I’m not going to give many details for this one, but I have someone I talk with fairly regularly who is a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces. Recently, I wanted his opinion on numbers advantage for infantry combat, since I was writing a satirical article. Here was my original message to him.

I’m writing a satirical article, where the infantry’s rifles are replaced with “tactically superior” titanium rifles that all shoot depleted uranium or titanium sabot rounds with GPS guidance, and I could use a few quotes from you. So first of all, in infantry combat, what sort of outnumbered situation would be essentially hopeless?
What I mean by that is if there’s 10 of you, and x of the enemy, assuming roughly equal competence, at what point is retreat or surrender the only reasonable course of action? 1.5:1? 2:1? 10:1? I’m asking because I’m using it to illustrate a point.
Secondly, if you were given a lighter rifle that shot rounds that could “carve through body armour like nothing else,” then would this even meaningfully change things? And if so, how outnumbered would you be, assuming equal competence, before it would be an even fight again? 1.1:1? 1.5:1? 2:1?

I was just double checking that I wasn’t way off base when I was going to write in said satirical article that numbers advantage very much does matter. However, even I was surprised at his response.

The NATO, and especially Canadian Forces doctrine is 30:1 advantage or mission / fight is basically a no-go.

The Canadian Military has official doctrine that they need to be outnumbering the enemy forces by 30:1 or they’ll just sit there in their cuck sheds. This is apparently normal for NATO. Shockingly, they didn’t appear to win the war in Afghanistan.

He continued…

It’s not a meme. It literally is this way.
That means 1 whole platoon, for every “possible” enemy fighter.
Obviously special operations doesn’t do it this way all the time, but they have other support that essentially makes it 100:1 …. Mission is more dangerous, but they are given more advantages (nearly limitless budget)

Thirty. To. One. That’s the kind of expected advantage our troops are supposed to be relying on in order to do anything. He went on a bit about the lighter rifle, but got back to this.

Key takeaways though, even when the infantry has a equipment advantage, it doesn’t fight unless 30:1 troop advantage. Unless ambushed

I mean I’m not mad at him, I’m just nonplussed with military leadership. If that’s the way it is, that’s the way it is. I did have to respond to that though.

Also, isn’t that 30:1 advantage kind of… retarded? Like, how exactly could you possibly guarantee that in a real war against a real adversary? I’m just imaging WW3, with nukes having gone off on all sides, utterly collapsed infrastructure, planes and other vehicles being extremely starved of fuel, everybody mostly starving to death.
And then the half starved infantry spying some food storage plant guarded by five guys. But instead of attacking they just starve to death, because they’ve only got 100 guys, so that’s a 20:1 advantage, not a 30:1 advantage.
Am I missing something? Is this not the most asinine shit ever?

To which he responded:

Obviously if desperate they will do something outside of doctrine, but I think they are very tuned in to fighting counter insurgencies with flawless logistical support.

He went on to explain how terrible the Canadian Military would be in any sort of nuclear war, or really any serious war of any kind. But if we left the conversation there, that would actually make some sense. Fighting “counter-insurgencies,” fits well with the “peacekeeper,” type missions the Canadian Military LARPs like it’s good at doing. That also has the secondary benefit of being exactly what you would need to suppress the peasants at home in case of some sort of uppityness, so that all sort of works.

Except that the Canadian Military is basically worthless even when doing that. I’m going to skip around in the conversation a bit, and highlight the most important parts.

After hearing him say this, we talked for a bit about what a joke it is that Canadians spend $22B per year on the military, to get a peacekeeping force. But apparently they aren’t even that.

Me: I think that ZOG views the Canadian Military as being a police force against Canadians if they get too uppity. After all, even a joke of an infantry is still too much for any sort of random militia types. Beyond that, it’s simply yet another way to steal tax dollars, see F-35.

To which he responded.

Not remotely.

Our troops aren’t ready for policing.

The average police officer is 1000x more capable. And better funded. I’m pretty sure Victoria Police Service or their RCMP branch is better funded than their reserve regiments, which if I remember correctly, are almost NES (non-effective strength)

This didn’t make any sense to me at first. After all, the police just have handguns, so even some relatively poor infantry ought to be more effective than the police at doing some violent policing, right? Well not quite.

Him: When I was in, the cops would sometimes drop in to train with us, and they had way better gats. Like their rifles were actually designed to do work. Ours were the outcome of some procurement schemes.

Their rifles?

Me: Since when did the police get rifles anyway?

Him: They have PaTrOL CaRbiNeS….. Almost all of them have a Colt Canada C8, tuned up, in their vehicle.

Above is an image taken from the crackdown on the Trucker Protesters. I assumed that these images were the Canadian Military. After all, they’re wearing camo, and they have rifles.

In reality no, that’s the RCMP. And no, they didn’t need to borrow any equipment from the military, they already own it. 

I will have a lot more to say on the “patrol rifle program,” that was brought in under the conservatives in 2011. That’s the subject of another article. But for now we’ll focus on the Canadian Military.

Him: Last I ckecked, the infantry only had like 6k guys, and of those, at best, half are ready to actually do work.

Our special operations regiment is pretty small, and getting smaller as far as I know. Morale is very low.
Me: Six. Thousand. Infantry. 
You have got to be fucking kidding me.


NOTE: I had to make this part a little bit less specific.

