As can be expected, figuring out exactly what’s going on is an outright impossible task. And there’s so much FUD that any responsible writer isn’t going to commit to something, even if it seems very likely true.

For example, above we have an image that circulated yesterday from before the invasion. This is a map of civilian flights, and we can see that nobody is flying into Ukraine. It seemed very plausible to me at the time, and has now been confirmed to be true. Although the invasion happening lessens the importance of the image, since we already know that there’s a war going on.

Speaking of that, here we see a map of all the areas that have some hostile military action. This could be paratroopers, missile strikes, or infantry fighting. 

And here we see a map of the very same thing, put out by the Ukrainian Media. You’ll notice that the maps are similar, but far from identical. It’s hard for me to figure out which one is more accurate, because I just don’t have enough information. 

Although considering that we have evidence of Russian paratroopers already capturing an airport just outside of Kiev, the capitol of Ukraine, I think it’s highly likely that the first map is more accurate.

On the other hand it’s possible that I simply interpreted this map incorrectly, with it not being a representation of areas in conflict, but rather areas that Russia already controls. That would be far more believable, although if anything it probably undersells how well the invasion is going for Russia. Frankly, the invasion is meeting with such little resistance that the map may have been completely accurate when it was made, but hopelessly out of date as of now.

Here we see a map of Ukraine, with the relatively important cities marked. Below we have a somewhat zoomed in map of the conflict areas. Apparently the Russian Seperatists had already overthrown the Ukrainian government before Russia chose to invade. I was following the pre-conflict so sparsely that I didn’t even know that.

Needless to say, the devastation and human cost of this invasion cannot be undersold.

I mean according to the people who don’t give a shit about our borders, Ukraine having a single Russkie foot stepping a toe over the Russia-Ukraine border is a human catastrophe on par with six million Harvey Weinstein lookalikes being hooked up to masturbation machines before being insecticided into lampshades.

Needless to say there were some bold proclamations from the pedo brigade. And not just that the US could “starve out,” a country that is a net food and oil exporter.

The capitalist approved obese pedophile doesn’t appear to be taking it very well.

I’ve done some earlier military analysis of the conflict, which you can read here. Apparently I missed that Ukraine has these enormous stockpiles of javelin missiles that they can use to blow up the Russian tanks. If so, they should probably start using them. Maybe more important was to have the ability to strike at Russian airbases, instead of just letting the Russian destroy any valuable military target in all of Ukraine.

Getting back to my analysis, Russia has already destroyed the Ukrainian Air Power, because they didn’t bother to build a system that could withstand a single airstrike. Once again, I’m not saying that modern militaries are necessarily irrelevant, but you need to figure out a way to deal with the enemy pressing a button and blowing up your fixed airbases that can’t be hidden, or really defended. That would entail building tons of duplicate airbases, similar to the Swedish Bas 90 system. It would also entail lots of planes that can take off from rough fields, so you at least have something to get in the air. 

The Ukrainians had years and years to build up such a system, they just didn’t. As a result their air force is destroyed, and the rest of the war is an afterthought. Russia has already completely won. I don’t push in my chips at the clout casino lightly, so consider that a fact.

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