It’s been too long since I’ve written about CuckFight2022! At this point it appears little more than a foregone conclusion that fake populist Pierre Poilievre will win the rigged Conservative Party of Canada leadership election. However, in my last piece I covered Patrick Brown quitting the CPC leadership race, or at least I thought I did. Apparently he was still going strong until his campaign was hooked up to a masturbation machine and insecticided into a lampshade last Tuesday.

Red Deer Advocate:

Patrick Brown wants to appeal a decision made by federal Conservatives overseeing the party’s leadership race to disqualify him.

A notice of appeal and warning of impending legal action related to Brown’s ousting wassent Wednesday evening to Don Nightingale, the party’s chief returning officer, and Ian Brodie, chair of the party’s leadership election organizing committee.

The letters were signed by Toronto-based lawyers Alex Smith and Marie Henein, who say they are acting as Brown’s counsel.

His decision to try and appeal his sudden removal came after Brown spent a day defending his innocence and accusing the party of mishandling the situation to stack the odds in favour of his main rival.

The party’s leadership election committee chose — with a vote split 11 to six — on Tuesday evening to disqualify Brown from the contest, based on what Brodie called “serious allegations of wrongdoing.”

Party president Rob Batherson confirmed Wednesday the allegations came from within Brown’s campaign team.

Neither Brodie nor the party has specifically outlined what the allegations are, saying only they appear to breach the financing rules in the Canada Elections Act and as such, they would be shared with Elections Canada.

Don’t feel like you need to have any sympathy for the creepy antifa-lite that is Patrick Brown. I’m only writing about this because it’s so bizarre.

Speaking to The Canadian Press earlier in the day, Brown,who is the mayor of Brampton, Ont., said the committee was presented with an anonymous allegation that someone working on his campaign was being paid by a corporation.

Concerns about his campaign financing were first raised with his team last week.

Brown said they requested information about the identity of the individual or company, but it was not provided.

In terms of other allegations, Brown said his campaign fielded questions from the party about a report that staff from his mayoral office had been working on his leadership campaign. He said his team explained that anyone doing so wasn’t helping with the campaign during work hours.

He added there was another allegation about mail received at party headquarters related to the handwriting of one of Brown’s supporters from the Tamil community, as well as a query about the names of different supporters.

Brown said his campaign felt the party was undertaking a “fishing expedition” with their questioning, but felt satisfied with the responses they provided.

Patrick Brown had about a zero percent chance of winning the CPC leadership, despite his whining. And Patrick Brown has a history of creepy and underhanded behaviour. I’d strongly bet that he’s guilty of whatever campaign finance shenanigans he’s being accused of. 

Brown also finds himself in hot water with his critics within Brampton City Hall, with five council members releasing a statement on Wednesday that said “once again, our great city is in the national news for all the wrong reasons because of Patrick Brown.”

Brown was polling at 8%, as compared to about 50% for Poilievre. It’s possible this was a gayop by Charest’s camp, but unlikely. More likely the guy with a history of being criminal scum continued being criminal scum.

The real story is that this creepy antifa scumbag was allowed to run for CPC leadership. And yet three “social conservative,” candidates were barred from running. Because the CPC is a fake political party, at least as far as getting policy is concerned.

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