This has been making the rounds on telegram. To make a very long story short, the Nordic Resistance Movement’s news website got shut down by the European Union. Below is the threatening letter the EU bureaucrats sent them.

This message was found on their telegram.

I ran that through a translation and it says the following.

As all readers can see, Nordfront has recently been shut down. We will contact our lawyer to appeal this tomorrow and in the second place we will see if it is possible to get around the problem technically.

I’ve heard good things about the NRM. I haven’t read much about them myself. My limited understanding is that they are similar to a Golden Dawn style movement, and, being legitimate, are facing Golden Dawn style repression.

I wish them all the best. I don’t really know what I or the readership of this website can do for them concretely.

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  1. is it April Fool’s Day?

    Interpol has time to shut down a website?

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