No really, that’s basically all there is to say.


The Ontario Hockey League (OHL) has indefinitely suspended the general manager and the head coach of the Niagara IceDogs, following an investigation into comments it found violated the league’s policy on harassment, abuse and diversity.

OHL Commissioner David Branch said Wednesday that Joey Burke, who is also the team’s governor, and head coach Billy Burke, both of whom are minority owners of the team that plays in St. Catharines, won’t be able to apply to be reinstated until June 1, 2024.

They, along with the team, have also been fined a total of $150,000, the league said in a media release.

The league says the investigation into their conduct was launched after the OHL received transcripts of a March 6 conversation on WhatsApp.

The league did not provide any detail of what those transcripts contained, but said “it is the position of the league that their conduct is prejudicial to the welfare of the OHL as it violates the leagues’ harassment and abuse/diversity policy.”

The OHL says the conduct also “runs counter to the OHL’s Onside program which emphasizes the importance of demonstrating respect for women through actions and words.”

I’m not editing anything out here, they don’t ever say what they said. Also, “wahmen disrespect?” What the fuck is this shit? Did they say something like “wahmens suck at refereeing?” I’ll bet it was something like that, but I guess we’ll never know, because nobody is saying.

I suppose it’ll simply be one of the mysteries of the universe now. 

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