About two weeks ago I wrote my review of the Media2Rise documentary on Waukesha, Terror in Waukesha. I thought it was great, although I did notice that there were some things that the TRS guys talked about, that didn’t seem to make it into the doc. Well, they just released the deleted scenes yesterday, and here it is.

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The deleted scenes start with an interview with this unnamed Waukesha resident.

Lucca Corgiat: So I’m here with a local resident here in Waukesha.

* Turns to guy

So you came over here to see what’s going on. What are your initial thoughts?

Resident: My initial thoughts are, looking at their signs I would definitely agree with some of their messaging that BLM is a terrorist organization. I fully believe that. I fully believe that that if there is proven beyond a doubt that there was a hate crime involved that they should be charged with a hate crime as well. *inaudible.

Lucca Corgiat: These guys think that race was a big part of the attack. The mainstream is not reporting on it.

Resident: Based on just my observations of what I’ve seen with this persons social media posts and his rap lyrics that uh, yes I believe that there was definitely

*inaudible as a motorcycle goes by.

-given his track record that’s a very good possibility.

There’s another great interview with Trey Garrison, also of Media2Rise/NJP. The guy he’s interviewing is, just like the first guy, pretty much our guy. I don’t mean our guy as in “1488 Heil Hitler Borthers.” I mean our guy as a normal non-faggot who speaks it like it is.

Trey Garrison: Yeah he posted a lot of things about “knocking out old White People,” and “going after the crackers and that sort of thing. So it almost seems like a double standard in some ways that –

Resident: Oh most definitely. You see a lot of that today. Unfortunately with black lives matters and that.

Trey Garrison is an excellent interviewee, even better than Lucca Corgiat. He manages to come across as normal, while also getting to the point. This interview is quite a bit longer, and I really think the doc missed something by not including this. It’s extremely good to see how receptive to our messaging actual normal people are.

After a brief scenic tour of the Black’s smoking crack under the BLM mural in Milwaukee, they show up to their planned meeting with County Supervisor Peter M. Wolff.

And despite having this meeting set up well in advance, they get greeted by this guy.

Bureaucrat: I just got off the phone with them. He said he sent you an email. Something came up. He said he’ll try to get back to you later in the week. He’ll do some rescheduling.

As someone who has done numerous call ins to the police, the last of which was about the antifa terrorist attack in Winnipeg, I have to say that there really is no point in debating these people. Getting them on camera weaseling around is pretty much all you can do.

They do interview a local resident who has the typical cuckservative response. It’s not quite politician level bad, but he does say “I don’t think it’s a race thing,” as one example. Even still, he’s more “normal person who is cucky,” than Senator Ron Johnson.

This guy was somewhere in between the first two residents, who were basically our guys, and the previous one. He is open to the possibility that this was a racially motivated attack, even seeming to almost agree with that, but then whines about how he doesn’t want a race protest in Waukesha.

Trey and Lucca step to the side for a minute, and we see a bit of their conversation that I’m highlighting below.

Lucca Corgiat: These people [like Brooks] are created. They keep referring to Brooks as this “deranged criminal,” but there’s more to it. These people are created by the system to do this, and nothing’s being done.

In one sense, I don’t necessarily blame average people for this behaviour, at least not entirely. People are entitled to advocacy, not sticking their necks out just ’cause. It’s our job to show Brooks for what he was, as I think we have done thus far.

After seeing the bus here, recommending that the peasants report hate crimes, Lucca Corgiat decides to do exactly that. 

He calls up that number and gets on the line with an FBI agent, or secretary of some sort.

FBI: Okay, and what’s the federal violation you’re calling about today?

Lucca Corgiat: I wanted to report Darrell Brooks. He recently committed a hate crime in Waukesha, Wisconcin.

FBI: Okay, can you spell Darrell?

We skip ahead a little bit.

Lucca Corgiat: In Waukesha, Wisconsin, he drove through a Christmas Parade targeting White People. It’s clearly a hate crime. I have some, you know some Facebook posts. Some social media posts of his. Citing his – 

FBI: How did you become aware of this information? Did you hear about this in the news?

Lucca Corgiat: No, I’m on scene right now.

Starts reading out Darrell Brooks quotes. Specifically this one in particular.

The secretary tells him that she has some document for him that he can fill out. Again, typical bureaucrat gang. They have all these ways of making you waste your time. And then she hangs up on him. This is also very common for law enforcement, as you’ll see in some of my upcoming videos.

Lucca Corgiat: We stumbled across the county courthouse here, and found that they were flying the Black Lives Matter flag, and also the Pan-African flag. Also known as the Black Liberation Flag.

A great find by these guys. The very same people who gave Darrell Brooks a $1,000 bail, and then “lost” the record of this, are flying the “Black Liberation Flag,” on county hall.

Overall, my only real complaint with this is that I don’t understand how some of these scenes didn’t make it into the Documentary itself. Then again, sometimes it’s hard to find the right flow to tell the story you want to tell, so they decided to release this later. 

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  1. I’m sure they always wanted to include these scenes in the original documentary, but there were probably legal concerns that took time to resolve and they didn’t want to keep the entire project in limbo.

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