Him: It’s so much worse than that, bro

[REDACTED] Many of [the personnel] haven’t received their primary trades course for…….. 4 years!

Meaning, they have been UNTRAINED PRIVATES for FOUR fucking years.

An untrained Pte. is essentially a glorified ball washer.

Intern tier.

Pic was from an article celebrating homo-pervert shit in the military.

A lot of people join the military due to the promise that they will be getting trained on various things, like mechanics, that have real world value. Except that the Canadian Military hasn’t been training them properly, or even at all. 

Me: I’m almost struggling to understand this level of lethargic incompetence. They don’t even need these guys to be trained to operate the machinery or anything like that?

They just paid them to be there and not really do anything? WTF?

Him: But yeah. It’s collapse levels of incompetency and negligence.

Well the way pay works in the military is funny. you get paid in 4 or 8 hour increments. But check this:
Any work over 8 hours is free. So a 19 hour shift is basically mostly free.

Class C pay is different, but it’s not much better. In combat arms trades, it’s basically real gulag hours

NOTE: I asked him to look over this article, and he said this part about pay needs some work. There are many classes of payment in the Canadian Military, and it’s more complicated than that. 

So they basically have these guys as gulag labourers, at least if they want. But it’s some combination of them abusing these men, and also just being totally wasteful and incompetent and not having anything for them to do.

Don’t forget, this was held by the Canadian Military.

I’ve covered the Canadian Military before, specifically their “Courageous Conversation on White Fragility.” He’s made some comments WRT to the internal anti-White nature of the military before, but this is still quite eye opening. 

Notice all the anechoic tiles that have fallen off the sub. Oh yeah it’s undeniably ready to sink some ships.

The Canadian Military is a complete and utter joke. But it isn’t priced like a joke. It costs around $22B per year. And that’s just what’s officially recorded.

The best estimations for the Russian Military Budget put it somewhere around $60B per year. For $60B, they get a blue water navy with about 60 nuclear subs, the world’s largest stockpile of nuclear warheads, 1,600 jet fighters, well over a hundred thousand trained infantry, over 10,000 tanks and almost 30,000 total armoured vehicles, huge quantities of artillery, attack helis, over 1,000 SU-25 CAS planes. The list goes on.

On the other hand, we get four diesel subs that don’t work and some cruisers as a navy. Then we get no nuclear weapons, 88 jet fighters, 6k poorly trained and outfitted infantry, 20 tanks (yes, you read that correctly), a few artillery pieces, terrible troop transport helis, no attack helis, no CAS planes, no recon planes. The list goes on.

Canada is the worlds fourth largest oil producer, and the worlds second largest Uranium producer. Canada should have one of the world’s most powerful militaries. It was decided against the will of Canadians by the Conservative Party of Diefenbaker that Canada would not be a serious country. And this was best exemplified by the destruction of the Avro Arrow.

But even if they made the conscious decision to have a military that was good at peacekeeping missions, or counter-insurgency stuff, they could actually be extremely good at that for $22B per year. And I don’t just mean extremely good, I mean that they could probably spend 1/10th that amount and actually do it.

Troop transport helis, small cargo planes, and light CAS/Recon planes are all cheap, from the perspective of a military. You can make something like the OV-10 Bronco for well under $10 million without trying. An even smaller plane, preferably with piston engines, will set you back more like $1 million per.

Jeeps to transport infantry around are cheap. Okay maybe not some gold plated piece of trash, but actual serious ones. The trucks are cheap. Everything is cheap. The actual expensive parts of a military are blue water navies and air forces*, which you don’t need at all to do peacekeeping/COIN missions. 

*To be clear, we’re assuming light CAS planes and cargo planes are the property of the Army, like attack helis. They may not be due to bureaucratic legalese demanding fixed wing aircraft be the property of the air force, but I’m using air force as shorthand for the jet fighters, air tankers, AWACS, bombers, and other high altitude and extremely expensive, both to buy and maintain, aircraft.

Keep this in mind when you hear Conservatives whining about “muh NATO dollar commitments”

For $22B per year, you get none of that. You get nothing. Absolutely nothing. They don’t need the military to be effective at doing anything, since they have the RCMP serving as infantry ready to oppress the peasants at a moments notice.

RCMP officer with “patrol rifle.”

The Canadian military is simply a black hole where $22B of your taxdollars goes and then disappears. Oh, I’m sure there are some people who know what becomes of it, but it’s all just grift. The B-35 may be the most obvious example, being a plane that costs $19B, and does precisely nothing, but you don’t get to $22B flushed down the drain without a whole lot of little bullshit grifts stacked on top of each other.

If we imagine that the total cost of a single infantryman is $100k per year, after adding up salary, ammunition costs, total fuel consumed by him through cargo transfers, etcetera, we could get 220,000 of them for $22B per year. Cut that down to 100k and you’ve got $12B per year leftover for everything else. Like maybe actually fixing the subs.

The Canadian Military is a complete and utter joke. It’s not even good for oppressing the population. It’s good for absolutely nothing other than stealing your taxdollars.

Nobody can even explain what the purpose of the military even is. The justification for the B-35 purchase was “to meet our NATO obligations.” In other words, no reason but grift.

But like I said, it’s the RCMP that’s the real Canadian Military, and I’ll be covering that in the next piece.

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