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Award-winning filmmaker Michelle Latimer’s Indigenous identity under scrutiny.

Pack some popcorn, goy, this gets hilarious.

An acclaimed film director lauded for two high-profile Indigenous productions this year says she’s sorry for not verifying her ties to an Algonquin community after facing questions over the validity of her identity.

Michelle Latimer, who recently directed the CBC television series Trickster and the documentary Inconvenient Indian, has risen to become one of Canada’s most prominent names in Indigenous filmmaking.

However, Latimer’s long-standing claim of Indigenous identity is facing scrutiny after she claimed to be of “Algonquin, Métis and French heritage, from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg (Maniwaki), Que.” in an Aug. 14 National Film Board (NFB) news release.

The claim caught the attention of Kitigan Zibi members who began questioning her family connection to the community, which is located about 120 kilometres north of Ottawa.

While Latimer believes she has a legitimate connection, she now says she made a mistake and should not have claimed that connection before she had the research to back up the link to the Algonquin First Nation.

“I sincerely apologize for naming the community of Kitigan Zibi publicly before I had done all of the necessary work to understand the connection,” said Latimer, in an emailed statement to CBC News. A similar statement was issued publicly on Thursday through Facebook.

Who could possibly have known that this wahmen wasn’t an Abo? With the possible exception of anybody who ever looked at her for one second of course.

And BTW, check out this hilarious thing I found of her on DuckDuckGo.

These people are getting harder and harder to parody with every passing day. As for the rest of the article, I’m going to skip over the unraveling of her lies, since it’s not that interesting.

Ancestral link vs. Indigenous identity

Kim TallBear, an associate professor of Native studies at the University of Alberta, said Indigenous identity claims based on a vague ancestral link are common in Canada and the U.S.

TallBear said some of these claims are not willfully malicious, but based on a misunderstanding that race and Indigenous identity are the same thing.

“There is a difference between race and being a member of Indigenous Peoples,” said TallBear, who is an enrolled member of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate, which is part of the Dakota Nation.

“I don’t think they are willfully lying. They don’t understand what they don’t know.”

TallBear said these types of claims do pose a threat to Indigenous peoples and communities because they undermine the political and territorial underpinnings of Indigenous identity.

“The colonizer wants genetic ancestry alone to stand in for what counts as Indigenous — well that’s to their benefit. It helps disappear us in terms of being living communities that makes demands on resources, that makes demands for treaties to be upheld,” said TallBear.

“If Indigenous people were just nothing more than some genetic ancestor long ago, that would leave them off the hook for the obligations they owe to Indigenous peoples.

Imagine thinking that someone named Kim Tallbear has a right to teach in our Universities, whilst bitching about our imaginary “obligations owed to Indigenous peoples.” Second though, I do agree with her as to how ridiculous it is that someone with 1/32nd whatever ancestry claims to be a part of that tribe. That’s not how societies work. Harvey Weinstein probably has some White ancestry, that doesn’t make him White.

Pictured: Jew wearing WhiteFace.

I for one applaud Kim Tallbear for bringing to light the issue of Jews who have tiny amounts of White Ancestry claiming to be White. As a fellow Jew Person, I feel that us jew people have contributed to the undermining of political and territorial underpinnings of White Identity. For this, on behalf of all Jews, I am deeply sorry.

Kitigan Zibi members have not been the only ones to question Latimer’s claims. Mi’kmaw filmmaker Jeff Barnaby said he began hearing rumours questioning Latimer’s identity over the past summer and began looking into it himself.

Jeff Barnaby

“If she is Native, then she is from somewhere … Anyone who wants to represent a Native community has to hail from a Native community,” said Barnaby.

Barnaby, who recently directed the film Blood Quantum and received acclaim for his film Rhyme for Young Ghouls, said if the evidence shows Latimer is not Indigenous, then it is an indictment on the film industry.

“They cannot seem to tell the difference between authentic representation and some white lady striking poses.

I hate to say this, but he’s kind of right. “Aboriginal Culture,” to the extent it ever was something deep and meaningful, has been reduced to such a cartoon parody that some White Woman waving her arms about gets taken seriously as a true member of whatever random tribe that’s itself filled with people 80% White racially but who want to live off welfare. Some White Woman muttering “hey how are ya hey how are ya” as she bangs some shitty instrument in the Abo version of Chopin or Beethoven is pretty much where Big Chief Ooohaha is in the year 2020.

