It’s been months now, but when I started this site I did a retrospective on my time with Hyphen Report, and another piece wrapping the whole thing up. Since then I sort of continued this site as I had been with Hyphen Report, but that’s about to change.

I have done a lot of activism in the past in the form of calling into the police. In all my time writing for Hyphen Report, and now the Daily Rake, I only did this one time, as we see above. 

Above are just two of many call ins to the RCMP that I did last year, shortly before Hyphen Report was created. What I wanted to do was create a political party in Canada, use activism to raise awareness of the party, and channel this energy into electoral victory. Something like if Students for Western Civilization also had their own political party.

Activism and electoral politics go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Without a political party backing you, there’s no point to doing activism. As Warren Balogh says “make them choose between power and legitimacy.” However, if you can’t punish them for this, then they’ll bite the bullet and go mask off, which the CBC and “Human Rights Tribunals,” did to George Hutcheson, pictured above, and he lost his slam dunk legal cases. 

On the other hand, a political party without activism does not give the public much of a reason to vote for them. Contrary to some annoying minority of dipshits in “our” movement, everybody hates politicians, and everybody hates our privileged class, to varying degrees of cogency and articulation. Everybody knows that some random people could do a better job than our elected “representatives,” simply by virtue of not being disgusting parasites. But the purpose of a first past the post electoral system is to force people to vote not for politicians who actually represent them, but who least don’t represent them.

Any random guy off the street would be a better prime minister than Justin Trudeau, Erin O’Toole, Jagmeet Singh, or any other federal politician. But if they ran, they don’t have a chance at winning a seat, which means that a vote for them is a vote wasted. This is why multiple parties here in Canada, including the NDP and Trudeau himself, have cynically run on Proportional Representation and then, after getting into office, simply decided otherwise. 

I was on my way to starting a political party in the fall of 2021, and I had wanted to do this since at least early 2020. Back in 2020 I also had a news site that got some views, something like 2,000 a month. If you’re curious, this site gets between 2-4k per day, and was focused on BC and Canadian politics.

There’s a lot to be said for that focus. My writing has certainly improved, but nothing can replicate cranking out five or six articles a day just on the nuances of electoral politics. It doesn’t really get repetitive if it matters to you, and just like simple slogans need to be repeated over and over, simple political truths, like that x is a worthless shill, need to be repeated in varying ways over and over.

One of the reasons why politics was so interesting from 2015-2018 or so, was because people thought that the Orange Potato was on their side. As a result, there was a reason to care about electoral politics. Yes, we weren’t nearly as censored, but even if we weren’t censored again today, if nobody is running for office, political information is just entertainment. In our fake democracy, if you do not have a vehicle for political representation, it does not matter if 95% of the population supports what you want, you will not get it. 

I haven’t covered the Residential School Gravocaust on this site to nearly the depth that I want, simply because doing that requires a huge time investment. Without a political party, there’s not that much point. It doesn’t make any sense for me to be focusing on anything other than what brings in the most eyeballs.

But I don’t make any money off this site. Maybe I should, and I’ve promised in the past to give people a way to patronize me, and haven’t followed through. In part, that’s because getting money from people brings with it certain obligations. There may be people who generously donate to the site, but want a certain kind of content. But also, I’ve always felt that in order for me to be worthy of getting peoples money, I need to be giving them political success. After all, if you’re just a political bystander, politics is entertainment and there’s better entertainment out there than getting into the nitty gritty of Canadian provincial politics.

But even more than that, the work to political victory is long. We already face massive censorship, state and corporate, and there are plenty of underhanded legal tricks that our privileged class will pull on us. I have no doubt that I am at great risk for assassination, should we start getting political momentum.

And despite our policies objectively being popular, there is no guarantee that we will get enough political momentum due to the inherent and unfair advantage that established political parties enjoy, simply by virtue of being seen as electorally viable in the eyes of the public. 

It’s a gargantuan task, with no guarantee of victory. As for why I should be the one to start a successful political party in Canada, I have only one thing to say. 

Someone has to.

I have some small audience, am well spoken and have the free time, but really, my main qualification is that no one else has. I’ve secretly held out hope that some highly decorated and thoroughly loquacious Afghan War Vet with seven adorable children and the intellect of Nicola Tesla would start a political party by now, but it doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon. It appears that we are the best that we have.

The long term political strategy is to do activism and contest local elections. This will give us exposure, make people want to vote for us, and give us legitimacy through electoral victories. Local elections provide numerous political seats for us to win, many of which are very cheaply contested, if contested at all. Entering enough of them, with an organized party, and we are bound to start winning. These elections are being held this October through November in BC, Manitoba, Ontario, PEI, and the Northwest Territories. There is no reason why we can’t win schoolboards, mayorships, and city councils. 

Additionally, these positions are paying, and have power in and of themselves. I’ve written about Barry Neufeld, pictured above, twice now, and how effective he’s been as a school board member in Chilliwack, BC. What is going on right now with CRT and SOGI curriculum in schools is something few know about, and fewer still support.


A political party is not an abstract concept. It exists to contest elections and win seats. What is needed is not my brilliant insight that normal people don’t like child trannies, what is needed is political organization. Back in 2021 I bought the domain, and turned it into something of a template for what a political party should look like*. It’s not finished, but the point is that we will eventually have to have something like this, but functional and forward facing to the public.

