This article was originally written in December of 2021. I’ve re-formatted it for you viewing pleasure.

About a week ago Richard Spencer once again displayed his catlike narcissism in an interview with Elle Reeve of Vice. You’d think this narcissistic faggot would have realized that talking to enemy propagandists, at least without taking extremely careful precautions, is something that simply should not be done. But Spencer loves nothing more than attention, so he’ll happily give these people what they want time and time again.

Since the original video is impossible to find, I had to navigate to this unlisted interview on a different account. It starts off with a quick interlude, and we are once again introduced to Richard Spencer’s annoying, effeminate voice and mannerisms.

I was trying to unite everything to where it would be simply me. And it would have been better if they had fucking bent the knee. And shut the fuck up.

Well I mean I believe the first part of the sentence. I strongly believe that Spencer was trying to get a following and become the sole leader of a movement he admits he didn’t even create. But better under Spencer?

Video credit goes to D’Marcus Leibowitz, I think. In any case, I think it sums up the Richard Spencer Experience pretty much perfectly.

The whole 2016-2017 experience was quite the thing. I was making headlines every week.

I’ve read the Counter Currents piece that the Hunter Wallace Occidental Dissent is responding to, and they make the extremely obvious point that I’m about to make here. Richard Spencer “made headlines,” because people at NYT, CNN, and every other propaganda agency took one look at this clown and said “Thank Yahweh. Thank the volcano demon. We can associate White Advocacy with this fucking faggot and be done with it.” 

There have been millions of people who heard of Richard Spencer. Tens of millions, even if many of them forgot about him. And yet, how big is his audience?

Well he still has a twatter account, and he gets an average of about 30 likes on tweets that are multiple days old. I scrolled through and did not find a single tweet of his that got more than 130 likes. Nobody cares what Richard Spencer has to say.

That Spencer still has a twatter account in 2021 tells you everything you need to know. He started off as some obscure “Aryan Book Collector,” type guy who didn’t have much of an audience. Then the media said over and over again “this guy is the face of White Advocacy in the entire world,” in so many words, knowing he’d fumble the ball at every opportunity. And a full 5 years after actually effective people got their first bans from twitter, and at least 2 years after everybody of any positive influence at all is gone from twatter, he’s still on there, tweeting to an audience of nobody his dipshit, contrarian takes.

“The alt-right became a kind of advertising wing. The Alt-right is anonymous, and I am not anonymous. And if I dare say so, I am interesting.”

No Richard. You are not interesting. That is why you don’t need to be censored like the actually interesting people.

Anyway, the entire 8 minute long video is is Spencer being effeminate, Reeve asking stupid questions, Spencer being narcissistic and blaming others, and the editors making Spencer look stupid. Admittedly, not a difficult task. Below was my face while watching it.

By the end, Spencer actually is so narcissistic that even Elle Reeve, who is trying to destroy his former fans through him, has this moment of hesitation where she’s basically like “Richard holy shit dude can you stop attacking your own people for two seconds, jeeze.” And at the end of the video he has a barely mitigated breakdown and starts crying. I’ve started the video below from that point.

Yes, he has to wipe tears out of his eyes. The guy who talked about himself as “emperor of the universe,” is wiping tears out of his eyes during a VICE interview because the mean and possibly retarded woman made him cry.

A wild Moike appears. This was earlier in the video, before Spencer starts crying. And it prompts the question once again of why exactly, and by whom Spencer was chosen to be the leader of the Alt-Right.

2017 was long before Andrew Anglin grew a mangina, and back then the way the Alt-Right should have gone was obviously: Mike Enoch runs the show, Andrew Anglin does the daily tabloid/shock humour, and Richard Spencer is merely one of many side characters. Frankly, Spencer should have been a more peripheral figure than Steve Sailer, Jared Taylor, and any number of actual contributors in their own way, who don’t have the personality types to be leaders. Spencer is basically the least interesting and most erratic one of those guys, at best.

