Now that it’s been made more than clear that Nicholas Juan Fuentes’ Catboi Cult kept track of everyone’s private information for years, presumably giving this info to fed informant Milo, I want to take another look at AtomWaffen. After all, that was the original fed honeypot promoted by these manlets. You may recognize them from these images that I often put in my pieces on the Manlet Cult.

Above we see Weev openly promoting a fed honeypot. And below is the article detailing arrests of poor men caught up in this honeypot.

Needless to say it was not all that difficult to see that they weren’t something you should be getting involved with.

You may also recognize the below image, that I’ve started putting in my articles. Note the date of that article.

I’ll get to that piece in a second. But first, let’s just make it clear that this group was run by a long time federal informant.

American Renaissance:

A court filing in the case of a high-profile Neo-nazi group member has ousted Joshua Caleb Sutter as a longtime informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sutter, the publisher of Martinet Press, is allegedly an Atomwaffen member and key figure in the satanic group known as the O9A Tempel ov Blood, according to investigative reporter Ali Winston.

And here’s another piece.

Renegade Tribune:

FBI informant Joshua Caleb Sutter was “paid handsomely” by the feds to lead the “neo-nazi terrorist group” known as Atomwaffen Division, according to newly released court documents.

Atomwaffen Division under Sutter’s leadership became a Satanic death cult that targeted troubled youth for radicalization so the feds could set them up to advance their false narrative that “white extremists” are America’s greatest terror threat.

You can follow those links and look through the court documents yourself. The man was a paid informant since 2003.

Not like it was all that hard to figure out this group was up to no good. Here’s a taste of just some of their propaganda posters.

Okay, so we have clear threats of violence coupled with a cringey anti-White message. Basically Hollywood Neon-Natzee shit. This is what Weev and Andrew Anglin are big fans of.

More cringey and explicitly violent garbage.

“Vote from the rooftops.” That’s definitely the message of a serious political organization that wants to do real political advocacy. Remember kids, don’t ever do terrorism, but always make sure to talk about it publicly, so you can’t possibly get any benefit, but face all the downsides.

You think I’m done? I’m only getting started.

Remember, while this was a fed honeypot, they never actually did any terrorism. The point was not to do terrorism, the point was to entrap young White Men. That’s also why they never so much as left the guns at home and defended anything from antifa either. The Anglin promoted group was just about getting scalps for the feds.

Although they did make sure to impotently threaten antifas. Yes, this is great stuff. This is how we win. Make impotent threats that will justify the feds calling us a domestic terrorism organization.

Yes, this is great stuff. What reason would you need a sniper for? Why, terrorism of course. God, I can’t believe that this organization was run by the feds right from the very get go, they seem so normal and politically authentic.

“Atomwaffen are a bunch of good dudes.” – Weev.

At least that’s what tiny little mutants who get mysteriously released from prison by the feds would like you to believe. You know, those tiny little freaks who have a history of being an “anti-semite hunter,” trying to “make anti-semites look stupid.” Oh and also, are friends with literal antifas at Vice. Yeah, those are definitely people who have the best interest of “The Aryan Race,” or whatever at heart.

Oh and once again, here’s another article where “optics king,” Andrew Auernheimer professes his love of terrorism.


“Correct, correct, yes,” he goes on, reddening in the face as he rails against the government. “What they do to us must be done asymmetrically to them. For every child they kill, there must be a thousand dead federal children. That should be the rule.”

Wow. Uh, uh, b-based. What an optical little manlet. Boy this tiny little loser really has the authority to go around calling us cringe lanklets. You should totally listen to him you stupid goyim my fellow White People.

Oh and the article starts off like this.

It’s not that surprising when Andrew “weev” Auernheimer offers me coke shortly after we first meet.

“No, you cringe wignat. Your optics are terrible. Unlike me, the hideous e-midget with the swastika tattoo who wants you to vote Republican.”

Carrying around illegal narcotics and making sure everyone knows about it? Fantastic! That’s definitely what a serious political actor does. That’s the kind of person who won’t be making plea deals with the feds and informing on everyone constantly.

As one of the Net’s most notorious trolls, the scruffily elfin 28-year-old is known for his provocations. He’s the former president of the Gay Nigger Association of America (GNAA), a group of online pranksters who lived up to their offensive name. In YouTube “sermons,” as he calls them, weev guzzles from a large bottle of mescaline tea and waves his gun as he rants against Jews. “We’ve got a whole fucking Internet to cover with dongs and swastikas,” he writes, “and we’ve got a whole world to fill with monuments to martyrs that the government dares call ‘terrorists.’ Let the ruin begin.”

