfriend without letting her fuck actual high quality men?

Well yes it is that, but he goes on and on about how his “blue pilled marriage,” led to him being emasculated or whatever because his wife didn’t desire him. Yes, this is why he lets other men fuck his woman.

Luckily the cuck has some relationship advice for you men out there looking to keep the spark going in long term relationships.

Intimacy and vulnerability are essential to form the trust which becomes the launching point for erotic explorations.  Unfortunately over time, intimacy as practiced today tends to lead to the extinguishment of the erotic flame.

When two become one there is no gap to bridge. That gap is where erotic energy lies. Creating and maintaining a gap between two people who live together takes special care.
When my girlfriend and I decided together that I’m going to rape her whenever I want, that appearance of non consent gives us extra erotic energy.

Well that certainly came out of nowhere. So he… consensually rapes his girlfriend because two have become one and, you know I actually can’t make any sense out of this. Maybe Goldman can help me.

Rape certainly is about bridging a gap as it were, and it inherently contains a certain anonymity to it.

How is raping your girlfriend of two years anonymous? Is she just so traumatized that she’s doing the dishes and suddenly you’re holding a knife to her throat that she blanks and forgets who you are?

Role playing stranger rape puts us into different personas for the moment, creating mystery danger and desire.  Ie. its fucking hot.

Matt from Tinder helps us to introduce another element which requires suspended disbelief.  Just like my girlfriend knows I could nor ever would actually rape her, I too know that my girlfriend is not going to leave me for some guy she met on tinder today to fuck.

No but she is… going to fuck him. I mean, my brain is basically exploding as I try to fit this within the reality that I live in. The issue is not that your GF is going to leave you, it’s that she’s going to be fucking another guy. How does he not understand this?

The entire experience is regimented according to my rules. I introduced her to the idea. I pushed it. I told her to go on Tinder and find someone. On the day in question, I tell her when and where to do it. She checks in with me via text. I know where she is and I am waiting for her. She is not alone. She is on a mission sent directly by me. And the entire point is for me to get turned on in a way that wouldn’t happen otherwise.

The excitement, eustress, and anticipation put me in a different state.  I get turned on knowing someone else wants my girl as badly as I do.  Yes, I get turned on knowing she is fucking someone else.

I’m sorry I don’t have much to add, I’ve just been thunderstruck by this Alpha Male. I’m too beta to understand not breaking up with your girlfriend because she’s cheating on you.

We’ve done it together where we picked up a guy at a bar, took him home and I watched them have sex.  Or we’ve brought a guy from craig’s list over and I took pictures as he banged her.
This time, I just sent her on her way and gave myself time to write and relax, knowing that exceptional sex awaits upon reunion.  The time she spends with the other guy, isn’t really hers alone.  Its ours.  Its mine.  Its her acting out my ideas.
I don’t want to gross out the audience, but this is our political competition here. What are the odds that he demands the other guy refuses to use a condom or some other shit like that?

Her behavior is manifestation of my will.
It is not incongruent with our dominant / submissive relationship, as crazy as that may sound to some.  When she was finished, she rushed back to me immediately and we had the best sex ever, yet again.  Each time surpassing the last.  New peaks two years into it.

The last point he makes explains that he didn’t get tired in the relationship and start doing this. He’s been getting literally cucked by his girlfriend since the very start of their relationship. However, he thinks his girlfriend banging other dudes makes her submissive to him. Because dominant men sit at home jerking off when their WAGs are having sex with other men.

Putting ourselves into that situation creates a newer, crazier level of erotic energy that leads to even better and more powerful sexual experiences.  Call it sperm wars, fear of losing her, or jealousy, all of it contrived by our own suspended disbelief, it leads to an amping of my own sexual energy in a way I’ve not experienced anywhere else.

Yep. He makes them fuck his girlfriend without a condom. Then he fucks her right after.

Also he as much as admits that he hates it when talking about his fear of losing her and his jealousy. So what we’re reading here is the story of a somewhat rich guy being taken advantage of incredibly hard by a younger gold digger who still wants to bang actually attractive men.

Basically, I got to spend time writing and being alone (my preferred activity) and in return I get hotter more satisfying sex with a sexy young girl that I love.

This makes absolutely no sense. You do not need to have your girlfriend cheat on you in order to get some alone time. I feel incredibly silly even writing that sentence.

But not just anyone can or should jump into something similar. What I’m talking about is advanced stuff, guys, apex level.

Guyz you need to be a real Chad before you’re Alpha enough to let your girlfriend get cummed in by other men.

