Ukraine will become a “‘big Israel’ with its own face,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared on Tuesday, indicating that his country intends to emulate the Israeli security state in the wake of Russia’s invasion.

“Ukraine will definitely not be what we wanted it to be from the beginning. It is impossible. Absolutely liberal, Europeanit will not be like that. It [Ukraine] will definitely come from the strength of every house, every building, every person,” Zelenskyy told members of the Ukrainian media during a briefing.

“We will become a ‘big Israel’ with its own face. We will not be surprised if we have representatives of the Armed Forces or the National Guard in cinemas, supermarkets, and people with weapons. I am confident that the question of security will be the issue number one for the next 10 years. I am sure of it.”

Let’s take a look at those Ukrainian GDP per capita figures again.

I dunno Schlomo. It looks like Ukraine has been precisely what Schlomo Goldberg has wanted it to be for some time now. It is a completely corrupt state that serves as a clearinghouse for international organized crime.

However, such measures would not serve to undercut Ukrainian democracy, he added, declaring that “an authoritarian state is impossible in Ukraine.”

Having members of the military everywhere with assault rifles isn’t “authoritarianism.” Okay Schlomo, if you say so.

“An authoritarian state would lose to Russia. People know what they are fighting for,” he said.

Ukraine looks well on their way to losing to Russia. Ironically, it is because of the gross incompetence of their military planning, to the point where they allowed their fighter planes, among other targets, to get destroyed on day 1 on the war. But I guess maybe if they were “authoritarian,” they’d also be in exactly the same position.

Last December, as Russia was massing troops on the Ukrainian border, Zelenskyy more explicitly compared his nation’s current struggle against Russia to Israel’s decades-long conflict with its Arab neighbors.

“Conflict,” is an interesting way of saying “Israel’s constant aggression.” Last time I checked, Israel was the one invading all those countries, so the comparison doesn’t really make sense, now does it?

In a pre-recorded address at the Kyiv Jewish Forum, an annual conference organized by the Ukrainian Jewish community, Zelenskyy, who is Jewish himself, said that Israel is “often an example for Ukraine” and that “both Ukrainians and Jews value freedom,” working “equally for the future of our states to become to our liking, and not the future which others want for us.”

All of this propaganda exists to give our privileged class an excuse to crack down further on us. The normalization of infantry, armed with assault rifles, in the streets does nothing for Ukraine in the War in the Donbas, but exists purely to plant the seeds in the middle aged catlady’s mind that this is somehow an acceptable course of action.

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  1. My local Catlady was entirely believing all of the propaganda about the horrible raping and pillaging Russians…

    Also… zelensky has got to be the most hateful heeb in the history of heebdom (except for well… all the others that have gotten innocent people killed for their bullshit…)

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