A few days ago I wrote about the IPO scam known as Theranos. The long and short of it is that the surface level story is Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos founder, claimed to invent some miracle blood testing equipment, but in reality merely invented the idea that miracle blood testing equipment would be really nice.

The deeper story is that it’s not particularly credible that her high powered investment team, including (((Henry Kissinger))), Rupert Murdoch, (((Robert Kraft))), and an all star cast of privileged class criminals never bothered to check even one time over more than a decade that the impossible claims made by Elizabeth were in fact possible.

The jury was hung then, but they have concluded now.


Elizabeth Holmes, the former CEO and founder of failed blood testing startup Theranos, was found guilty on four charges of defrauding investors, capping off the stunning downfall of a former tech icon.

She was found not guilty on three additional charges concerning defrauding patients and one charge of conspiracy to defraud patients. The jury returned no verdict on three of the charges concerning defrauding investors, and Judge Edward Davila, who is presiding over the case, is expected to declare a mistrial on those charges.
The charges Holmes was found guilty of include one count of conspiracy to defraud investors, as well as three wire fraud counts tied to specific investors. Holmes faces up to 20 years in prison as well as a fine of $250,000 plus restitution for each count.

Often times the most interesting part of a case does not go to trial. We saw an extreme example of this with the Mossad Maxwell trial, which I documented here, where the Mossad Blackmail Ring was not put on trial. Instead there was some tedious back and forth about how Epstein did non-violent rapes and the question was how exposed was Maxwell.

The Holmes trial is similar. What should be put on trial are all the investors who had to have known that the medicine was fraudulent, but were going along with it to get to the IPO, where they could scam the general public. Ultimately this is why you’ll never see this made into a movie until we win. Unless they went with full on comedy, the longer people are exposed to this story the more undeniable it is that the majority of the guilty parties got off scott free.

Theranos never had a single product get FDA approval. They never had any scientific justification for their claims. The closest they had was an extremely short paper put out by Johns Hopkins University, which referenced a meeting they had with Theranos. That was the only proof they ever had, but I guess we’re all just supposed to believe that all these deep state criminals put up $900 million of their own money on a hunch that this would work.

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  1. This is how the entire silicon valley venture capital ecosystem works. High profile example due to the gender, and outlandish claims made.

    But seriously, the rest of it in 2021 is no longer guys inventing things in their garage, its guys raising money and paying people below market wages so they can do just enough to shove a company into an IPO and cash out.

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