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Freshii is coming under fire for outsourcing virtual cashier jobs to Nicaraguans paying $3.75 per hour.

Look, this might seem bad. But how else are the owners of these corporations going to make enough profits to donate to BLM and Trannies for Ukraine?

“On the other hand, I’m sure the companies would argue that these are jobs that we were unable to fill in Ontario, and therefore it’s just a function of the labour market.”

He said similar tactics are already being used by other companies in Canada and the U.S., including American restaurant chain Jack in the Box, which outsources people overseas to receive its take-out orders.

Always keep this kind of thing in mind when you read about a supposed “worker shortage.” There’s no worker shortage. What they mean is that there’s a shortage of people who are willing to work for $3.75. So it’s a $3.75/hr worker shortage.

As for whether the move is legal, Pinkus says it is and likened it to how out-of-country call centres field customer support questions for companies based in Canada.

But he says the move does appear to skirt provincial standards.

“If companies can get out of [provincial employment standards] by simply saying, ‘we’re going to go to a country where the wage is less’ and that takes away work from people here, then that could pose an ethical issue,” Pinkus said.

There is no capitalism without globalism. The two are interchangeable. If you ever hear some antifa-fag bloviating about “workers of the world unite,” just understand that you’re hearing some retard nonsense that you don’t ever need to take seriously.

Here’s Freshii CEO Matthew Corrin explaining is utterly vapid 5 principles for success.

It’s getting harder and harder for me to see why we don’t just kill these people. I guess we can cuck out and put them in de-radicalization forced labour camps and settle on that.

Actually hold on a second, because there’s something I just noticed now, that’s really funny. Here’s one video of this fag.

That same [first month in the industry] a kitchen manager of mine cut most of his thumb off. The other kitchen manager actually fainted from the sight of blood, and both were rushed to hospital on stretchers at 6:30 in the morning. And this is an important day and one I think about often and reference often.

Okay, interesting story. That video is from February 9, 2015. Here’s a newer one from 

The next month my kitchen manager sliced most of his thumb off prepping for breakfast. And the other kitchen manager fainted from the sight of the blood, fell flat on his face, broke his nose and started having a seizure. They were both carried away on stretchers at 6:30 in the morning.

So in the first video it’s his very first month in the restaurant, and the second chef faints from the blood. In the second video it’s his second month in the restaurant, and the second chef faints, falls on his face and breaks his nose. I guess by now there would be a third and a fourth chef who fainted, one of which was carrying a knife and evicerated the other chef on his way down, thus requiring Matthew Corrin to not only run the store all by himself, a task he performed flawlessly, but also invent new surgical techniques to save the life of Ernesto, the pure as virgin snow 38 year old child refugee from Honduras who Corrin personally saved when working as an immigration officer, and who repaid Matthew by teaching him how to laugh.

Sounds about right to me.

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