You may remember all the way from the beginning of this series, that these people were self-congratulating themselves on the “courageous,” discussion they were going to be having by attacking White People. Well, considering that this was an Ask Me Anything, and these people are super courageous, some might even say stunning and brave, you’d think that they’d actually, you know, let us ask them some questions.

Well needless to say, that didn’t happen. When we last left off in our series we had finally reached the end of Ryan Trudeau’s “my wife’s black son taught me the meaning of friendship and courage through spiderman,” story. With that he opened it up to questions. And by opened it up to questions, I mean they had a “moderated chat,” which had been collecting questions the entire time and discarding every single one of ours.

Samantha Moonsammy

At this point Samantha Moonsammy took over the mic again and started reading out the questions. Keep in mind that none of our questions made it through moderation at the Ask Me Anything. Instead we get questions like this.

So I want Ryan and Rob to focus on it from this perspective. What negative experiences has your White Privilege protected you from throughout your life. And then on the flipside Faduno not having that privilege share with us what that means.

The answers are precisely what you’d expect. I’m not going to bother reading out these questions or answers, because it’s another 35 minutes of this. Instead I’ll show the questions that we asked, which never got answers. There were four of us in there. Myself, Scott Summers, Tyranosphobic Rekt, and Jim Northpoint, all under different names of course. I was “Rachel Leibowitz.” 

But before I do that I’d just like to state once again that this was an “Ask me Anything.” A “courageous conversation,” on White Fragility. Once again, keep this in mind when you read our questions, literally none of which made it through moderation.

Look I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t have any fun writing these questions. Even still, you can see why they absolutely refused to answer any of my questions. That second one in particular. I mean it is this assumed premise that his mulatto child is entitled to these, quite frankly, racist and discriminatory preferences. 

Two of the questions I asked I didn’t get screencaps of, but they were in a similar vein. Below we have screencaps from Jim Northpoint and his questions. The ones labeled (You) are his.

He also asked far more questions than we have screencaps for. And it’s good that they are asked in a completely different style, because it shows how utterly fraudulent the “Ask Me Anything,” was. Ask Me The Questions I’m Comfortable Answering: A cucky and pathetic display of anti-White hate propaganda, is what it should have been called.

Here’s one of the questions asked by TR. Since he didn’t screencap it, and the Microsoft Teams conversation closed, all we have is the questions that we pre-posted in Telegram.

We counted over 20 questions asked by us all combined. Literally none of them were answered. Jim Northpoint even had one of his questions get 9 likes, before “mysteriously,” being removed from the public chat. I wonder how that happened?

There you have it. Your Canadian Military bureaucracy goyim. Spouting anti-White hate propaganda and censoring the public in their Courageous Ask Me Anything.

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