He’s been defending Little Juan Fuentes.

I mean. I’m sort of at a loss for words here dicky. Credit to D’Marcus Leibowitz for this video that sums up the Richard Spencer Experience in just 15 seconds.

I hadn’t even heard of this queer since he melted down and literally cried when Elle Reeve interviewed him on Vice. 

I wrote a hilarious article on this interview at the time. Sadly, I got kind of catty towards Hunter Wallace, who I do like, so we decided we had to make it private. But the cliff notes are that Spencer is Big Fag.

Which I don’t think will be a surprise to anyone.

Richard Spencer is such a fag that he still has a twatter account in the year 2022. He doesn’t get many likes, because nobody actually gives a fuck about him, but he has one. So I guess in the end, he’s the real Optics King after all.

Although imagine Spencer doing anything productive with his time…

I thought he was nothing more than his twatter, but apparently he has a substack. 

It doesn’t seem all that popular, but at least this lazy goy manages the Herculean task of updating it about once per day on average. Richard Spencer wasn’t just blessed with incurable narcissism, but was also gifted with immense sloth. So it’s nice to see that he’s actually doing a tiny amount of real work.

I mean sure, he didn’t produce anything from April 28th to May 5th, but most days he manages to crank out something not worth reading. And, judging by the lack of likes and comments, not read. Even still, I’d like to tell you how proud I am of you Richard. You’re pushing forty, but you’ve finally got the work ethic of a thirteen year old whose parents force them to do some household chores.

Let’s take a look at that post he does on Juan Fuentes, shall we?

Forty minutes, no text. As if I’m going to waste my time listening to this queer bloviate for that long. I mean I did try, but he takes absolutely forever to say anything at all. Was he always this bad? 

Probably. I’m remembering now why I always thought Spencer was a faggot. And the reason is that he’s a faggot. More specifically, he just sucks to listen to. I mean, I’m not really sure how else to put this. The guy flat out sucks to listen to. He’s terrible. It’s this weird combination of pseudo-intellectualism coupled with this very odd cadence, where he haltingly emphasizes every word of the sentence for no particular reason. It’s kind of hard to explain, so see for yourself.

Instead I’ll just pick up the most interesting bit, which is Spencer saying that little Nicky is probably not gay. Instead, according to Spencer, he’s just had his brain turned to mush by hardcore pornography and never meeting any women in real life.

It’s like Spencer is on this neverending quest to be wrong about absolutely everything at all times. How is this possible? How can someone look at Juan Fuentes and not think that he’s a closeted homo?

These are the shows he watches.

And he doesn’t watch them for show content, because he never critiques them. This is what Fuentes watches for pleasure on his own time.

You’ll have to tell me how gay that was because I couldn’t watch it. Poorly written homosexual degeneracy isn’t my idea of a good time. But then again, I’m not the devout Catholic, so what do I know?

There’s really not that much else to say about Dicky Spencer. He’s tedious, narcissistic, lazy, and entirely uninteresting. He also has some sort of psychological issue that forces him to always have a novelty take, no matter how retarded. Simply believing what everyone else believes wouldn’t allow him to feel more intelligent than he really is, so here is he defending Nicky Fuentes’ imaginary heterosexuality.

I think I’ll have to rewrite that old article of mine to be nicer to Hunter Wallace, and then republish it. Spencer deserves at least one serious felting before I never think about him again. 

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