In the last post of mine I brought up Angela Bowden, and her litigious history. I promised to fill you in on that, and here we are.

Halifax Examiner:

Last week, criminal assault charges were dropped against New Glasgow mayor Nancy Dicks.

In an interview with the Examiner, Chris Hansen, a spokesperson for the Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Service, said senior New Glasgow prosecutor, Bill Gorman, decided there was no realistic prospect of conviction.

The charge against Dicks stemmed from a Black Lives Matter event in New Glasgow in September 2020. African Nova Scotian author and poet Angela Bowden said that while sitting down after the event, Dicks approached her, became verbally aggressive before physically grabbing her leg, squeezing it, and saying “Now, you listen here.”

Bowden said she immediately got up and removed herself from the situation. She said there were several witnesses present including Bowden’s mother. Bowden said that earlier in the day at the event, she and Dicks had a verbal disagreement around the organizing and painting of one of the streets.

Angela Bowden

We all know what happened here. This BLMer whined about nothing, and while this spawned an investigation, the justice system can’t just throw a mayor in jail because an entitled and privileged BLMer made something up about her.

Bowden detailed her version of events in a vlog post on Facebook in May. In August, Cape Breton Regional Police charged Dicks after investigating the allegations.

Last Monday, the morning the charges against Dicks were dropped, Bowden attended the appeal hearing into Kayla Borden’s complaint against members of Halifax Regional Police as a support person to Borden. Bowden said Bill Gorman made her aware that the charges would be dropped prior to Monday.

“If it came down then — and quite often it comes down to your word and the person you accused — then that’s for the judge to decide,” Bowden said. “Because clearly the police believed me, and believed there was enough evidence because they set the charge.”

“So what I’m disheartened at is that we didn’t even have an opportunity to allow the wheels of justice to move because they stopped it midway.”

“With him just dismissing it, it proves once again that there is no justice for Black people in this province,” Bowden said. “It also shows the value we place on Black women and their safety, on their voices, and on their trauma.”

Of course this will not stop the permanently aggrieved Bowden from whining about how oppressed she is. I think that’s a given. But take a look at the internal investigation that she got from these people.

[Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Service spokesperson Chris Hansen] said that at least part of the internal consultations took place with “the equity and diversity folks.” Though when asked for more insight into that group, Hansen was unable to provide much at all.

“Well that’s our equity and diversity committee — they have expertise in equity and diversity,” she said. “Their involvement was just to provide their perspective.”

In other words, they tried their best to string up Nancy Dicks for an assault that never happened. But even with the “equity and diversity folks,” they brought in, there was nothing there. This is the anti-White cuntess who is responsible for Mark Andrew Kozlowski being investigated for “willful promotion of hatred,” for his redneck hangout sign.

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