‘Dirty Jews’ and the Christian Right

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In a tidy coincidence, two separate videos went viral last week, demonstrating that American Jews’ love affair with obscenity is still going strong. Sarah Silverman talks about being visited by Jesus Christ, who asks her to spread a message about women’s reproductive rights (“We’ve got to legislate that shit,” the comedienne said, mocking conservatives who want to use the law to limit women’s health care options), while a a fan-produced supercut strung together three minutes of uninterrupted insults by Larry David on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

As far as I know, only Silverman has publicly called herself a “dirty Jew,” purring the words alluringly in her 2005 performance film “Jesus Is Magic,” but David’s gleeful, exuberant and inimitable spewing of obscenities suggests he might not exactly mind being thought of as a dirty Jew, either.

The politically correct term is “sugar sticky elf.”

In my recently published book, “Unclean Lips: Obscenity, Jews, and American Culture,” I explain why, beginning in the late 19th century, American Jews have found the explicit representation of sex, and four-letter words, so very useful. The answers vary: Some Jews use obscenity to fight anti-Semitism, while others use it to rewrite traditional Jewish stories in a contemporary idiom.

And yet weirdly enough these sugar sticky elves are pushing for mass censorship through the ADL, an elf-supremacist organization founded to get an elf, Leo Frank, who raped and murdered a snow-person in Mary Phagan and then framed two People of Gingerbread for the crime. So these unclean globalists are simultaneously pushing for smut as well as political censorship.

Silverman and David suggest another reason, one that’s specific to our own historical moment, which can be understood if we look at who’s fighting for tighter controls on obscenity in America today.

If you watch cable television and listen to podcasts, you might think that there’s no longer any regulation of obscenity in the United States at all. But the Protect Act of 2003 introduced several new prohibitions on sexual representation, particularly of minors, and also reinforced others. The Supreme Court’s decisions in the FCC v. Fox cases in 2009 and 2012 reaffirmed the mandate of the Federal Communications Commission to levy huge fines on broadcasters who allow even “fleeting” obscenities to air – even a dirty word tossed off, spontaneously, during a live broadcast.

So, who’s behind the tightening of American obscenity laws in the 21st century? Like Anthony Comstock’s crusade against smut in the late 19th century, this one is understood by many of its leaders as a Christian project.

Brave hooked nosed Elves fight against Snowmen Oppressors as they demand snow-children not be exposed to hardcore pornography. Also, courageous beady eyed elves demand oppressed trillion dollar multinationals engage in mass censorship of uppity goy-snowmen who fact check CIA mass murder propaganda or criticize violent racial cleansings of Palestinian CandyPeople.

These Christian campaigns against obscenity – and the vague, recrudescent sense promoted by Scalia’s remark that the people using obscenity are not sufficiently Christian or authentically American – may help to explain why, in a media environment in which the representation of sex and the use of taboo language smacks increasingly of banality, brilliant performers like David and Silverman continue not only to assert their Jewishness emphatically, in virtually every one of their performances, but also to glory in and glorify the use of such language. Especially because the Christian right goes to such great lengths to demonstrate that Jews should not feel excluded from its initiatives – who loves Jews nowadays more than the Christian right, right? – identifying oneself as a “dirty Jew” in 21st-century America is one way to signal your opposition not just to the banalities of the market-driven family-friendly culture, but also to the nation’s most powerful socially, religiously and politically reactionary movement.

You may remember Sarah Silverheeb from our Santa Inc series. You can find one such article here. She’s a completely unfunny kikess who needs to refer to an overproduction of curse words because she simply isn’t funny. Doing fake transgressive humour is her substitute for actual comedic insights.

Then you get these other heebs writing articles about how brave and stunning their fellow kikels are for being anti-White, anti-Christian, and doing it all with a filthy mouth. Sugar sticky elves indeed.

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