For the backstory to all of this, go here. Carey and I had spoken over the phone, and he made it quite clear that he expected me to be getting kicked out of the meeting. Or at least, that was a realistic possibility. Well, that happened, except before the actual meeting.

I show up thirty minutes early for the hearing.As a sidenote, while paying for parking I see the lump of soy that is Morgan Camley trotting up the steps. I didn’t take a picture, but oh my goodness. She is even more horrifying in motion.

The pictures do not do her justice. She looks like one of those people where they’re fat, but beyond being fat, they’re… shapes. It’s hard to explain. It’s like their bodies aren’t normal obese. They’re obese, but in a special, grosser way. Reminds me of someone.

Except she’s honest to god fatter. And it’s like it’s mostly in her legs. So weird. Maybe she’s gotten liposuction, and then she got fat again.

Anyway, I saw Carey Linde out on the front steps, and we walked into the building together. Except that, as we got closer he turns to me and says, “so, do you have your care card?”

At this point I was a bit confused, since I didn’t know why he was asking. I told him no. So he said that it should be fine as long as I had proof of vaccination on me.

Well that’s going to be somewhat difficult, now isn’t it?

Anyway, we go inside, and they ask me for my Care Card. I’m not sure there’s an American equivalent, but you need that for medical care. I root around for a while looking for it before ultimately I realize that I don’t have it. Well, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, since they would have just seen that I have yet to take Big Pharma’s Most Profitable Product Of All Time yet. 

To be clear, I was allowed into the lobby, just not any other room. This makes absolutely no scientific sense whatsoever.

So that was pretty much that. I have no idea if they’re allowed to enforce those rules, but I’m surrounded by lawyers, so I didn’t think complaining about it was going to do anything. Carey Linde the actual lawyer didn’t think so either, so that’s pretty much the end of it.

I was a bit miffed that I had driven an hour each way just to find out that I wouldn’t even be allowed into the building to be kicked out. I mean, I was anticipating getting kicked out by them, we both were, but the point was for it to be about them hiding what they’re doing to Linde, with nothing to do with vax stuff.

It is what it is. And it wasn’t a completely wasted trip. For example, remember that image displayed on the TV in the LSBC lobby. This one right here.

Guess what it alternates to every 10 seconds.

This is what the LSBC is. A bunch of catladies on a power trip.

I was going to be moving to Kelowna anyway. Not being able to take notes for Linde is unfortunate, mainly for him, but it was delaying the inevitable. I’ll be watching this from afar, and probably writing another article at the conclusion, as opposed to the series I was planning.

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