I recently put out a poll on Telegram asking users roughly where they lived. It’s been four days, so it’s safe to say that the results are in.

The Daily Rake currently has 928 subscribers on telegram. We picked up about 10 in the days since the poll was put up, but I don’t think it matters too much. I don’t believe that this post was reposted to any other channels, and the 385 total views is roughly in line with other posts in the channel that don’t get reposted elsewhere.

There’s reason to believe that these numbers are somewhat suspect. About 55% of the people who saw the post actually responded. This could skew the poll in a number of different ways. I also got some Europeans who said that they struggled to figure out how to answer, before seeing “Not Canada, Not America,” at the very top. That could easily depress those numbers somewhat.

If we do take the numbers as truly representative of the Daily Rake audience, it’s encouraging and interesting. First of all, less than 20% of the audience is from outside of Canada and the United States. Half the audience is American, and 30% of the audience is Canadian. These numbers are roughly in line with what I get from SimilarWeb when I search for this site.

Take all of these numbers with a grain of salt, but if true, it’s encouraging. According to some tool I downloaded, this site averages somewhere around 800 viewers per day. If 30% of them are Canadian, we’ve got an audience of around 240 Canadian viewers. Probably some number roughly twice that is the size of the Canadian audience, considering that many people don’t check everyday.

If those numbers are accurate, we could potentially start thinking about some real life events here in Canada, similar to what the NJP is doing in the states. There’s no point in pretending like we’re ready for some serious political action, but as this site transitions away from general internet news and into shilling for our political party, in addition to the NJP, we’re going to have to get some real life events organized. Most of politics is infrastructural, and a tiny number of dedicated people are what’s needed to support the local electoral campaigns that we will be holding.

We’re not quite there yes, and I want to get the Canadian equivalent of Pool Parties going. To do that we’re going to need critical mass, especially the less serious the hangouts are. I’ve been a part of groups where you have to drive multiple hours just to chill and it’s not sustainable. As Canada is such a large, depopulated country, it can be very difficult to get people in your general area, especially if you’re in a very rural region. So before I demand the time committment, we’ll have some online hangouts planned.

I happen to have a few of our goys right here with me in Kelowna, and we’ll be meeting up in a few weeks. I don’t want to give any details, but I’ll use that as a learning experience for the rest of us.

It’s also interesting how little presence we have in Eastern Canada, at least east of Ontario. Of the roughly 61 Canadian voters, almost a quarter are right here in BC. Same goes for the prairies cumulatively, and just over a third are in Ontario. Being relatively concentrated works to our advantage, as the ideal situation to start a political party would be everyone living together in the same block. Although I have talked to multiple people from Quebec, so I’m still not sure how trusted these numbers should be.

As I said, for everyone outside of Kelowna I’ll be trying to get some online meetups organized. Those meetings could be more serious and structured, or more icebreaker type events. We could have a focused group hangout session where I’m leading the discussion and working through some practical issues, or have some sort of online rock paper scissors tournament just to get to know people.

I could go either way and I’ll post something by Monday letting everyone know. Either way it’s about time that we started getting something actually tangible off the ground, because I don’t think I can take being at my computer for this many hours in the day for much longer.

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  1. Good luck, leafbros.

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  3. Maritimer here, missed the poll. It would be awesome to see some pool party analogue in the Great White North. Love the site, keep up the great work.

    1. It’s possible with such a small poll it didn’t accurately capture the true demographics of the audience.

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