Two days ago I wrote about Astrid Maria Secreve and her husband’s trial for “mischief.” Well I decided to do some more research into this matter, because it seems to fit very well with the type of activism that I am going to start doing once again. 


Richmond RCMP say two people have been charged after they allegedly made racial slurs toward a staff member at Rocanini Coffee Roasters in Steveston in March.

At about 3:15 p.m. on March 29, police were called to the 3900 block of Moncton Street after the store manager reported an alleged assault. A video posted on social media showed a coffee shop employee, who asked a couple to maintain social distance from other customers, have coffee thrown at her, followed by the slur, “f— you Chinese.

I’m sorry, when did “Chinese,” become a racial slur? I guess when it came out of the mouth of an Uppity White Person, that’s when.

You may remember that the White Boomers had what looked like a napkin or serving clothe thrown at them first. Then, as shown in the still above, Astrid was assaulted by being grabbed. It’s true that she dumped out her coffee on the ground first, but that was only after the servers went over and said something to them first.

In a written release on Thursday, RCMP said Astrid Maria Secreve and Michel Jean-Jacque Berthaume have been charged with mischief. 

And yet, no assault charges were laid.

I think I’ll have to give the Richmond RCMP a little call in just to see what’s up.

“Hate has no place in our community. We are committed to investigating every incident to its fullest and will pursue charges where a potential offence has been committed,” Insp. Michael Cohee stated in the release.

Especially given statements like this. I can’t find a picture of Michael Cohee anywhere online, but I can find this original written statement on the RCMP’s website.


Richmond RCMP investigation, involving alleged racial slurs, results in mischief charges laid against two individuals.

At approximately 3:15 on March 29, 2021 Richmond RCMP responded to a business in the 3900 block of Moncton Street after the store Manager reported an alleged assault involving racial slurs.

Front-line officers responded quickly to the scene where they located and arrested the alleged suspect. Richmond General Investigation Services took conduct of the file.

I will once again remind you that the only video I have seen of this event, which was straight from the CTV article, shows Astrid being assaulted. She’s hit with a napkin, and then grabbed. Also, no one was charged with assault, so it’s incredibly dishonest at best to imply that Astrid and Michel were the ones responsible for this.

The subsequent investigation has resulted in charges of Mischief being laid on June 16, 2021 against:

  • Astrid Maria Secreve
  • Michel Jean-Jacque Berthaume

Our investigators conducted a thorough and extensive investigation and their efforts have resulted in charges being laid against two individuals, says Inspector Michael Cohee, officer-in-charge of Operations Support, Hate has no place in our community. We are committed to investigating every incident to its fullest and will pursue charges where a potential offence has been committed.

If you have been the victim of a hate incident, or have witnessed one, seek help and call police. For emergencies or in progress incidents dial 911. For non-emergency contact Richmond RCMP at 604-278-1212 or the non-emergency line of the police of jurisdiction.

By all accounts it looks like the Richmond RCMP were looking to make an example out of our Boomers here. After all, Inspector Michael Cohee makes sure to state that Uppity White People have no business in Richmond, and then the bottom of their little police report specifically mentions hate crimes. No hate crime charges were laid here, of course, but they’re throwing out those dog whistles. For the record, that’s not boilerplate. Here’s another press release of theirs that you can find on the BC RCMP website.


As part of lock out auto crime month, Richmond RCMP will be visiting various locations throughout the city in the hopes of making more people car smart to help lock out thieves.

We often hear but I was just running in for just a few minutes, says Corporal Adriana O’Malley, Richmond RCMP Media Relations Officer, unfortunately a few seconds is all it takes for your window to be smashed and that bag, laptop or other personal item to be gone.

In 2021, Richmond RCMP received 1652 reports of thefts from auto. To date in 2022, Richmond RCMP have received 408 reports.

We are working hard to prevent these crimes from happening and with the public’s help we could lock out even more thieves, says Corporal Adriana O’Malley, Richmond RCMP Media Relations Officer. Whether it’s a door being left unlocked making it an easy target or a window is smashed to grab whatever tempting item has been left inside, thieves will take whatever they can find.

Ways to help make yourself car smart include:

  • Not leaving any property in your vehicle. Thieves will break in for as little as a few coins. If you absolutely must leave items in your vehicle, secure them in the trunk;
  • Park in secure, well-lit areas. When possible, try to park in areas near pedestrian traffic;
  • Always lock your doors and close your windows, even if you’re only away from your vehicle for a minute;
  • Never leave your keys unguarded including at a restaurant or gym. Don’t store your spare or valet key in your vehicle.

For more tips on ways to make yourself car smart visit the BC RCMP website.

Released by

Cpl. Adriana O’Malley

You’ll notice that at no point in time do they mention hate crimes. The same is true for all the other press releases of theirs that I could find on the first two pages of that site. You can check for yourself here.

So we have video with no sound of the incident. It shows these two customers being harassed, before probably being asked to leave. Then Astrid dumps her coffee on the ground, before she is hit with a serving towel. Then she throws her own serving towel back at the server, and he assaults her by grabbing her arm. 

At no point are any assault charges laid. At no point are any hate crime charges laid. However, the Richmond RCMP makes sure to point out that if you see any White Person getting all uppity in the future, you feel free to anonymously report them for hate crimes.

Released by

Cpl. Adriana O’Malley

Media Relations Officer
Richmond RCMP
11411 No 5 Road, Richmond, BC, V7A 4E8
Office: 604-207-5189
Fax: 604-207-4716


Don’t contact these people of course. That’s not a smart thing to do, and we don’t have the numbers for it anyway. However, I will call into them tomorrow and see if they can explain themselves.

These conversations don’t always have to be nasty, although they can certainly get that way. I also think that Astrid and Michel are not necessarily the most sympathetic victims that we can find. Even still, it’s always worth a call.

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