I remember Mister Metokur from quite some years ago now. He was huge on YouTube long before the massive (((censorship))). The guy was very talented, and apparently he still is, because I watched about a solid third of the Metokur vs Fuentes debate that happened yesterday, and it was a KKK-style lynching of the Campus Latino Conservative.

Not that this is particularly hard to do of course. I’ve made fun of the guy before. A few times in fact. And a few times more. It’s safe, easy content when you want to get some easy laughs. And that’s not even all of it.

Let me take a step back for a second. There was this debate set up between Jim, aka Mister Metokur, and Nick Fuentes, aka the Tradhomo Twinkcel Savior of the Brown Race. The backstory was something about the Manlet Cult false DMCA’ing some guy Flamenco’s YouTube video or something like that. Then Metokur was involved somehow. And then a debate was set up.

Look, it’s e-drama. If you actually know what’s going on that’s a mark of shame.

I missed the very beginning of the debate. When I turned it on, Fuentes was going on about how hilarious he was, and claiming that Metokur was being mean to Ethan Ralph. He’s this fat retard, if you’re curious

Hold on, who is that on the right side of the picture?

Is that… coach Red Pill?

Hold on a minute, let me take a look at the picture I have of him with a beard.

It is! It’s him. It’s the weird Indio guy who got caught by the Ukrainian Security Forces (SBU) and then detained for a little while. Or at least, so he claimed.

Come to think of it there were some people who thought he staged the entire thing for d’nations. It’s hard to say. I could go either way on that one.

Anyway, back to the debate. Metokur asked Fuentes to say something funny about Ethan Ralph. Fuentes plastered this smile on his face as he pretended to have fun, bloviated about his amazing wit for a while, and, as the smile met his eyes less and less, he eventually ended by saying something like,

Well you know I really wouldn’t make fun of the guy because he’s my friend, ya know.

Those who know Fuentes know that I’m not exaggerating when I say that he took at least a good minute of these weird half-tangents just to get to that point. Unfortunately, I don’t have any video of the event, that’ll come out later, but there were multiple moments of Pure Fuentes. And by Pure Fuentes, I mean moments that make me wonder how literally anyone in the world tolerates this faggot. I could barely stand watching the debate and Metokur was ripping into him like he was a starving Ethan Ralph with a box of twinkies. Well that and Fuentes kept utterly contradicting himself every two seconds.

This was my view of most of the debate. I think I was on Flamenco’s YouTube stream, whoever that guy is. So I was watching a stream of the debate. Then I hopped on Randbot’s stream, went away, and came back again. By that point Fuentes had brought in a few other manlets for some backup, and it had totally degenerated into nothing worth watching.

I think it was the above two midgets on the call with him, but who cares. I’ll wait for the best clips to come out and write a followup article.

Early reviews are promising.

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  1. >> “admitted he’s on a no fly list”
    >> “admitted the feds seized his bank account”

    these 2 are actually something to be proud of

    1. Almost makes him appear legit

      If it weren’t for everything else.

      Maybe they seized the bank accounts to make sure he didn’t think of stepping outside what his Jew handlers want him doing.

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