Now before I get into the Occidental Dissent piece, I do need to quote a few juicy bits from the Counter Currents piece it’s defending Spencer from.

Counter Currents:

I think all of us Richard Spencer observers deduced long ago that the self-described ruler of the world has been pining for a rebrand. Last year, I wrote about him making overtures to the Bernie Left, which were met with cool indifference. He’s been wanting to sell out, the only problem being that no one is interested in buying. I’ve been half-tempted to start a GoFundMe to raise money for a dowry that would be donated to whichever political movement is willing to take him off our hands.

That’s all we’ll see of that piece, but it’s hard not to agree, at least with that bit. Spencer really has absolutely nothing to offer anyone.

He, especially after the Fruitcake Freakout, is an order of magnitude too toxic for the middle class semi-bourgeois. He’s an order of magnitude too effeminate and whiny for working class people. And he’s too narcissistic to work subservient to anyone else, even assuming he has some heretofore never before seen skills that would make him valuable in a lesser role, which I strongly doubt.

So it really seems like a no brainer that Spencer going the way of the dodo bird is only to our benefit, and Whitey’s more broadly.

Occidental Dissent:

Here’s my perspective:

1. Richard Spencer is a vain narcissist with a huge ego.


You could say the same thing though about MILO and Nick Fuentes though.

I mean… yes? Yes, you can say that. That’s why those guys should never be put around any valid political movement ever. Please go read our Felting Fuentes series.

Then again, I may have mislead the audience here. The Counter Currents homosexual in charge, Greg Johnson, is a huge defender of Fuentes and Milo. So Wallace pointing out that these people still, hilariously, support Fuentes and Milo in the year 2021 is actually a great argument.

2. Richard Spencer’s college tour was a disaster for the Alt-Right.


The Spencer Tour was modeled on the MILO Tour though. There wasn’t anything really unique about the college tour. Conservatives like Ben Shapiro had long been holding these free speech events on campus to play the sympathetic victim and champion of civil liberties and to expose the Left as violent and intolerant. It wasn’t Spencer who came up with the idea. Nick Fuentes has also done it himself. Antifa have shown up to attack and deplatform all rightwing speakers on college campuses.

Spencer’s college tour was a disaster because of Spencer. Tone starts from the top. The Emperor of the Universe not organizing things properly is kind of a dealbreaker.

I remember one moment clear as day. Some Iranian cunt gets up and asks Spencer the “what even is White,” question. Spencer, being a non-fighter who sucks at rhetoric, takes the question seriously and hems and haws and stumbles through an answer. At that point, NJP Chairman Moike Enoch takes the mic, absolutely steamed, and says “is there any other race of people you ever ask that question to?” And the fucking cunt starts stammering and doesn’t give an answer. The exchange continues, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

None of that would have happened with just Richard Spencer, because Richard Spencer is a fucking faggot. Even Milo, a literal queer, had more competence at the mundanity of planning those types of events.

3. Richard Spencer associated the Alt-Right with ironic Nazism.


It was The Daily Stormer, TRS and 4Chan who did this. There was nothing really unique about Hailgate. It was Mike Enoch who gave the Sieg Heil. The Alt-Right was already thoroughly associated with this stuff thanks to Anglin and Weev and their Stormer troll army which had saturated social media with gas chamber memes during the 2016 election. Spencer pandered to the Nazi trolls.

It’s like the dissident version of Finklethink. Okay so we did an ironic natzeeism. So? Ironic fascism is fucking hilarious, and I’m happy to personally take full credit for every anime natzee girl on the internet.

Ironic natzeeism is what made the DailyStormer a once very popular website. That coupled with Anglin’s meth fueled output. If you want a popular movement, you have to do the things that are popular.