Wow, lead me into battle tiny man! You’re the true saviour the HuWhyte Race has been waiting for!

Weev’s been called an “attention whore,” a “paranoid, anti-Semitic, pro-genocide misanthrope,” and likened to a hobbit.

B-b-b-based. O-o-o-optical.

But what is surprising is that he’s offering me a bump while we’re in the Brooklyn office of his lawyer, who has just left us sitting alone.

Wow, he commits crimes for no valid political reason out in the open. What a little chadicus he is!

Dressed in a green hoodie over a red T-shirt, with a shaggy red beard, scraggly long hair, and tortoise-shell glasses, weev huffs a line as classical music flows from his laptop. He exhales pleasurably, cleaning up just before a legal assistant comes in. “We’re working on your passport,” she tells him.

“Awesome!” he replies. “I got a jet waiting!”

Do you now? This is starting to sound like that one time he pretended that his tiny little dick was banging hundreds of supermodels because he knows some French Poetry. I’m trying to write a serious piece on this guy, but I can’t, because he’s too ridiculous.

Faced with the CFAA charges, Spitler copped a plea, but weev insisted upon going to trial in his own weevy way — reciting John Keats’ The Fall of Hyperion: A Dream to reporters and fans, and live-tweeting from the proceedings.

The more I write about this ridiculous little e-hobbit, the more baffled I get. It’s different from the usual retardation. It’s more that he overcompensates for being a social reject by living in a fantasy world made for Andrew. 

But while weev saw himself as a martyr, not everyone was a fan. “You consider yourself a hero of sorts,” federal judge Susan Wigenton admonished weev last March, as a crowd of weev’s fiery (h)acolytes watched. “Without question, the evidence that came out at trial reflected criminal conduct,” she went on. “You’ve shown no contrition whatsoever.” Weev was found guilty of one count of identity fraud and one count of conspiracy to access a computer without authorization, and sentenced to 41 months in prison. He was also ordered to pay $73,167 in restitution to AT&T.

So, here’s where this guy, who looks like he’s photoshopped in every picture that he’s in BTW, goes to prison. And yet, the feds appear to, out of nowhere, have a change of heart.

And yet when I meet him in April, weev has reason to celebrate. Two weeks earlier, he was suddenly released from prison after a federal appeals court overturned his conviction.

Wonder how that happened. And oh, btw, Andrew Anglin has explicitly stated that the feds can keep whomever they want in jail for whatever reason they want. Don’t take my word for it.

Manlet Quarterly:

If the state decides that they want to throw you in prison, there is nothing you can do about it. You can mount a defense, but they can simply decide they don’t like you, and there is nothing you can do about it. The government has men with guns who will simply kill you if you resist.

Cool story bro.

Contradictory Beliefs of the Manlet Cult Update Time.

  1. Andrew Auernheimer getting let out of jail on a technicality is totally fine. What’s wrong with that? This is America, there’s the rule of law. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous the technicality is, the government has absolutely no power to step outside the bounds of the law, and they have to let you go.
  2. The government has the power to throw you in jail for anything. Laws are completely and utterly irrelevant. All that matters is that the government not like you.

As is always the case, not only are these beliefs contradictory, they are individually retarded. Weev getting out of prison on a technicality is suspicious at the very least, and courts absolutely do bend the rules for political reasons. However, the idea that the government is all powerful, and doesn’t have to obey any laws is obvious demoralization propaganda aimed at young men to stop getting them to fight the system.

It also doesn’t explain why Faggot Fuentes isn’t in prison, let alone Baked Alaska. 

I’m sure that there are other people in that room, maybe even in that picture, who are currently rotting in prison. And Baked Alaska even admitted that the feds called him on Jan 5th and told him not to come to the capitol. 

At this point I barely even care why Weev promotes fed honeypots, the fact is that he does. He promotes a fed run anti-White organization, Atomwaffen, that exists solely to entrap young White Men who are angry at the system.

Global News:

A 19-year-old Windsor, Ont., man has been charged with terrorism after he allegedly enlisted to join the far-right Atomwaffen Division.

Seth Bertrand faces a charge of participating in the activity of a terrorist group, the RCMP said in a news release Friday.

Police alleged he filled out an online application to join Atomwaffen, and “offered his skills and commitment” to the terror group.

No, he offered his “skills and commitment,” to a fed honeypot.

The terrorism charge stemmed from Bertrand’s arrest last year for allegedly vandalizing a transgender support centre in Windsor.

