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MAGA Hat Back On: Blormph’s “Diversity Leader,” says that Corporations made Financial Mistake Supporting BLM

WND News Services:

Bruce LeVell, a former diversity leader under the Donald Trump administration, published an op-ed condemning Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and corporations helping to fund the group.

Take that LibUrALs! Blormph has a diversity officer too. But he’s not using the tyranny of low expectations. He be a self-sufficient negro.

LeVell, a black businessman from Georgia who served as an advisor in the Trump administration, wrote the op-ed to urge corporations away from BLMGNF as the nonprofit heavyweight comes under the microscope for alleged financial misconduct. LeVell accused the group of intentionally sowing disharmony and racial tension for profit.

You hear that you fucking DEMONrats? God, I’m just so sick of these WOKE corporations who are MEAN TO ISRAEL. They should just start doing what’s purely in the interest of their bottom line. To us cuckservatives, race doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter, raping small children doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the green of money and the blue of Yidsrael’s shining star.

“Black lives do matter. I say that as a Black man myself, but the concept isn’t really in dispute among ordinary, right-thinking Americans of any race or ethnicity,” LeVell wrote in the Tennessee Star. “The BLMGNF does everything it can to cultivate the opposite impression because it profits off grievance politics – but its narrative couldn’t be further from the truth.”

God I wish I wasn’t censored by these trillion dollar multinationals, or else I’d be promoting this stuff to all of my friends. Finally we have a Black Man to speak the truth. We couldn’t have a White Man say this, because then we wouldn’t be OwnINg ThE LiBS by showing everyone how Dem’s R’ Real Racists.

“Unfortunately, BLMGNF has intimidated the leaders of some of America’s largest corporations into paying fealty to its harmful and deceptive narrative,” LeVell wrote. “Rather than challenging the Marxist provocateurs at BLMGNF, corporate leaders have prostrated themselves and even donated shareholder resources to a cause that is intrinsically opposed to free markets, individual liberties, law and order, and everything else that allows American businesses to thrive.”

Tears of joy stream from my face as I see this stunning and brave Black Man who doesn’t tolerate the racist DEMONrats tryin’ to keep him down. The problem with BLM is not that it’s an anti-White hate group, as some neo-natzee Whyte Supreemacists will tell you. The problem is that it’s Marxist and opposed to free markets. That’s why us conservatives support trillion dollar multinationals engaging in mass censorship. That’s good for American Business. It’s also why we support billionaires offshoring your jobs elsewhere around the world. That’s also good for American Business.

The op-ed also served as a springboard for LeVell to announce his latest venture with Concerned Comminities of America, where he is on the board of directors. CCA aims to push corporations to disavow BLMGNF’s platform.

Yes, finally! Someone is asking these corporations to be nicer. But not to White People. Like when Coca-Cola did their “try to be less White,” training. Not that specifically. Just that BLM doesn’t support free markets. So we’re going to be asking these corporations to maybe consider that more.

“Corporations such as Papa John’s and Coca-Cola want to be on ‘the right side of history’ – but their leaders made a huge miscalculation by throwing their lot in with a radical, anti-American organization,” LeVell wrote. “CCA is offering them a way out – and a way to put themselves and their companies back on the side of their customers and the majority of the American public.”

It took me a few hours to even read that paragraph, because the tears of joy caused me to squint too hard and I couldn’t make out what he was saying. As a result, I got to read it in bits and pieces. This was actually preferable to reading it all in one go, as I spread out the enjoyment over a longer period of time.

Fox News Digital reached out to the Black Lives Matter press team on April 14 inquiring if they had comment on FBI data showing there was a 32% increase in Black murders in 2020 compared to 2019, as well as a comment regarding experts such as the Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald arguing the BLM and defund the police movements contributed to the murder spike, not the coronavirus.

I can’t wait to be one of the tiny number of people in the audience at Blormph’s 2024 presidency run where he can show off his Diversity Leader, and tell us all how much he’s going to do for Black People specifically. Like when he promised $500 B in loans, Whitey need not apply. I really thought that was great and I’m excited to be surrounded by middle aged losers who view politics as sportsball.

Fox News Digital also detailed the yearly numbers of Black murders from 2010 to 2020 within the inquiry but did not receive a response from the organization as of Tuesday morning. 

Wait, Fox News is keeping track of Black Murderers now? Fucking based.

Oh wait, they mean the number of Black People who were murdered. Got it.

So how many White People have been murdered, Fox News? Guess that’s not something these people care about.

But man, should you ever get excited about Blormph 2024.

If Blormph doesn’t get elected again, then who will put money into the pockets of jew billionaires?

Oh right, I guess Biden will do it just fine.

Anyway, you should be very invested in this.

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