In the end, it wasn’t the might of the city bureaucracy or law enforcement who got the constant blaring of truck horns to stop after more than week of terrorizing downtown Ottawa residents.

It was a 21-year-old resident of Centretown who had simply had enough.

“This situation, quite frankly, really ruffled my feathers,” Zexi Li, the lead plaintiff in a proposed class-action lawsuit told CTV Morning Live on Tuesday. “I really, really felt that no matter what, I had to do something.”

“I really felt like I needed to use lawfare against these Uppity Peasants. It was my duty as a Canadian. Someone needed to protect our democracy.”

“If that something is to be a voice and be a face—and even be even a target—for people to understand what really is going on here, I was more than willing to do so.”

I know it took a lot of courage to start a class action lawsuit against these people who have been legislated out of a job, but I think we’re all glad that you rose to the occasion.

An Ontario Superior Court judge granted a 10-day injunction on Monday ordering an end to the incessant honking by truckers parked on downtown streets. Anyone who violates the injunction could be found in contempt, which brings stiffer penalties than regular bylaw charges.

“It’s a big win, but it’s also a baby step,” Li said. “We really did deserve some peace and we’re glad to have some, at least for the next 10 days.”

Li said she has found the noise of the convoy protesters “unbearable.”

You think you’ve found it unbearable? Are we forgetting madame fluffzilla so quickly?

Our reporters have identified this cat as being the one who fear shit all over that redditors bed.

Since this story was from February 2nd, that injunction should be about to expire. I wonder what’ll happen then?

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  1. I’ve been predicting logistics disruptions as a form of protest for years in conversations with my friends.
    People have discovered just how big of a deal this is so, in my opinion, pandora’s box has been opened. Cat is out of the bag.
    Only a matter of time before they start thinking about other ways to disrupt logistics as protest.
    In my opinion, there are some really easy and cheap ways to accomplish it with lower risk of getting caught that will inevitably occur to people.
    Then shit gets real intense.

    1. Completely agreed. There’s only so much you can write online before it’s used as a justification for legal gayops, but it’s almost trivially easy to block all traffic. This is especially true in Canada, since the trans-Canada highway is close to the only route East-West.

      1. Just miles and miles of highway right out in the middle of nowhere. Without a soul for miles and miles.
        Totally and completely vital. Crucial. Very very important. Absolutely MUST remain open.

  2. Anyone who signs up for this class action should be forced to sign a document agreeing to be triple masked at all times even in the shower, to stay 6 feet away from all humans, and to take booster shots every three months, for the rest of their lives. They should also be forced to submit to being microchipped.

    Why should they be allowed access to any of the freedoms they’re fighting against?

    1. Great comment Creepella;
      The disrespect shown this essential workforce is appalling. The refusal of this coward P.M. to negotiate with these people and listen to their concerns is not a good look for a leader, more like the actions of a tyrant. As for the “Vaccine”, there are still too many questions regarding it’s safe use. This one-size-fits-all approach is idiotic and people are getting smart and returning to known therapeudics and natural immunity.
      This whole fiasco in Canada, the U.S., and Worldwide is nothing more than a power grab!

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