New York Post:

Elon Musk called the woman who accused him of sexual misconduct a “far-left actress” who has “a major political axe to grind” — and challenged her to verify her claims by describing a part of his anatomy “not known by the public.”

In private correspondence, Musk has told the Daily Rake that she’d have to either cover up his rape of her, or describe his gargantuan schlong. He considers this to be a win-win.

Musk took to Twitter late Thursday and said that the “wild accusations are utterly untrue.” The allegations were first reported by Insider.

Privately, Musk has confided in us that these allegations are not only true, but if anything, seriously underplayed. He says that if you start hearing about how the dumb actress skank was tied up with handcuffs and forced to call him daddy, then you’ll be getting the real story.

The tech mogul was accused of exposing himself to a flight attendant aboard one of his private planes in 2016 — and SpaceX later paid the woman $250,000 to settle her sexual misconduct claim, according to the bombshell report.

Musk was also accused of rubbing the flight attendant’s leg without permission and offering to buy her a horse if she gave him an erotic massage onboard the plane, Insider reported Thursday, citing documents and interviews.

Musk told me personally in an email he titled “LMFAO we really did rape that bitch,” that he intentionally does ridiculous things like this just to discredit the many jew actresses that he’s raped in the past. He really did offer to buy this twenty five year old woman a pony if she gave him an erotic massage. That’s not just a wild, made up accusation.

Hours after Insider published the story, Musk challenged the friend of the accuser who is reported to have been told about the alleged incident soon after it happened.

Elon, who is more based than you might realize, asked me to print out this statement he made on the situation.

I understand that there are many people in the Aryan Community who are disturbed by these allegations of sexual misconduct. However, I would like to first and foremost point out that this dumb wahmen was an Israeli. And not even a particularly White one, we’re talking full on Sephardic Heeb.

If you’re wondering why I was attracted to her in the first place, I was mostly just bored and needed something to empty my balls into, and I’m sure she’s gotten some plastic surgery because she had a real human nose. I told her that I’d buy her a pony if she blew me or my friend, which she did. But she wasn’t getting the job done, so I put a big bowl of kibbles and bits on the ground and rawdogged that Middle Eastern kitty doggystyle.

She might be complaining about it now, but at the time she turned to me and said “thank you, daddy.”

Look, I get it. This is a degenerate act, no doubt. We knew that Elon wasn’t /ourgoy/, but I can overlook his indiscretions if he gives me the policy that I want. Besides, it was a long flight.

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  1. I saw the wapo going after Larry Ellison for being on some pro trump post 2020 election call, so it seems the anti-Elon thing is even hitting disgusting jews

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