Contrary to the Andrew “manlet revolution NOW” Anglin, anti-social losers LARPing as Natzees, while harmful, was far from what killed the alt-right. Gorland Blormph being a potato, the (((Republican Party))) selling everybody out, Spencer being a narcissist incapable of leading, lawfare, mass censorship, and Anglin himself turning into a hyper-loser sperg are what killed the alt-right.

I mean the above picture would get attacked as “heterosexual ALERT ALERT ALERT,” by the Cucknat/DS crowd nowadays. Yet normal people still, in 2021, think this shit’s hilarious. Despite this, in a weird parallel to Mainstream Kosher-Politics, we have two groups of the constantly online fighting over who committed the original sin of including anime fascist girls into da moobment.

Let me just reiterate that I’ll happily take credit.

I have to do a write up of our audience numbers here at the Daily Rake, but in short, we grow stronger everyday. Soon we will eclipse all fake dissident sites in the high quality audience that actually matters. You know, the people who don’t make jokes about murdered White 11 year old girls being worthless whores.

There will come a time when it is simply our word that is the law, and all must fall behind us. When that day comes we won’t pay attention to the evil mean people trying to take your swastika anime cuties from you. For now, I will continue to engage with these dipshits.

4. Richard Spencer is an anti-Christian Nietzschean elitist.

Always has been.

He was hardly alone in this respect. It is also a point of agreement that Spencer shares with Counter-Currents. Spencer was heavily influenced by people like Jonathan Bowden. You could say that Richard is vain and arrogant and lacks Christian virtues like humility or temperance or patience or kindness, but this would be in keeping with the philosophy of most elite White Nationalists.

Again, this is the CatNat vs the SouthNat fight. The CatNats adopted Catholicism because it allowed them to be doing something and not having to explain to their audience why they don’t have any power. It gave them an excuse to attack pagans as opposed to the people actually in charge.

And yet, Spencer being a Nietzchean philosophy fag is almost more irritating.

5. Richard Spencer wanted to create a cult of personality.


The cult of personality, however, is the typical form of organization in White Nationalism and it stretches back to the days of George Lincoln Rockwell who admired Adolf Hitler. Donald Trump has a larger and much more successful personality cult and brand which is “owning the libs.”

This entire article was pretty hilarious for me to read because it shows how damn easy it is to dunk on the CatNats. There are tons of legitimate criticisms of Richard Spencer. However, there are no legitimate criticisms of Spencer that are not also equally damning for Nicky “Catboi Cock Catholicism” Fuentes.

Go ahead, try coming up with a single one.

Imagine being a CatNat, and you have to find a way to criticize Richard Spencer while also supporting this guy.

6. Richard Spencer was comically uninterested in persuading his target audience.


After winning his lawsuit at Auburn, he used the platform he was given to complain about cucks who watch sportsball. Lately, he has focused on winning over the sort of people who watch MSNBC. Would any other White Nationalist leader, however, realistically have chosen not to express his own sense of identity and values and feelings and focused on finding areas of common ground?

Uhm, yes?

Hunter Wallace did some great work exposing Weev. Work I have relied on heavily. But he’s got some bizarre and unchallenged assumptions here. First, apparently whomever admits to using anime natzee girls first loses. Second, just casually throw out there that no White Advocate would ever stoop to the level of appealing to regular people and then move on.

It’s just baffling to see Spencer being completely unlikable, probably even being intentionally unlikable, just handwaved away. No, that’s why Spencer’s career needed to get the Old Yeller Treatment. 

7. Richard Spencer felt threatened by rivals who wanted to knock him off his pedestal.


The most obvious example is Jason Kessler who has said as much in court. It was Kessler who organized the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville and who got that ball rolling. Unite the Right was going to happen anyway with or without Spencer. This is a perennial problem in White Nationalism which is a low-trust and low-solidarity social movement.

Hunter Wallace is not a “White Nationalist.” He’s far above that. He’s a “Southern Nationalist.” Wallace has accomplished nothing politically, and doesn’t plan to, but the chinless wonder will happily snipe at us low quality rubes who are so low class and petty to be doing activism along the lines we’re actually being attacked.

