Recently, when getting the site up and running, I had to clear my old iPad’s safari cache multiple times. This had the side effect of showing me the YouTube that is presented to the general public. This is the YouTube that you get when Google doesn’t know that you don’t want to watch infinity cat videos, sports garbage, WaTCh FaGGoT ReAcT videos, and asinine political garbage. Speaking of which, Google tried to shove this down my throat.

Here’s Brett Cooper, the female Ben Shapiro.

You can watch the video of hers above to get the gist of things, but I honestly find her unwatchable. She’s not charming. She’s not intelligent. She’s not funny. Every time she opens her mouth she wilts my boner.

Although I have to admit, girl looks good.

I always hate saying mean things about a woman’s appearance. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, because the wahmen in question is talking about abortion and yet looks like this.

So it’s nice to have a straight up piece of ass to talk about instead.

And really, what an absolute babe we’ve got here. 

It’s a shame that she’s working for (((Prager U))) and (((The Daily Wire))) because she might honestly have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

I don’t want to hear any spergs whining about any feature of hers. If she liked you and was naked on your bed, either you’d move in for the cuddle or you’re gay, simple as. This is a truly stunning shill if ever there was one.

If you’re wondering where I got these shots, they’re from her IMDB page

If you’re wondering why she has an IMDB page, it’s because she’s a failed child actress.

Well maybe failed is the wrong term for it, since she did get a few roles. Even still, this ought to raise a few eyebrows. We have some broad, nice though she might be, who isn’t exactly lighting the World on fire with her cutting insights. She’s promoted by the Daily Wire, and she pushes some refried cuckservative stuff on her highly produced YouTube channel that will never be banned. 

It reminds me a lot of Striker’s expose of Republican broads, and how many of them got their start as failed actresses with an Israeli modeling firm. I don’t want to be too cruel to the girl herself, but it’s important to point out that she’s not really talented, other than being extremely good looking. I don’t enjoy saying this, but it needs to be said, she has very little to offer besides her looks.

Which is actually an upgrade for Con Inc, since they don’t have anything to offer anyone. Instead, they go out and find some failed actresses to go and shill their (((garbage))) upon the goyim. And, just like actual Ben Shapiro, it’s just constantly “muh left, muh leftists, muh liberals, Biden Bad.” It’s incredibly tiresome.

This is all conservatism really has to offer anybody. Get some pretty girl out there to shill for you, and that’s that. It doesn’t matter that she isn’t all that bright or funny, because conservatism is straight up retarded. But I did want to point out one thing.

Can you imagine a girl like the above getting involved with the Manlet Cult?

Especially without being paid gratuitously for it?

And you’d need to pay her top dollar, because she’d know that her political and public career is probably over after being associated with… this.

Actually try imagining a good looking girl interacting with these dweebs in any capacity. Imagine them all trying to talk to her and you being there getting secondhand embarrassment from the cringe.

What a bunch of fags.

If you’ve lost Big Cutie, you’ve lost middle America.

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  1. Her face is too small for her head…..are we sure that TPUSA didn’t chop Charlie Kirk’s dick off and made him wear a wig?

    1. Come on now. That’s a beautiful girl. And I appreciate that she never got a nose job. Natural beauty is far more attractive than knife beauty.

  2. unironically looks like ben shapiro with the female faceapp setting

    1. I can see that. Wonder if she will become famous for melungeon milkers?

  3. Yeah, her facial proportions are off. The nose is too wide in comparison to the lips, the chin is manly too in some pictures. Imagine her with a dudes haircut and you’ll see it even more.

    I get your point though.

  4. Yeah, her facial proportions are off. The nose is too wide in comparison to the lips, the chin is manly too in some pictures. Imagine her with a dudes haircut and you’ll see it even more.

    I get your point though.

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