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Meta Platforms (FB.O) will allow Facebook and Instagram users in some countries to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion, according to internal emails seen by Reuters on Thursday, in a temporary change to its hate speech policy.

Except now you can. But just against Russians. Okay, okay, also White People. And in some very specific contexts Arabs.

The social media company is also temporarily allowing some posts that call for death to Russian President Vladimir Putin or Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in countries including Russia, Ukraine and Poland, according to a series of internal emails to its content moderators.

Remember when Israel murdered 232 Palestinians, 65 of whom were children last May? Remember how there was a massive wave of censorship of… goyim getting uppity about that? Remember goy, when jews murder goyim while holding up signs that say “Death to Arabs,” and “Kill them All,” as part of a violent racial cleansing, you will get censored for being a bit too uppity about that. Oh but it’s okay for them to let the soyim call for the deaths of Russians, after all, they invaded another country and Putin Baaaaad.

These calls for death will be allowed unless they contain other targets or have two indicators of credibility, such as the location or method, one email said, in a recent change to the company’s rules on violence and incitement.

There is however, a bit of good news.

Last week, Russia said it was banning Facebook in the country in response to what it said were restrictions of access to Russian media on the platform. Moscow has cracked down on tech companies during its invasion of Ukraine, which it calls a “special operation.”

It’s getting harder and harder to not start Rutin for Putin. He may not be perfect, but the level of assblastery that we’re seeing from our (((Parasite Class))) is beautiful to see. Putin is basically what Conservatives would be if they weren’t complete and utter faggots. Remember, the job of the Lindsay Graham’s of the world is to bullshit you that using state power to crush trillion dollar multinational corporations is bad or something.

Emails also showed that Meta would allow praise of the right-wing Azov battalion, which is normally prohibited, in a change first reported by The Intercept.

If you ever needed more proof that these guys are dupes, there you go. If the (((ADL))) wants you promoted, you aren’t exactly over the target.

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