Learn game, get fit, raise your status. Before you attempt a Matt from Tinder scenario, you better already be at the top of your game.  Follow everything Mike [Cernovich] tells you to do at Danger and Play first.  Once you’ve mastered yourself, then you can master advanced shit like this.

You need to learn game so that your girlfriend can fuck other guys.

Have her fuck a young guy.  Assuming you’re in a relationship with a younger woman, as you should be, you should have her bang a young guy on the side.  This way she really will only see him as a physical fling rather than any potential competitor for her loyalty.  Your status, maturity and vastly superior world knowledge will keep you secure.

Ah, the manletsphere of years past. These guys would always go on and on about “beta bucks and alpha fucks,” and talk about female hypergamy or whatever. Then you find out that these guys are literally cuckolds who let their girlfriends fuck younger, hotter men.

One of the things that always really annoyed me about the manletsphere was all the old dudes who concocted this bizarre story about how men are attracted to youth and beauty, but women are attracted to maturity and status and power and game and blah blah. It was always such a dead giveaway that these men got no pussy.

Here’s English model David Gandy. He’s tall, handsome, and has a very athletic body. How much “game,” do you think he needs to “create attraction,” amongst some HB10’s? How about absolutely zero.

What makes pussies wet is men who are tall, handsome, well dressed, and with athletic bodies. Having a deep voice doesn’t hurt either. When you would make this point to these guys they would accuse you of being a “blackpiller,” a feminist, or “game-denialist.”

If pressed, they would bring up literally one in a million older men like Brad Pitt, who are extraordinarily handsome, well coiffed, and have so tons of money. And don’t just have a little bit of “status,” but are world famous actors. This apparently proves that men peak in sexual attractiveness in their late 40’s.

Like much of the modern day incelsphere they took some things which were somewhat true and massively exaggerated them. Having some social intelligence and a touch of charisma can certainly help when finding a girlfriend. Knowing how to behave in a given social situation can be important, romantic or otherwise. So of course these virgins would pretend that you could memorize some lines and score with Teh Hotties while looking like PeeWee Herman.

What a pack of goofs.

Men who are good with women tend to be very confident with women. Why wouldn’t they be? So of course these virgins would pretend that they were good with women because they were confident, as opposed to confident with women because they had life experiences to back that up.

Women tend peak in physical, sexual attraction in their late teens, as opposed to men in their late 20’s. So of course they said that men in their late 40’s were just as hot as men in their actual sexual prime, and in fact better because women secretly want “maturity” and dominance and blah blah.

Everything that got you laid was about “being alpha,” which was proven through “game”. You had to “demonstrate high value,” verbally or whatever. It’s weird, because I once had sex with a German girl who could barely speak English, but I guess that simply proves that I was being non-verbally “alpha.” Just like “optics,” “being alpha,” was whatever the manletsphere wanted it to be. Some guy with a prettyboy face and a skinny body has a gorgeous girl throwing herself at him? Well he’s just demonstrating his alphaness in some way. There was no such thing as simply being good looking or her type, if you got laid it’s because you proved how alpha and High Value you were to her.

Apparently the ultimate alphas are guys whose girlfriends openly fuck other men.

Some of you are going to call me a cuckold, a pussy or accuse me of being somehow less of a man.  Maybe you think I’m secretly gay. If you’re feeling any of those, you should probably look inside and ask yourself why what I’ve decided for myself is making you feel that way.
This is apex level stuff like I said.  Its not for the neophyte.  Its not for those who aren’t dominant in their relationship.  Its not for those whose woman is pushing the agenda.

Having your woman swallowing another man’s semen is alpha because it’s purely for sexual pleasure. Real alphas are there to provide a woman with emotional support and money while other men use them for pleasure. Being Alpha means being comfortable enough in your masculinity to swallow your admitted jealousy and let your GF have sex with other men. Real Alphas videotape other men banging their girlfriends. Real alphas pay for their girlfriends to go on sex holidays with random Brazilian Men while smugly writing about how this proves how alpha they are.

Look, this isn’t for blue pilled beta men, or even beginner alphas. This is apex level stuff.

In our next installment: it gets worse, somehow.

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  1. “Maybe you think I’m secretly gay”
    I *was* going to say “wouldn’t it be funny if photos surfaced of him taking it in the ass”, but I’ve already had the misfortune of seeing them.
    But I guess I’m not enough of an apex level Alpha gigachad to understand how engaging in sodomy isn’t gay.
    Or something.

  2. I don’t want to toot my own powers of perception but one look at this guy and I say, what a phony asshole.

    Good fake goyim porn name for a dumbshit queer along the lines of arnold swollenpecker – who was a known gay prostitute in LA before he became “famous”.

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