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The week after releasing a more or less decent critique of the media’s “bulls***” and “jail-gasm” antics with the Mueller report in his The Problem With show, Jon Stewart squandered the goodwill. With the next episode dedicated to “The Problem With White People,” Stewart and radical leftist guests (all of whom were white) engaged in a type of self-flagellation to score virtue points by suggesting all white people were at some level racist, even on the level of the KKK.

Yes, that’s definitely how to describe this beady eyed DEMONrat. He’s White, through and through, and a radical Israel supporting leftist. 

Before bringing on said panel, Stewart showed off a video by Saturday Night Live “comedian” Leslie Jones where she proclaimed “Racism is a spectrum” and asked viewers: “what degree of racist are you?”

According to this “spectrum,” racism ranged from skinheads and the KKK to “Lynyrd Skynyrd fans” and “[t]he ladies who think Meghan McCain got bullied on The View.” “That bitch didn’t get bullied, she ain’t get bullied,” Jones sneered.

She also suggested that even if you didn’t fall into one of her examples that meant you belonged in “the unconscious bias” category, or as she described it, “a catch-all for the rest of y’all.”

God, I’m just so sick and tired of how much these people hate conservatives. Us conservatives are so morally superior to these DEMONrats because we don’t ever fight back on any of this. Not like those nasty Fascist BAD PEOPLE like the Dooginist Worshipping NJP

Look at this disgusting protest they do where they push George Soros’ agenda of dividing and pitting us against one another in the multiracial melting pot of America, where the only colours that matter are Red, White, and Blue. That Liberal guy who ran over the mostly Conservative crowd wanted nothing more than to see us pitted against one another, and we can’t let that happen.

At the top of the panel discussion, La Salle University Professor Chip Gallagher warned that a “significant amount of white people” DON’T judge people by the color of their skin. “But they don’t in any way attach any meaning to the color in affecting life chances. And what that fundamentally means is that race doesn’t matter in getting ahead,” he said.

According to him, the danger was that “[i]t makes white privilege invisible” and it allows white people to think that they actually earned something in their lives. “[I]t also makes whites feel that whatever they did, whatever success they’ve had had nothing to do with 50, 100, 200 years ago,” he said in all seriousness.

The only sense in the discussion came from commentator Andrew Sullivan. “I think it’s possibly the most absurd hyperbole I’ve ever heard,” he scoffed. With Bond throwing a physical hissy fit as he described his experience as an immigrant, Sullivan praised America:

I come from – I’m an immigrant so I have a slightly different view of this. I can tell you, America in 2022 is the most multiracial, multicultural, tolerant, diverse melting pot that has ever existed on planet Earth, and there is no other place on Earth even like it. That’s why 86 percent of our immigrants are non-white. Do you think they want to come to a white supremacist country?

I can’t even do the bit anymore. This is the Kosher-Sandwhich in a nutshell. This is finklethink to a T. 

Anti-White Kike: You see us (((White People))) have all the privilege and we need to be made to suffer.

Brown Golem: Fuck Whitey.

Conservative: No but actually America isn’t that racist and isn’t 86% of our immigrants being non-White wonderful?

Imagine being invested in this utter garbage. Imagine giving a single fuck about electoral politics when these are your options. The purpose of cuckservatives is to make absolutely damn sure, that no matter how unpopular some anti-White policy is, or how unpopular some disgusting pervert policy is, that they are there to suck up all the energy in the room and all of the funding, and make absolutely damn sure that you always lose. To make damn sure that you get nothing. A bunch of losers by design whose sole job is to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. 

Andrew Sullivan

And in any case, (((Jon Leibowitz))) and the rest of the mainstream propaganda is just openly producing anti-White hate propaganda now.

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  1. Is Jon Leibovitz smoking crack in a back alley somewhere, or did he just suddenly age 40 years?

  2. Leibovitz for sure not aging well – looks scared….

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