Boy has it ever been a long time since I worked on this piece. Over a month in fact, and the AMA itself happened on December 15th, almost two months ago. It got lost in the kerfuffle with me getting booted from The Site That Must Not be Named, but we’re back now.

When we last left off, the effeminate Rob Chambers had just finished speaking, and it was finally time for Ryan Trudeau, no relation to PM Justin Trudeau, to speak.

Rob Chambers, Canadian Military Dipshit.

Here’s the rest of the video.

Ryan Trudeau grabs that mic and immediately launches into the anti-White cult language.

Thank you for that amazing introduction Rob. I don’t even know how I could have set the table better. And to kinda go along with some of the other great informations that were shared by Samantha, by Faduno, you know, kind of maybe starting with some of my layers.

We are going to need more eye rolling memes. These people are truly insufferable.

Starting with the obvious. You know, when you look at me I am of the majority group in this country. I am of European origin.

You’re also a failed actor Ryan, as we covered in the first part of this series.

But in terms of looking at those layers as well I’m a father, I’m a son. I’m a brother. I’m a husband but I’m also straight. I’m cisgendered. I’m able bodied. And I was born and raised in this country.

I grew up in a middle class family that had loads of privileges. I’m from a small town. Very homogenous. Kind of had a lot of people who looked like me.

When I think about some of my colleagues who are marginalized and I think about myself and I pretty much have none. And to go along with what you said before Rob about bringing your whole self to work, I’ve been able to bring my whole self to work and I don’t even have to think about it.

For those who didn’t read the previous pieces, these people are super anti-White. They also talk like kindergarteners, and are unable to go 5 minutes without calling themselves courageous, or else they may in fact explode.

Before we get started I want to acknowledge that the land on which I join is a traditional unceded territory of the Mohawk people as I’m on the *inaudible shore of Montreal. And there remains a very strong and engaged Indigenous presence in this area. And I feel very grateful for the opportunity to live and work on this land. And I acknowledge that my privilege and position here as a White Settler, and I am committed to listening and learning from Indigenous communities across Turtle Island.

I really can’t do a transcript of this entire 1+ hour video. I’m only going to note the highlights from here on out. As our first example, after some generic boilerplate he gets into the point of his lecture.

Let’s get right to the elephant in the room, White Fragility.

Weirdly, I notice that he capitalized White. Probably only because of the Fragility afterwards.

The title is meant to be provocative. It serves to demand attention, and even perhaps, spur a little bit of defensiveness. Which is exactly what it’s meant to do folx.

Maybe even when you read the title of this and you maybe even felt a little defensive yourself. I ask you to sit in that emotion. I ask you to sit and be present in that, and just to listen as much as you can with an open mind, and an open heart, as we move forward.

I think everyone reading this already gets it, but it needs to be stated. White Fragility is anti-White hate propaganda. It serves to attack White People who stand up against anti-White hate propaganda. To respond to the claim with anything other than “that’s anti-White hate propaganda,” is to give the attack far more credit than it deserves.

But consider it from the anti-White cult perspective. They are essentially telling the cultists “you’re going to feel really attacked, but only dumb people are going to act on that emotion.” This is basically what the TRS guys are talking about when they talk about “midwitism.”

Anyway, he goes on to use the terms “racial comfort,” “racial insulation,” “racial stress,” “racial divides,” “dominant discourse,” and so on.

Think of it as like a racism awareness muscle. And if you don’t use it, you lose it.

(((Robin DeAngelo)))

Robin DeAngelo explains the behaviours that White People experiencing White Fragility will undergo.

These moves include the outward display of emotions like anger, fear, guilt, or behaviours like argumentation, silence, or even leaving the stress inducing situation.

Argumentation and silence you say? I’m sorry, this is starting to sound less like a scientific theory and more like anti-White hate propaganda, which it is. I myself was wondering why this guy was pushing this anti-White hate propaganda. I mean obviously it’s his job, but any normal White Man would have quit said job, so what else does he get out of it. What’s this guys deal?

Oh I see. Mr. Trudeau has a fetish for the jungle pussy.

I also want to explicitly dissasociate myself with any concept or connection to the term White Saviour. This is to be avoided at all costs.

That means calling these people White Saviours who have White Saviour Complex is good. You should do it more often.

Anyway he bloviates about his privilege for a bit. There’s some bit about “marginalized people,” that explicitly excludes White People.

He then takes us on his “personal journey.” You see he learned this acronym called ADKAR when he was working as a “Change Management Engineer.”

