I’ve covered Pierre Pollievre before. He’s the career politician who’s bravely taking on the elites. You know, now, all of a sudden. I mean he’s voted cuckservative party line for his entire career, but he’s taking on the elites for sure.

I clicked on Pierre Pollievre’s twatter account a few days ago and was treated to the video below. At the time it happened to be the very first tweet of his underneath his pinned one where he announced his candidacy. As I scrolled down his twatter to find this again, I found pretty much what I expected.

I wonder when Pierre Pollievre is going to meet with some Christians who had their church burned down as a result of the Gravocaust Slander.

Anyway, it took me some more looking to find the original tweet.

So I downloaded that video, and uploaded it to YouTube so I can translate it. here it is.

Shalom and *inaudibleThroatNoisesThatPassForHeebLanguage, happy Passover.

Passover is an occasion to remember when god passed over the Jewish households to protect them from destruction and allow Moses to lead the jewish people out of Egyptian bondage and slavery, and back to the Promised Land. 

A land of freedom. A land of milk and honey. The land we all call Israel.

It is an occasion for families to reunite, to reflect with gratitude on all of the blessings that God has bestowed and to rekindle the spirit of the Passover and the love of the great state of Israel.

Well there you have it. Consoom cuckservative, get excited for new cuckservative.

Remember this guy?

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  1. Incels in the “movement” always blame The Wite Wahman for our existential peril – but it’s really the fault of White males in power, like these 2 pustulant toads.

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