I’ve written about Kerry-Lynne Findlay before. She came up because she’s the foremost voice of shilling for Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and all these other US MIC conglomerates. Specifically she had this quote.

“At a time when the world is becoming less safe, it is imperative that Canada contributes its fair share to the NATO alliance, which has safeguarded the peace and security that Canadians have enjoyed for the past 73 years.”

Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay, South Surrey-White Rock.

I found out that she was the MP for South Surrey-White Rock, which makes her my MP. That means that she represents me. That means that she’s working really hard for me, and definitely not international finance capital.

So let’s get to know our glorious conservative rep, starting with her August 2018 video announcing her candidacy for the 2019 election.

I’m Kerry-Lynne Findlay. And I’m running to represent you in parliament.

Finally, we finally have a politicians who represents us. Godspeed Kerry.

I am the candidate who understands the importance of ethics. That’s how we build public confidence and trust.

A candidate of ethics? Finally! Now how exactly does this translate into tangible policy Kerry? I’m really excited for all the ways that might happen. So for example, if we could get someone to really hold the RCMP accountable for not pressing charges against literally a single one of the church burners last year that would be great. And I notice that Trudeau has about a billion financial scandals on his record.

So I’m really excited to see whe-

If you’re a conservative party member, I’m asking again for your support in South Surrey-White Rock in the upcoming nomination. 

Oh, I see. So you’re the candidate of ethics because you claim to be the candidate of ethics. Cool story bro.

We’re going to win. And we’re going to have fun together doing it.

Wow, so excited to see this hip new political party known as the conservatives winning elections. Also, none of these people are censored or anything, because they’re not even controlled opposition, but rather just flat out members of the privileged class. Or at least middle management.

Anyway, Kerry is so proud of her commitment to stealing your taxdollars and giving it to Lockheed Martin that she’s clipped a video of herself talking in front of parliament.

I’m sorry, before I transcribe this, I happened to notice a few interesting things.

This video has three views. Three. It has no likes or dislikes, and comments are turned off.

Uhm, okay. Let’s go ahead and check out her (uncensored) YouTube channel.

Okay, so she basically gets no views. Some of her videos are over a month old and literally have no views. But then she went “viral,” by her standards, and had one that got 143 views.

Apparently she had a second YouTube channel, pictured above, that was abandoned for some reason. It also got no views.

Her current channel has six subscribers.

Look, these people aren’t actually popular. Nobody knows who they are, and nobody gives a fuck. They can only win elections purely because of brand recognition with the existing donor-approved parties. That’s because politics in a first past the post system naturally leads to political oligopolies, which collude with each other to never actually give the people what they want.

Anyway, as far as the video goes…

Mr. Speaker on Monday the minister stated “costing is being further refined on the F-35 purchase.” After seven years and two billion dollars spent on upgrades of old and used fighter jets, the minister knows that there is nothing to refine in terms of price.

As a consortium member you have the right to buy the F-35 for the same price as the US government, during whatever fiscal year you opt into. The government waited another four months when it knew who won.

Because there is money being given to the Liberals behind closed doors, you fucking moron. Look, in case you’re thinking that the Cuckservatives are going to be pressing this point, think again. They’re doing the classic controlled opposition bullshit about how the Liberal Party isn’t doing what the Liberal Party wants to do, in this case buying the B-35, fast enough. They need to do what they want to do harder.

Now it is playing for time, saying the price must be refined. Whyyyyyy?

This is the point of voting CONservative. So that they will do absolutely nothing for you on social issues, while also making sure that every last dollar in your wallet goes to our Corporate-State Complex, and you get nothing in return.

The B-35. The Flying Potato. A plane that can’t cruise, turn, or even truck bombs very well let alone do low altitude recon and attack.

This is what motivates these people. 

Conservatives have one political belief. And that political belief is that they are here to service their big money donors at your expense, and nothing else. Everything else they say is tactics.

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