It’s difficult for me to perfectly summarize what happened, starting on Saturday, October 7th, in occupied Palestine. Modern wars are so absurdly obfuscated with propaganda, especially under ZOG, that I can’t pretend to tell you everything. What is known is that Israel has been occupying Palestine for decades, has turned the Gaza strip into the world’s largest open air prison camp, has regularly murdered the Palestinian Goyim explicitly to steal their land, and builds illegal settlements to perpetuate their racial cleansing. Then, on October 7th, Hamas launched a surprise attack that caught the IDF with it’s collective pants down, in many cases quite literally.

The Giardian:

The Israeli death toll after the surprise attack by the militant group Hamas on communities in the country’s south has risen to at least 700, including 44 soldiers, as the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said Israel was embarking on a “long and difficult war”.

In Gaza, which was pummelled by Israeli airstrikes, officials reported at least 413 deaths.

With thousands of Israelis and Palestinians wounded since Saturday morning, Israel said more than 100 Israeli citizens, including women and children, were believed to have been abducted at gunpoint by Hamas to Gaza.

At least 260 bodies were discovered at the site of a music festival in a desert kibbutz. Many of the Israeli victims were civilians who were murdered in their homes, on the streets of their communities and at other locations along a broad swathe of territory bordering Gaza, leading the US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, to describe the Hamas assault as an “indiscriminate terrorist attack”.

Blinken added that Washington had not seen any evidence that Iran was behind the attack.

This is the same Anthony Blinken who is responsible for one of the funniest fake lampshadocaust survival stories that I’ve ever heard.

Israel has a policy of slow motion genocide of the Palestinian Goyim. They murder them and steal their land, and do this piece by piece. To see whom is the aggressor, one need only look at a map. 

To see whom is the terrorist, one need look only at the victims of their occupation.

When they say “Kill them all,” they really mean it.

Getting back to the maps, you’ll often see things like the area that the Palestinians will control after such and such plan.

This is of course ridiculous. The real plan is for the Palestinians to be wiped out and shipped off to Europe, where the Jews can enjoy them causing problems for White People, as well as having racially cleansed them from land that Schlomo feels entitled to. Every “plan” that they “agree to” is just another hoodwinking of the gullible Goyim. You can’t agree to a plan with a con-man, and you can’t agree to a plan with someone who thinks that you exist to serve them.

Greater Israel is a Goyim-Free zone, except whatever Goy slaves are required to keep Schlomo living comfortably.

Couple that with the total lack of support from the Butthole-Left, and the Palestinian Goyim were left with no other option. I have no idea if their offensive will ultimately be a success. All I know is that it’s better to have an end with horror than a horror without end. 

Also, the videos of them frogmarching IDF soldiers are pure kino.

Several Americans were killed by Hamas attackers, a White House national security council spokesperson confirmed, saying the US would continue to monitor the situation closely.

I would of course like to remind everyone that the IDF just recently murdered an Israeli-Palestinian journalist, investigated itself, and cleared itself of wrongdoing. Then Anthony Blinken cleared them of wrongdoing as well.

Shireen Abu-Aqleh

The idea that (((Weimerica))) cares about murdered Amero-peasants is beyond ridiculous. You’ll see them tactically make an exception here, partly because these are mostly Jews, but mostly because it serves the racial interests of Jews more broadly. Even if the murdered “Americans” were Palestinians, in this case they’ll suddenly care about American citizens again.

RD News Now:

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel intensified its bombardments of the Gaza Strip on Monday after declaring war and vowing to destroy the “military and governing capabilities” of the enclave’s Hamas rulers, as Israeli soldiers fought to dislodge Gaza gunmen from areas of southern Israel.

At least 700 people have reportedly been killed in Israel — a staggering toll on a scale the country has not experienced in decades — and more than 400 have been killed in Gaza. Palestinian militant groups claimed to be holding over 130 captives from the Israeli side.

More than two days after Hamas launched its unprecedented incursion out of Gaza, Israeli forces were still battling with militants holed up in several locations.

As Monday began, the military said it was fighting Hamas in “seven to eight” places in southern Israel.

Military spokesperson Richard Hecht said it was taking longer than expected to repel the incursion because there were still multiple breaches in the border, which Hamas could be using to bring in more fighters and weapons. “We thought this morning we’d be in a better place,” Hecht said.

Meanwhile, Israel hit more than 1,000 targets in Gaza, its military said, including airstrikes that leveled much of the town of Beit Hanoun in the enclave’s northeast corner.

Israeli Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari told reporters Hamas was using the town as a staging ground for attacks. There was no immediate word on casualties, and most of the community’s population of tens of thousands likely fled beforehand.

Because the IDF is known for their casualty-averse behaviour.

I have slowed down the pace of my writing drastically. That’s because there’s often not anything to write about in any given day, and forcing myself to write instead of working on our upcoming game is a waste of my time. This is different, especially since it gives me the opportunity to write about the racial cleansing in East Jerusalem back in May of 2021, something that just barely precedes the creation of this site. 

I currently have numerous family members currently over at my residence and have certain obligations. However, this needs to be covered in great detail, and from many different angles. Stay tuned. 

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  1. There’s no greater tragedy for the jews than to get what they deserve.
    Every time they reap what they sow, it’s “literally anuddah shoah”.

    Well, guess what, dancing Israelis? We still remember….

  2. Definitely tired of the flood of propaganda regarding this event. Glad you will be writing about it.

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