The Giardian:

Robert Rundo, the influential American neo-Nazi and co-founder of the now-defunct Rise Above Movement, was extradited to the USto[sic] face charges in relation to violent clashes with anti-fascist protesters in 2017.

I know I just complained about this in the previous piece, but proofread your damn articles. You’re the WMD Liars, not small time amateurs. The spacebar is free to use.

Rundo was extradited from Romania to the US on Tuesday, after being apprehended in a Bucharest gym in late March on an American warrant.

Rundo was scheduled to appear in federal court in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon alongside Robert Boman and Tyler Laube for their activities in the Rise Above Movement, a white supremacist organization that, according to the indictment, represented itself “publicly … as a combat-ready, militant group of a new nationalist white supremacy and identity movement”.

They are accused of conspiring to violate the anti-riot act for their roles in riots at political rallies across California in 2017. Rundo and Boman are also charged with one count of rioting each.

If convicted, Rundo, Boman and Laube face up to five years in prison. In 2019, the RAM co-founder Benjamin Daley and two other members, Michael Miselis and Thomas Gillen, were convicted on conspiracy to riot counts for attacking counter-protesters in 2018.

There isn’t much for me to say here that I didn’t say when Rob was arrested back in late March. If anything, I’m surprised that it took them this long to extradite him, as I assumed this was a fairly quick process.

They are accused of conspiring to violate the anti-riot act for their roles in riots at political rallies across California in 2017. Rundo and Boman are also charged with one count of rioting each.


For those of you unfamiliar with the case, the charges are bullshit, and something that Rundo already beat a half decade ago. Masked antifas showed up to a Trump rally, started fights with everyone, and then lost the fights that they started in an extremely aesthetically pleasing way. For this Rob must be punished, because Weimerica.

After founding the Rise Above Movement with Ben Daley late that year, he trained in combat sports, harassed immigrants’ rights protesters at rallies, hung slogans from banners off freeway overpasses, and attacked anti-fascist protesters at rallies in Huntington Beach, San Bernardino and Berkeley in 2017.

Rundo fled the US in 2019 after an initial federal indictment under the anti-riot act was thrown out by US district court Judge Cormac Carney. That decision was reversed in March 2021 by a ninth circuit court of appeals panel and the charges against Rundo, Boman and Laube were reinstated

Judge Cormac Carney. Look at him for a minute, and ask yourself whether he was appointed by DEMONrats, or our brave Woke Fighting Republicans.

Federal Judge Cormac Carney

If you guessed “Republicans,” you’d be right. Bush appointed him in 2003, and in 2020, just a year after tyrannizing Rob Rundo, he voluntarily stepped down due to his “racially insensitive statements.”

NBC Los Angeles:

The chief judge of the Central District of California, which includes Los Angeles and neighboring counties, will step down from that post after making racially insensitive comments about the court’s top administrative official, a Black woman, according to a report.

“I have apologized to Ms. Gray, but I have concluded that a simple apology will not put this matter to rest. There will be division in the Court, unnecessary, negative and hurtful publicity, and a diversion from the Court’s essential mission of administering justice if I were to continue serving as the Chief District Judge,” Carney wrote in the email. “I cannot allow the Court to become politicized and embroiled in controversy.”

Oh really, faggot? News to Rob Rundo. 

Don’t think that he said something based, and eventually got pressured into walking it back. 

Above The Law:

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, in describing his acclimation adjusting to his new position on the court, he described working with Kiry Gray, the first Black woman to serve as the court’s executive and clerk of the court:

“Fortunately for me, we have just a fabulous clerk of the court in Kiry Gray. She’s so street-smart and really knows her job,” Carney said.

Folks were understandably upset with the racial connotations of calling this court professional “street-smart” as opposed to any number of terms denoting competence. 

Yes, he resigned over something that trivial and anti-White. Every time I write about judges I am reminded of how much I hate them. 

Unfortunately the Giardian piece doesn’t give us a date for Rundo’s next legal proceedings, but I’ll try to cover it as best as I can when it happens.

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  1. Alas, in this society Runda was born guilty. And now he’s going to go through the punishment known as the legal process. I think I now understand what Shakespeare was getting at when he had his character, Dick the Butcher, say: “The first thing we do is, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

  2. It would be a terrible shame if someone were to organize and direct third world migrants and street people into the neighborhoods and golf courses where these legal class people live and play. Oh wait, some people might find that to be a truly fun and productive hobby. I condemn this suggestion.

    1. Oh gawd that would just be terrible.

  3. According to California law this is double jeopardy. Oh course that doesn’t matter to jews and they will go ahead anyway. Also the full weight of ZOG is being applied to violate Rundo’s civil rights, while Andrew Tate is just allowed to openly scam, pimp, and abuse people in Romania and surprise surprise, nothing happens to him.

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