I’d gone back and forth as to what the purpose of Elon Musk buying twatter was. After all, he’s clearly pissed off some of the right people.

And even got some of them to holocaust their own accounts. Like that of fake negro Shaun King.

And of course, tiny little faggot Jeff Bezos is bloviating about China taking over the public square or something.

I’d even shilled a few accounts on there, including my own, which I would like you to follow. 

It didn’t hurt that Elon Musk has at least some small amount of charisma, and has been actually tweeting some hilarious and kind of based things.

But the jury was still out. Was Daddy Elon truly the Lord and Saviour of the Goyim, or was he Finkling us once again, keeping us all censored while bringing back faggots like Gorland Blormph? Well, today we got our answer.

Yes, it’s even worse than I feared.

We once again see the Duginist shilling of Michael “Shill Dugin or Die Tryin'” Enoch, the man who puts the big in big retard. 

What else has this man who, as our journalists have reported, has already developed a new addiction to twitter, used his e-privileges for? Well let’s take another look at those tweets.

Right. Of course Michael Dugin would be attacking the only people on the internet who are fighting against the Globalist Agenda. His one and only goal is to destroy Republican electoral chances so that the Democrat-Globalist agenda of destroying American and sending our manufacturing base over to China and Russia can be comleted.

As bad as that is, it gets worse.

This is just giving ammunition to the Globalist-Democrats, and the few RINOs in Washington, to enact legislation that will forever destroy free speech online. This is exactly the kind of leftist self-sabotage that brave Benjamin Shapiro, Abby Shapiro, and Abby Shapiro’s titties have been warning us about.

This just goes to show that everyone on twitter is a Duginist-Fed shill. Okay I know I just said that there were tons of people like Glenn Beck on twitter who have bravely stood against UN Agenda 21, but just sort of ignore that for right now, I’m on a roll.

Mike Enoch, orgasming with Duginist pleasure as he gets us all banned from twitter.

I really don’t know what else to say here. It really could not be more obvious what’s going on. I had high hopes for Elon, but at this point the only celebrity worth supporting is Emma Watson.

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