I don’t feel the need to disavow things like the recent Buffalo shooting. Mass shootings have nothing to do with us, or anyone else actually fighting in the political sphere. And, as Eric Striker pointed out on telegram, there is nothing the feds would like you to do more than some politically pointless and evil mass shooting. They literally pay people to push this garbage.

You may remember Atomwaffen from some of my other articles. It’s that totally not fed honeypot organization that the Manlets kept trying to get young White Men to join.

“Atomwaffen are a bunch of good dudes.” – Weev.

People have said that this Buffalo shooter glows from outer space. Maybe, maybe not. The guy was undoubtedly a complete weirdo. Below is his discord server. My understanding is that he had his Discord server private. Then, the day he went to go do his shooting, he invited all his Discord friends into the server, and gave them a link to his Twitch stream where he streamed the murders.

His personal journey is detailed by him in his manifesto.

From [pol], I also found other sites, like worldtruthvideos.website, dailyarchives.org, and dailystormer.cn where through data and exposure to real information I learned the truth.

Ah yes, the truth of the Deadmeme Honeypotter.

Which is apparently that women are nasty whores who will divorce rape you no matter what if you marry them. Oh, but also, don’t even go out and try to have short term relationships with them, because reasons. Instead just be miserable and lonely online, and don’t be afraid to gift the angry little loser some Monero. Praise Jesus and also Catboy Kami.

According to xir, Reddit got too boring for him, so he went over to the Deadmeme Honeypotter instead. I’m not even sure I believe that, especially since my wonderful audience showed me what the guy was looking at on his phone.

Pardon me for making this more explicit, but yes, that’s a sexualized picture of an animal on his phone.

Sort of weird that he left out his Furry Fetish in his Manifesto, which appears to be copy-pasted from Brenton Tarrant anyway. Apologies for the low resolution. It gets auto-downscaled when I put it in here, no matter what I try.

He also appears to be an extreme psychopath. The image I’m going to post next is extremely graphic, as is my transcription of it. It appears to be a post someone found of him carrying out a violent act towards an animal. I highly recommend simply skipping down past this image, and even past the transcribed text.

When I came home at ~10:30 I was eating pizza bites when I hard[sic] my cat Paige scream from the garage. I quickly enter[sic] and the gray cat was attacking her. I then spent the next hour and a half chasing the cat around the garage and stabbing it with my knife (the camo one). It bled from the mouth at about 11:00 and at about 11:45 I was able to grab the cats tail and wind up and smack the cats head on the concrete ground. I did that a few times and when it went limp I grabber[sic] a hatchet and swung at its neck ~20 times until it came off. I called my mom and she gave me a box and I dug a shallow grave in the backyard.

I don’t have an appropriate react image for this, but Sam Hyde will have to do.

That is beyond disgusting. I’m not some bleeding heart vegan, but this sick fuck clearly enjoyed causing pain to this poor animal. If the cat got in the garage, he could have chased it out of the garage. Most likely he shut the garage door, before chasing this terrified and desperate animal around for almost two hours, stabbing it whenever he was able. And I won’t go into the rest.

These are not the actions of a politically serious activist. These are the actions of a psychopath. I would be surprised if he didn’t have a fed handler encouraging him to go ahead with this.

But anyway, it doesn’t matter to us politically. This has nothing to do with us. And remember, we’re fighting against the people who covered up Darrell Brooks‘ intentional terrorist attack in Waukesha. If they ever bring this up, bring that up instead. 

I suspect that this will be the last I talk about this.

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  1. That’s it. I’m gonna put that animal abusing furry faggot’s head on a spike.

  2. It’s easy to not be some sort of weird sperg out there calling people like this, Brevik and Tarrant “heros”.
    If they did something that you’d have a hard time justifying to your mother then they’re not heros.

    torturing kittens?
    nope, doesn’t qualify.
    Shooting up black grannies?
    Shooting up kids of bureaucrats?
    again, nope.
    Shooting up a mosque full of innocent people?

    Looks like we’re batting a thousand here!

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