It’s this really annoying and ghey trend you see amongst fake dissidents. Making progress is hard, so they switch it up, and start finding some idiotic little pet cuck ideology to rally around, because then they can attack actual dissidents instead of having to exercise real power. The CatNats do this with TradHomo Great Optics Catholocism Pussy Avoidance. Wallace does this with Pretend WASPy Upper Class Aristocratic Southern Plantation Owner Nationalism.

Then they get together online and have a cucklet spergfest where one side has to defend Richard Spencer, and the other has to defend Nick Fuentes. At the end, shockingly, no actual legislative policy has been achieved for White People. 

The main difference being that Hunter Wallace is a normal guy that you’d actually want around you in meatspace. The Manlet Cult on the other hand…

8. Richard Spencer regrets slumming with people like Azzmador.

This was one of the most genuinely funny and honest moments in the interview. Who among us does not regret “uniting” with people like Andrew Anglin, Azzmador and Weev?

Azzmador looks like he only stops doing meth long enough to call you a WigNat for not dutifully voting for Sheldon Adelson’s (((GOP))). Anglin’s face is literally the only good piece of propaganda Antifa has ever put out there. Weev is a 5’4 jew with a Swastika tattoo on his chest who appears to believe that if he only wears man sized clothes, one of these days he will hit a growth spurt at 39 and finally be tall enough to ride the big boy rides at disneyland.

I mean seriously, I know this is low hanging fruit, but this guy stopped growing years ago. Why did he buy clothes that are about 7 sizes too large for him? Fucking goofball can’t even dress himself and he’s dishing out movement advice like he’s Napoleon.

9. Richard Spencer regrets attending the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville?

Who doesn’t?

Knowing what we know now, who doesn’t regret traveling all the way to Charlottesville, VA to attend a free speech rally and to make a bold, but ill conceived stand for liberal norms there?

You waiting for this article to be over.

I regret not publishing this on a weekend, dear reader, because this article goes on forever.

Once again Wallace just sort of skips over Spencer regretting the event that he was the key figure for. Like, goy, this is kind of a big deal. Spencer did something so idiotic that, even though it got him lots of attention, he regrets it. And for Spencer to regret getting attention he must have done something monumentally stupid.

10. Richard Spencer is addicted to seeing his own name in the media.


Richard Spencer is far from alone in this respect though. White Nationalist leaders have been afflicted with a debilitating condition called newspaperitis – an addiction to seeing their name in the newspaper – since the days of George Lincoln Rockwell. Baked Alaska was so addicted to chasing content that he ran into the Capitol on January 6th. Nick Fuentes thought it was epic.

As opposed to Southern Colonial Plantation LARP Nationalists like Hunter Wallace, who enjoy seeing their names absolutely nowhere. Look, I’ve tried to enjoy Wallace’s content many times in the past. It boring. I’m sorry I can’t give more cogent, deeper analysis of him, but there’s really not much more than that. There is no secret genius plan to power called Southern Nationalism. You are being attacked as a White Person, you should defend yourself as one.

And TRS goys had the correct approach to enemy propagandists almost from day one, which is to not talk to them, or record yourself talking to them and fucking with them. The Manlet Cult are a bunch of unserious spergs who can only gain a following online, where the bottom 1% of the population can find people just like them. That they’ve made some headlines is, frankly, a mark against them.

11. Richard Spencer is a goon marcher.


The people who felt the strongest about this, however, were the same people who encouraged their followers to take to the streets and to join forces with Trump and Alex Jones at the Capitol Siege. They participated in the biggest goon march in history and got the president impeached.

Just when Hunter Wallce is starting to irritate me, he totally redeems himself. I guess it’s not so hard when you’re attacking the Fuentes Twinks. Once again, imagine having to attack Spencer, while also defending the TradHomo Mexican Child Saviour of the White Race. Or the other way around, both work.

