Some of you may know that I had a pressing family matter that took much of my time. It’s ongoing, but my work shouldn’t be too interrupted from this point out. I didn’t get a chance to log on yesterday. Today I was back, checked out the comments first thing this morning, and was treated to whatever this is. I’ll transcribe this below.

This comment was left under my piece making fun of Thuletide’s schizo conspiracy theory that “proved,” that NJP was Doogin controlled because Striker once went to a Golden Dawn rally. That was written on April 1st, and a full 57 days later this schizo left the above comment.

The entire article is a pile of… lies. Building a tower of sand off the logical fallacy that because /Neocon bad = Dugin good… and Soros and zelensky bad = putin good/ Its logic for autistic people replete with grade school memes, aka propaganda for the retarded. Trying to sell the image that despite shilling for Russia and putin NONSTOP… or just because NJP and Kremlinite moscowitz associates of Dugin are thick as thieves, share business affiliates, and even buy property together that it is still somehow preposterous to assume that they might be a front or working together. Who then goes on to write in defense of Putin despite, in the writers own words, “his desire re-establish the anti christian anti white anti human USSR.”

Boy there’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, people really need to start hitting that enter key more often. This might sound petty, but I’ve never understood the impulse to write a wall of text while making it as illegible as possible. Call me a grammar nazi all you want, but I think I speak for most of the World here.

I’m also not going to address pretty much any of the schizo ramblings, especially because he quotes me saying “his desire re-establish the anti christian anti white anti human USSR,” while supposedly defending Putin. A quick ctrl+f of the article shows that I never said that, which initially lead me to believe that this was some sort of copypasta troll operation. 

Except that the first few lines of this schizo’s response are in direct response to the previous comment chain. This leads me to believe that we do in fact have a certified schizo on our hands, who spent the better part of an hour seething out this comment on a two month old article that gets very few new viewers.

It is like no big deal and totally great! Putin isn’t hurting anybody. Only importing more muslims than any other country in “eurasia”!.. Putin is only the chief sponsor of the mass migration mud flood into Europe. Even refusing to help his great ally and long time friend Gaddafi from that bimbo nazbol high witch clinton.

Also the weird use of elipses, including just two periods… is really throwing.. me off.!..

Forget everything I just said about this guy being schizo. The Thuletide Defense Force has figured us out. Our great Nazbol alliance with Dugin and Hillary Clinton has been exposed. All operatives return underground. Q is real, and he’s infiltrated our public comments section.

He just built the largest mosque in europe in ooh la la mosque-oh Moscow. Working hand in glove with the democrat communist party of America through the proxy state of Ukraine and the jews that control it to facilitate this ridiculous fake war against, and this is my favorite, “the evil dreaded nazis!” Oh ya! Pootie poo Putin is Heinz Kissinger’s bottom bitch. And white nationalism is a crime in Russia people. You can be arrested for saying “Russia for Russians”. Putin says he is the leader of a grand “Multi ethnic (anti white) society!” The exact same anti white sentiment (diversity is his strength!) of every good Trotskyite neocon globalhomoist on the planet.

We were this close to seizing power in the United States through the DEMONrat communist party lead by our master Hillary Clinton. Then QAnonFan1488 just had to go and expose us. Putin is indeed Kissinger’s “bottom bitch,” and that’s why you need to vote Republican, Henry Kissinger’s political party.

And this article is still pushing the Kremlin line the “alter” right loves to repeater… that Putin is against “globalhomo”! despite clearly being its biggest champion except perhaps Merkel and Macron behind him. Multi ethnic society… means DIVERSITY baby!!!

Yeah there’s no doubt that Putin, a guy who bans AIDS pride parades is the biggest supporter of Globo Homo going around. Here in Canada you might think that Joffrey Trudeau has the coveted “biggest Globo Homo Schlomo shill on the planet,” award dead to rights, but he’s actually just running a long time con to discredit International Finance Capital by making them look gay and retarded. 

Our man on the inside Justin Trudeau.

I’m going to print out the rest of the comment to show you what we’re dealing with here. Just skim over it and let the schizo ramblings wash over you.

George Soros and Henry Kissinger sit down with Putin regular to give their butt boy his orders. And don’t forget chabad! This clown will tells you all this, yet in the same article says Putin “isn’t bothering anybody.”

Once again I must stress that I never actually said the thing that I am being quoted as saying. This is easily verifiable by heading over to that article. 

Instead of defending the indefensible he uses some other clueless internet hack as a springboard to make opposition to Putin look stupid. Classic move! The I’m rubber you’re glue kind of thing. So his pro Kremlin loser friends can look cool by comparison. The entire “Alter” Right, billary Clinton soros fake Patriot movement, is directed by thousands of these god damned lozer NAZBOL Russian GRU flunkies posing as internet hero fake far right types.

I am sick with fear and sweating profusely as our alter right nazbol Billary Clinton Duginist Soros fake patriot movement is being exposed in real time by OffMyMedsTruePatriot74. But to what purpose are we doing this? What is the end goal of all the Clinton funded duplicity of the Daily Rake and the NJP?

Precisely to churn out these fallacious articles shamelessly defending their icon Putin. To turn the cuckservatives and real patriots against the greatest enemy to their Nazbol MACRON MERKEL PUTIN globohomo one world utopia… America.

My bafflement was so strong and so overpowering that it made its way through the ether and imprinted itself on my chair. All this time I’ve been thinking that ZOGmerica was leading the charge to export Buttsechs to Botswana.

But here I am, being exposed to all the World as a fraud who keeps attacking America the Beautiful. You might think that America is the engine and car that drives Globo Homo, but SchizoQTard says otherwise. Who are you going to believe, him, or your lying eyes?

Because sure, America has a jew problem. But compared to “eurasia” or Europe! the birthplace and stronghold of private european central banking (i.e. WEF Davos IMF Bilderberger) America is still the wild west land of the free and home of the brave and they cannot fucking stand it.

Yes, European private central banking was first installed in Europe. Also, the WEF hosts events in Europe, and Davos is a place in Switzerland. Klaus Schwab, the man who runs Israel, is secretly in control of the entire World and this is why we need to support American.

That the UN headquarters are literally in New York is immaterial. World Governments are World Governments, where they meet up is irrelevant. Except for when they meet up in Europe. Then it’s an indictment of the entire continent.

Said comment will now be oven’d, but I think it served as a great example of just how unhinged PatrioTard movement is. Based America is a meme that died sometime in 2020 at the very latest among the general population. It lives on only through the Israeli Defense Force and some schizos who are absolutely assblasted that people aren’t supporting Gayto enough these days. 

There is something truly wonderful about having such low quality opponents.

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  1. Dugin is irrelevant. Why do shills keep pretending right-wingers worship him?

  2. There’s a similar shizo rambling around on Poast posting very low quality anti-Putin bants.

    It seems to have escaped his notice that people in these spheres aren’t Putin fans… we merely tend to appreciate “based” things about Russia.

  3. The last sentence gives away that this is some kind of shill and not anyone who is really pro-white. 0% of pro-white people think that America is still free or that Europe is where our enemies are based out of.

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