I was recently flipping through the old KiwiFarms thread that I used to write up my Felting of Fuentes series. In doing so I found a few nice videos, and, courtesy of KiwiFarms user GordanRameses found these hot takes by Nicky Fuentes on China. His post starts off with the following.

Nick Fuentes battles himself in the marketplace of ideas.

Oh I like the sound of this. See, the shortcut to a political takedown is to show your opposition making contradictory statements. It’s the fastest way to show that they’re full of shit, and are looking to get one over on you politically. It’s true in other contexts.

Skip Bayless: Aaron Rodgers is historically, transcendentally, specially great.

Also Skip Bayless: Nope. You know why? Because Aaron Rodgers is hot, and Aaron Rodgers is cold. He is not consistently, historically, transcendentally great.

For those of you who don’t know, Skip Bayless is some bloviating sports “journalist.” His opinion wouldn’t matter even if it was genuine and well founded, which it is not. However, if for some crazy reason you felt the strange urge to seek out his hot take on LeBron vs Jordan and get mad at his opinion, understand that you’re taking him far more seriously than he takes himself. Which brings us to the little Mexican Midget.

Unlike those grifting MAGA and alt-lite cucks, Nicky Juan Fuentes would die for the Stars and Stripes. Nothing matters to Nicky Fuentes other than America. America First goyim, it’s literally printed on the hats. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! Nothing is going to get in the way of Nicky Fuentes and his undying support for the United –

Uh, okay. That’s a little bit hard to square with the fact that you literally make AMERICA FIRST hats and then go around wearing them like doofuses.

I mean this isn’t like a one off thing that these randos did either. The entire brand is literally “America First.”

But okay, Juan Fuentes is now supporting Russia and China over the US. That’s a bit much, but understandable for someone to –

I’m sorry I spoke a little bit too soon. This all sounds a bit like (((neo-con))) “Russia/China baaaaaaad,” garbage. If taken charitably, pointing out that countries have geopolitical strategic interests is not exactly a cutting insight, but at least it’s a non-retarded statement. It’s not really clear to me why he feels the need to say shit like this, but at least we know where he stands on China, having the take that –

Oh, my bad. China based now.

Dunking on the Alt-Republicans is evergreen content. Sometimes I even feel guilty doing it, and have to remind myself what a backstabby grifting faggot Fuentes is. Go back and look at all of the takes above, and understand that Fuentes would be calling you either a “wignat” (heterosexual) or neocon for saying exactly what he said. Or if you disagreed with what he said you’d be the other one.

“Fuck America, China Based”.

This is what’s so fantastic about catching someone, or a group of people having contradictory beliefs like this. Nicky Juan Fuents and the Wannabe Republicans more broadly are so self-contradictory that you can feel free to just skip ahead to calling them faggots. 

“Unserious Wignats simping for China. AMERICA FIRST!”

Is Nicky Fuentes going to be primarying any Republicans? Of course not. Is he going to be running for office? Of course not. My first take when I saw Fuentes, and had the unpleasant experience of listening to his annoying high pitched voice, coupled with his annoying and effeminate mannerisms was “this man is a complete and utter faggot.” 

“America First/Last. China Good/Bad.”

The grug take is the right take. America Fist is an incoherent and contradictory mess. They are more likely to troon out than win even local elections. And Nick Fuentes is a complete and utter faggot.

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