It doesn’t need to make sense or be logically consistent. It’s CuckFight2022! and anything can happen.

Spencer Fernando:

Patrick Brown’s campaign strategy, which has mostly consisted of launching Trudeau-style attacks against Pierre Poilievre, continues to generate ‘interesting’ results.

Those results largely being the loss of his caucus support (what little there was to begin with), and the upper echelon of his campaign organization.

Brown started with four members of the CPC caucus endorsing him.

That was cut in half when two of those MPs switched to the Poilievre campaign.

Sexpest Patrick Brown

I covered that here. Patrick Brown is a creepy sexpest, so of course he was allowed to run in the rigged CuckFight2022! leadership election, despite the fact that nobody likes him. Maybe some koshervative insiders, but really, not even them.

Then, Brown lost his national campaign co-chair when Michelle Rempel Garner stepped away from the campaign to consider a run for Alberta UCP leader.

Michelle Rempel Garner and her anti-White comments, pictured above, are most certainly welcome in the Conservative Party of Canada. You, me, or even Heather Leung, an Asian stay at home mother incensed by groomers trying to groom her and your children, is most definitely not.

Patrick Brown has tried to demonize Poilievre using the same far-left, ‘woke’ talking points that Justin Trudeau uses.

His campaign has tried to insinuate that Poilievre is ‘racist,’ and ‘far-right,’ while largely giving Trudeau a free pass.

His attempts to divide Canadians along cultural lines, making unhinged accusations of ‘racism’, calling all opponents ‘far-right,’ and buying into the leftist ‘woke’ mindset are all things that Justin Trudeau is already doing, so why would Conservatives want that in a leader of their party?

I covered Spencer Fernando before, and this is his typical koshervative DR3 type argumentation. Even still, reading between the lines we can see that Patrick Brown was running on an anti-White and extremely perverted campaign.

Once again I remind you that the CPC leadership election was rigged. Fernando and the rest of kosher-right media wants you to forget this, but it’s true. That entire party is totally illegitimate, as shown once again by them letting in Patrick Brown, an anti-White perverted certified creep.

But what makes all of this even more absurd for Patrick Brown is that Garner abandoned him to run a leadership campaign, and then decided that actually she wasn’t that interested in running that leadership campaign after all.

Michelle Rempel Garner Substack:

In the past three weeks I have been approached by many people to consider offering in the United Conservative Party leadership race. People from all walks of life and political stripes have reached out to me to offer encouragement.

The outpouring of heartfelt words from across the province has been incredible.

The opportunity to lead this province is an incredible privilege and not one to be taken lightly.

Everybody thank the bottle blonde named Michelle. We all have so much to thank her for. This is something she reminds us of when highlighting her past successes.

  • I’ve got a strong track record of fighting for the province. I have a vision for Alberta that I’m confident would help its people. I have a solid track record of being on the right side of issues that have previously caused trust issues for other conservatives – like protecting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, reproductive health, and addressing racism. This means I could have a good shot at building trust with many Albertans against the Alberta NDP in a swiftly approaching general election.

Conservatism is a work. It exists solely to get out in front of Whitey’s response to various anti-White outrages, and everyone’s response to perverts abusing children. It has no other purpose. They exist purely to stab anyone who is actually serious about policy in the back while painting them as “far-right extremists.”

I believe a fiscally responsible, socially inclusive approach that asserts more strength against Ottawa, supports the energy sector but is more aggressive about encouraging economic diversification and retaining skilled workers is the path we need to be on. We need political stability for investment to happen. We need to fight for the energy sector while not relying on oil booms to balance the budget. We have to have a plan to make life more affordable.

I believe the conservative movement is the only one that has the capacity to deliver this. 

I was blown away by how long her piece was. She just goes on and on forever, justifying herself to an audience that, judging by the lack of comments, doesn’t exist.

Patrick Brown is an antifa sexpest, yet is still allowed to run in the CPC leadership race. Michelle Rempel Garner is an antifa who is celebrated as the next up and coming koshervative starlet. And judging by the lack of comments, she has zero organic support from Canadians, because nobody actually gives a fuck about these servants of the privileged.

That is the real story, how the CPC is an extremist far-left party on social issues. The less important story is what a fuckup Patrick Brown specifically is, although that’s somewhat interesting in and of itself.

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