Hey, I’m not even trying to be mean about it. I’m not saying White People are in a great spot right now either. But this broad waved her arms about and acted kind of retarded and everybody thought she was an Abo despite having blue eyes. If that doesn’t say something, I really don’t know what does.

Barnaby said he raised his concerns about Latimer’s Indigenous identity claims in an email on Aug. 12 to Jesse Wente, board chair of the Canada Council for the Arts and executive director of the Indigenous Screen Office.

Jesse Wente, board chair of Canada Council for the Arts and ED of Indigenous Screen Office

I included this so you would know that there’s something called the Indigenous Screen Office. Also, that the board char of the Canada Council for the Arts is an Abo. Also, that his name is Jesse and he looks as White as me.

Okay, you can tell he’s actually a bit Abo. So it at least kind of works for him.

Over the last decade, Latimer has amassed a large number of awards, grants and fellowships recognizing her work at raising awareness of Indigenous rights and sovereignty.

This year, she won awards from the Toronto International Film Festival and a grant from Fork Films for a documentary on Mi’kmaw activist Annie Mae Aquash who was murdered while a member of the American Indian Movement.

Latimer also recently won Canada’s DOC Institute’s BMO-DOC Vanguard Award which included $40,000 in in-kind production services and a $1,000 cash prize and the Sundance Institute Screenwriting Labs’s Chicken & Egg Breakthrough Award.

She’s pushed the Globo Homo Schlomo Anti-White Narrative, which is why she won those awards. It’s also why nobody actually cared that she’s obviously a White Woman, because she’s just an employee of theirs. Then some Abo named Jeff Barnaby didn’t understand the shot, or just wanted to take her down a peg, so now the CBC and our privileged class have a little egg on their faces.

Remember, they actually want White People to be in these roles, because then they get competence. However bad Latimer’s filmmaking really was, it’s probably better than whatever actual Abos can do, which is why they want her and not them. I mean it’s pretty much true by definition. If there were other Abo filmmakers who were better, they’d already be winning those awards.

And as for the Bank of Montreal giving her awards. Well…

But we’ve finally arrived at the actual best part of this article. The original CBC piece was written by two authors. Jorge Barrera, an immigrant from Spain, and one, I shit you not, Ka’nhehsí:io Deer. Well, that last name sure sound like a real Feather Indian name. So let’s take a look at our picture of, uh, Ka’nhehsi:io.

So the author of a “White Woman secretly pretending to be Abo” propaganda piece looks like this. Maybe she’s wearing eye contacts or something. Let’s take another look at “Kahneshoi” or whatever the fuck her fake name is.

From her personal website:

My name is Jessica Deer and I am a Cinema, Video and Communications student at Dawson College. My life consists of doodling, playing music and watching films. This past year, I became deeply interested in journalism.

If you were wondering about my URL, my Mohawk name is Ka’nhehsi:io, which means “fine silk.”

Jessica “Ka’hnesi:io” Deer

She seems like a lowlife crossed with a nutter. And in fact, she only recently switched from Jessica Deer, to Ka’hneshiio, or whatever, as we find out in this piece.


Call me Ka’nhehsí:io: Why I’m reclaiming my Kanien’kéha name

I was named Ka’nhehsí:io by my Tóta.

My chubby cheeks and soft blond hair reminded my grandmother of a Cabbage Patch Kid. In the mid-1980s, the must-have toy launched a new line of dolls with nylon hair that could be combed rather than the standard yarn hair.

I’ve always preferred to be called Ka’nhehsí:io but for the majority of my journalism career, I’ve used my English name, Jessica. It was easier. No one struggles to spell it or pronounce it and there’s never any bureaucratic hassles when you share a name with thousands of other women born between the late 1980s and early 1990s.

That’s her natural hair colour. She’s literally blonde and blue/green eyed, and she’s calling out OTHER women for pretending to be Abos.

That’s it. We officially have people who are MORE White than me pretending to be Abos. And then they’re getting called out by even Whiter People who are also pretending to be Abos, for pretending to be Abos. This propaganda is so ridiculous that I’m half convinced it exists as some sort of humiliation ritual for the goyim. I could probably write another essay on that, but I mean it’s honestly just weird.

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  1. Writing even retard-tier propanganda is beyond the typical abo skill set. So moronic mercenary white wahmen to the rescue – cause dat dere retarded propaganda won’t write itself…

  2. It’s high time we dismantled the Abo Industrial Complex.

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