He explains that even though he had a fetish for the jungle pussy, he wasn’t taking enough tangible action. He even had this awful thing that happened to his wife’s son. And yes, it involves Marvel movies.

And my son in particular, very in tune with the whole Marvel Universe. Specifically because Marvel has been doing some great work in recent years. And in particular, as you can see on the shirt, they’ve released this new spin off of Spiderman, who happens to be this black kid from Brooklyn named Myles Morales.

Just for no reason they made Spiderman black. I’m sure they’ll be making Black Panther White soon enough.

And for my son, representation is everything. When he sees this, he sees a spiderman that looks like him. And it makes him believe that he can also be a superhero, which is super important and it’s very touching.

No, trust me goy, it really does not get any better than this. And if you’ve got some nice points you want to put forth right now we’ll get to the Q&A in the next installment. Spoiler: Despite being an “Ask me Anything,” they didn’t let any of our questions get through the moderation team.

Anyway, his mulatto son went to school wearing the shirt. He was noticeably put off when he picks him up after school and his kid explains that the other children were laughing at his retarded shirt.

Until finally he opens up and he explodes on me.

“All my friends were laughing at me because they told me my t-shirt is stupid. Spiderman is not supposed to be black he’s supposed to be White, and that I should never wear this shirt again.” – His son.

And then he tells me he’s never going to wear that shirt again, and he storms off to his room.

Everytime I tell this part of a story it chokes me up. As a seven year old I saw a portion of his innocence just gone, vanish, never to be there again.

Systemic racism is real. It’s real and it’s in my house right now and it’s touching my kid.

If there’s any of you on this call who doubt the existence of systemic racism I invite you to have a conversation with my son after what you just heard.

And I made the decision right then and there that I was going to make a change. I made a promise to myself, to my son, to everyone that I know that I was going to dismantle systemic racism with every breath I breathe as I was alive. 

And I decided to be the change that I wanted to see. At that moment I liberated myself from my comfort zone, from my own fragility, and I decided that I was going to take action.

And I instantly moved myself from awareness to desire, because I heard the ultimate piece of information that I needed to hear to get myself to that step. 

Holy shit what a drama queen. His wife’s black son (okay it’s his as well to be fair) wore some stupid black spiderman t-shirt to school and the other kids laughed at his retarded shirt. Like dude, just get your son a Black Panther shirt or whatever, if him having people who “look like him,” is so important.

It’s at this moment that the more astute amongst you will have noticed something. I hope we didn’t skip over the assumption that black kids should demand fictional characters look like them. Make no mistake, if a White kid said “I want a character who looks like me,” these anti-Whites would send that school to the principals office.

I asked a very similar question in the Q&A for the event. As mentioned earlier, they didn’t let any of our questions through. I wonder why?

Contradictory Beliefs of the Anti-White Cult. 

  1. White People having any sort of racial identity is an atrocity. We are all one race, the human race. 
  2. Coloured People should be constantly whining that there aren’t enough people of their race in x position. Appeals to “colourblindness,” are just excuses for well disguised Aryan Supremacy.

It shouldn’t matter to his little shit that Spiderman is White. He should simply accept that and enjoy the universal human values imparted by Product. So sad that we see such bigotry endemic amongst black people. It really shows that we have more work to do.

He then goes on to talk about Ibram X. Kendi as some sort of serious scholar.

And there’s more bloviating.

What I came to understand was that even as someone married to a black wife with mixed children I was still capable at any point of engaging in racist behaviours and that anyone is capable of doing it. This was an aha moment for me. It opened up my eyes to understand what micro-aggressions were. How my unconscious bias were affecting other people. And how this comfort zone otherwise known as my fragility was keeping me from stress inducing racially charged situations, and challenging the status quo.

Nothing says challenging the status quo quite like a cushy military bureaucratic sinecure where you get paid to be a professional anti-White activist.

He then goes on this tedious bit about “being a White Ally.” Sounds a lot like White Saviour Complex to me. This part lasts about 10 minutes, and it’s basically what you’d expect. 

I was called in, and I like to use that term instead of called out, by a colleague and educated.

Dude you’re a fucking weirdo.

The very last two points actually do need to be acknowledged. He implies that you should give better referrals to non-White people. And he explicitly states that you should network with non-White preferentially. 

Now I know that you all got this, but this is literally the systemic oppression of White People. Which is ultimately the goal of all this anti-White hate propaganda. That they couch “privilege non-Whites,” through a complicated language of bullshitese does not significantly change that fact. 

With that he’s done his spiel and kicks it back to the rest of the group. I’ll have that written up by this time tomorrow and we can talk about it then.

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