According to Ontario court records, Bertrand was charged with allegedly damaging the front window of the We Transgender and Support Centre in February, 2021.

He was also charged with inciting hatred against the LGBTQ community, as well as other alleged acts of mischief and possession of a prohibited weapon, namely a knife.

That article is poorly written, but by the sounds of things he allegedly vandalized some tranny “support centre.” But it’s not sure if they would have caught him for that, or if they caught him for signing up to Atomwaffen. So either he signs up, and they encourage him into this trap, or he did that independently, and they got him to confess to that.

“Atomwaffen are a bunch of good dudes.” – Weev

If you’re wondering why I’m not quoting from that article directly it’s because the Deadmeme Honeypotter doesn’t have a search function. This website does. Most websites do. I personally would love it if you looked at my or anyone else’s older content. But Andrew Anglin would very much not like it if you went back and looked at all the stuff he’s said in the past. That would be a bad look for him.

Back when I read the DS, I never once saw Anglin or Weev publicly acknowledged that they willingly promoted a fed honeypot. They never even did the whole “sorry, we didn’t know any better,” routine. That trash site became unreadable after Weinsteingate anyway, but I highly doubt that Anglin has ever apologized for leading White Men into the jaws of the feds. I’d be surprised if he’s even acknowledged it.

Nor has he ever acknowledged, to my knowledge, that Milo Yiannopolous bragged about recording the private conversations of pro-White activists for years and then giving that info to the feds. Oh and also (((Roberta Kaplan))). But it’s okay, it was for a good cause.

If it sounds like I’m repeating myself, good. It needs to be repeated. As the Manlet Cult implodes, dancing on the grave must be done heartily and with much gusto. Quick, take a look at the below picture.

Above is what men who have never promoted a single fed honeypot look like.

And this is what the dweebs who wanted you to get sent to prison for joining Atomwaffen, and who want fed informant Milo to have your personal information look like.

Know the difference, it could save your life.

No literally, it actually could save your life.

And I didn’t even count Nick Fuentes’ Catboi Cult as a fed honeypot even though he has apparently bragged about giving peoples info to the feds.

“No, no, goy, put this poster up. It’s for the White Race.”

I could really be given any excuse to dunk on the Manlet Cult, but that fag Simon Dickerman explicitly praised Andrew Anglin as leading young men away from the “fed honeypots of the alt-right.” And it’s like, no, he literally did the opposite, you moron, and he promoted Catboi Fuentes, who you yourself are alleging has threatened to go to the feds with people’s information. Anglin slanders TRS as a fed honeypot, while promoting actual fed honeypots.

Simon, please, this is harsh but I say it with love. You are too stupid to remain in politics.

I’ve been out of commission on finishing the Weev/Anglin story. It gets harder and harder, since I haven’t read that e-fags site in years now, except doing research. But we’re getting to the Dylan Roof fiasco, which will be followed up by these two e-midgets handling of the Tanya Gersh case. 

Keep in mind when you see him e-begging, that this faggot stole $150k from his followers for his “legal battle,” against Tanya Gersh. He NOPEd out of that, but he made sure to keep the money.

Who knows, maybe he shared it with his (((friend))). We’ll get there soon.

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  1. I have had basically zero direct interaction with the manlet cult (why would I? I’m 6 feet tall), but even I was taken aback when Simon Dickman spoke positively about Anglin. The TRS guys did a great job of elucidating why this was complete bullshit, and that Simon is a painfully poor judge of character. At first glance you want to chalk it up to the naivete of youth, but then you realize he praised Anglin *after* he outlined all the scummy bullshit that the catbois have done. Any person with a non-nigger IQ would look back at their mistakes and realize “wow, I’m a fucking idiot. I need improve myself so I don’t fuck up like that again.” And my impression is that a lot of the cultists are too narcissistic for that kind of introspection/personal development (case in point – Jaden apologizing for actually getting pussy).

    These guys aren’t just manlets, they’re also brainlets.

    1. It’s almost beyond belief that someone could see what Anglin was promoting, and still think he’s a good guy. Especially if you’re right there in the thick of it.

  2. Please don’t insult Hobbits with the comparison to these odious manlets. Hobbits, recall, are the Good Guys.

  3. Simon, if you’re reading this, stop falling for these idiots. You have the worst instincts I have ever seen.

  4. […] recording White Activists private conversations for no reason, just like you could pretend that fed honeypot Atomwaffen were “a bunch of good dudes,” like weev did after two of them were murdered. In reality, the […]

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