NOTE: Boy is it… a work in progress. I think a website redesign is in order, no doubt.

It’s also interesting to look at the forum and see precisely when Hyphen Report was launched. I couldn’t justify splitting my time between the two, and nowadays the Daily Rake, so I stopped doing any work on the site, and hadn’t even checked it out for five months.

Getting back into doing politics, as opposed to doing daily edutainment stuff, isn’t going to happen all at once. I have to re-orient myself to what’s going on, and I’m going to do that by writing quite a few more articles dedicated to Canadian politics, including provincial politics. Mondays will become Movement Mondays, dedicated entirely to the party, and electoral victory. In the short term I will be writing at least one article solely focused on Canadian politics every other day of the week. Soon that will transition to the vast majority of the content on the site being Canadian Politics, with other content only available when truly relevant. 

There are people who know my face and name, and in fact have even met me in person. I didn’t try to hide my “dox” until I started writing for the Hyphen and while I’m not immediately going back to face and name reveal, that’s coming in the next few weeks. The Dr. Shekelstein moniker, which was already mostly dropped, is going to be left by the wayside, and I will start writing under my real name.

In the medium term, we want to be in a great position to contesting these local elections starting in October. That gives us six months. This is eminently doable. 

Ignore the provincial elections for now.

I remember for years I would read the DailyStormer, way back in the pre-Weinstein days. My main frustration with it was thinking “okay, I’m redpilled Anglin, but what am I supposed to do specifically.” I even messaged the Manlet Cult Leader on Gab, sometime around 2018 or so, I can’t even remember, and asked him specifically what people should be doing. His response was pretty much “get in good shape and make local friends.”

A lot of political content exists by implying that it’s part of a political movement when it’s not. I never wanted to be that, so I’m not going to be. Succeed or fail, we will be doing real politics in Canada, and I will never be telling you to simply passively consoom product. That’s fine if that’s what you want to do, but I will not allow our followers to simply twist in the wind. I will always be giving you some concrete, tangible actions that you can take that will, in the long run, give us some tangible expectations of victory. For now, all I can tell you to do is sign up for telegram and poast, and follow not just this websites account on telegram and poast, but also the NPParty telegram account.

That account currently just re’grams the Daily Rake, but I want a separate account for people who are interested in doing politics, as opposed to people who do are fans of the site, but don’t live in Canada. There is a discussion group linked with that account, and I want as many of you in there as possible.  After that, go over to the (unfinished) NPParty website, and let me know what you think. 

And of course, subscribe to my BitChute and YouTube channels. The YouTube channel is on two strikes already, and I have no illusions about using YouTube as some seriously viable platform, but there’s no reason not to subscribe to our content for now. Strategies for getting our message out are to be discussed in the future.

It’s not exactly a huge time committment to do all of that, and the NPP_Canada telegram account already has about 60 members, almost exactly 1/10th the size of the DailyRake telegram channel. We also get good engagement on Poast, which you should sign up for anyway, since it’s fun.

Finally, I’m currently dealing with some weird HostPapa shakedown, where they keep complaining that my site is using too much data, despite getting around 3k views per day on average. However, I don’t want to pay for any upgrade, since it’s a Canadian domain, and either the government of Canada, or HostPapa may decide to censor this website if we get too popular. If you have any sort of advice for this kind of thing, leave a comment below, and join the aforementioned groups. I will also be writing an article on this one thing specifically later.

Look, it’s a hard mountain to climb, I am aware, but there’s nothing to do but do it. We are the best that we have, and I don’t see any other valid strategy than what we are doing here. As I said, this website is going something like 50% Canadian politics content, including activism work, and the other 50% will basically be as normal, starting effectively immediately. 

I still have to grind through some other things, like finishing up the Fighter PSA series, doing something on Brandon Martinez, and some other odds and ends, but that’ll all be done by the end of the month.

Having said all that, the writing style will remain very similar, and I will always cover international content that is relevant. It will change when it needs to change, but I simply don’t agree with the fake-serious tone of twitter approved politicians. This site will not be a manicured and boring fake-serious political site that tries to emulate focus-grouped shill politicians. It’s the Normal People’s Party, not the ADL approved one. If the tone needs to change, it’ll change when needed, and not before.

Wish us luck, and hail victory.

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  1. Well done! All the best. Please inform your Dear Readers if there is anything we can do to help!

    1. Of course, CandyCane.

  2. I believe it would be good to compartmentalize the daily rake, or any sort of propaganda/activism effort, away from a political party.

    A political party should be completely clean in its branding, if only to most clearly drive home its message and not get people confused about its aims. Activism can then serve the broader goal of the party in all issues, without derailing the key issues the party campaigns on.

    The benefit of this is that normies are really easily turned off by any gruffness in political messaging, however the gruffness is necessary when you are dealing with such issues and to inflame the passions of those receptive, so if you keep these two streams related but separate you can potentially have the best of both worlds.

    1. There is simply no question that this is true. For now I can’t do this, but in the future, I want to either be running the party, or running the media, but not both at the same time.

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