In the field of robotics there are many academic subjects required for building a robot (pneumatics, material science, computer science, etc), but none are as important as the Uncanny Valley.

The uncanny valley is the concept where you see a human-like object or animal that closely resembles humans, but not quite. This will induce a neural-response that will make the observer feel uneasy, and may even trigger the natural fight or flight response in the observer.

Out of all possible examples I could list that would fall under the category of the uncanny valley, I shall go into detail on two of them.


Jazz “just fuck my shit up, Doc” Jennings

The most obvious example would be the trannies, particularly the “male to female” trannies. One only needs to take a single look at these wretched creatures to feel the mental pangs of the uncanny valley (many more examples here). They may try their damnedest to look like a woman, sound like a woman and walk like a woman, but their fraudulent veil could never hide their five-o-clock shadow, their giant adams apple or the proportional length of their fingers.

When you run into one of these “people” in public, the uncanny valley will surely be felt in your mind; even more so if they’ve had help to look “passable”. Though you know that you’re looking at a “man”, the thought of “this thing can’t be human” will eventually pop into your mind.

Everything about them screams fraud: Their attempt to live a life that is meant for women; Their wearing of female clothing in an attempt to look feminine; The artificial changing of the pitch of their voice, in order to trick your ears into believing what your eyes don’t see.

Ru Paul

The entire life and existence of the tranny is based around fraud and trickery. This, in short, is the uncanny valley.

The Jew

The second example I shall use in explaining the uncanny valley is the jew.

gay jew Scott Weiner, California Senator

When one observes a jew, particularly the Ashkenazim jew, they will observe many physiological peculiarities. These includes, but are not limited to: a giant hook-nose, a backwards-sloping forehead, the tips of their ears being below their eye-line, and their beady money-hungry eyes.

To the un-awakened goyim these features will cause the uncanny valley effects in their minds, but its physical responses are confused or retarded; for how could they react to a potential danger if they believe it to be one of their own?

a very happy merchant

But the goy who knows about the jew will observe this Fellow White Person for what it is. He will see facial features that may resemble European facial features, but are greatly exaggerated when compared to Europeans: The shape and size of the nose, the brow of their eyes, the comically largeness of their mouths, etc.

jewess – side profile

All of these features, though somewhat resembling Europeans, are the physical manifestations of their fraud, thus causing the uncanny valley effect on the jew-aware observer. The more the jew-aware person spends at observing the eternal uncanny valley, the more familiar they become with their physiognomy. Soon enough they’ll be able to pin-point any one of these foreskin merchants out of a crowd of people.


In conclusion: Learn about the uncanny valley, for it is but another useful tool for the goy to use in his endeavors to better the world for his people. The uncanny valley is your friend, let it tell you its secrets so that you may hopefully avoid the danger that these adrenochrome addicts may befall upon you.

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  1. Consider what the uncanny valley implies – that these people have been such poison to our people for so long we have actually evolved to be repulsed by these fucking creatures.

    1. Exactly! they have been a poisonous and infection race of people for so long that our people had the biological imperative to develop the ability to spot them apart from us, it’s truly astounding that they still exist.

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