The people who constantly attacked any IRL organizations as fed ops went and worked with Karl Rove rentboy Ali Akbar to throw the tardest of tardfests in the nations capitol.

12. Richard Spencer has said embarrassing things that are unoptical.

I tend to disagree with this assessment.

In this case, you have to grade Richard on a curve.

If you put any other White Nationalist or Alt-Right leader in front of a camera, I think they would be more prone to embarrassing themselves and the rest of us by extension. MILO was a flamboyant homosexual who dressed in drag and married his black husband. Nick Fuentes has been on a roll lately.

What’s more offputting to normal, well adjusted people, Richard Spencer’s Fruitcake Freakout, where he LARPed about his ancestors raping and enslaving blacks (which probs didn’t happen BTW, that was mostly done by jews), or Fuentes’s high pitched voice informing the world of his pure as virgin snow 3 inch cock?

Could go either way folks.

13. Richard Spencer wants to find another gig.

I can’t say that I blame him.

I don’t envy anyone who would try to lead the White Nationalist movement. There is a reason why no one wants that job. You would probably have to be a delusional narcissist to take it too and believe that somehow you can organize these people, bend them to your will and change the world.

Thank god there are just throngs and throngs of extremely productive men from all around the world who identify as Southern Nationalists, unlike those icky White Nationalists, and are just seconds away from making Wallace’s vaguely defined Pipe Dream of Southern Nationalism into a reality. Look, Hunter, stick to attacking the Manlet Cult. It’s your best content by a country mile.

14. Richard Spencer hates conservatives.


In retrospect, it would have been easy for Richard Spencer to sell out and play the role that the GOP wanted him to play in 2017. He could have become just another MAGA grifter and Trump cheerleader. For all Richard’s flaws, he stuck to what he believed in and never sold out to the GOP. So they replaced him with Nick Fuentes and America First who instructed his followers to eat fast food, play video games, hate women, reject White Nationalism as cringe and vote for Trump.

See this Hunter, much better. Even though you’re attacking Fuentes for rejecting White Nationalism, despite also attacking White Nationalists, I’ll allow it. America Fisters are the lowest form of life on earth, and anyone who attacks them gets a lot of leeway.

Beyond that, he actually makes an interesting point. The Manlet Cult wasn’t censored, Fuentes especially, because they were there to get young White Men to stay on the Republican Plantation. Contrary to what the manlets will tell you, voting for (((Paul Singer’s))) GOP is not something that will ever threaten “der globalists,” or whatever jewphemism they’re using these days.

And while this isn’t the focus of the piece, I always get pissed when servatives bloviate about how “right wingers,” are censored by “left-wing tech companies.” No, the fastest way to get banned is to fact-check war propaganda. Actual pro-White advocates were censored, conservatives are promoted by the algorithm.

15. Richard Spencer is an Apollonian.


Is there anything more White Nationalist and more self-marginalizing though than trying to create your own racial religion? Brush up on your movement history. He isn’t the first.

The Alt-Right has moved on from Richard Spencer. It has moved on to a 23-year-old closeted “Latinx” conservative who is also a narcissist and the leader of an army of incels. Perhaps the next generation of White Nationalists will give up on the ethnostate and “politics in the grand style” and just stick to gay porn, catboys and video games?

There’s no question amongst even casual observers that the America Fist movement is in the Felting stage. Hunter Wallace is no Notorious Dr. Shekelstein, and has none of the deft touch to milk to LOLcow for the creamy lucre. Even still, he can’t help himself but to commit hate crimes against those homosexuals with his mere words.

While Wallace is afflicted with a minor version of the Richard Spencer Contrarian Dipshit Disease, it’s not terminal. This makes him readable, if not all that enjoyable, which is more than I can possibly say for the Fuentes crowd. Or, for that matter, Spencer himself.

That is all.

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