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The Conservative Party of Canada today released the list of candidates who will appear on the ballot when party members vote for a new leader in September — and it doesn’t include three candidates who say they collected enough money and signatures to qualify.

Honestly, at this point the CPC is such a parody of controlled opposition that it’s actually kind of funny to me that people would think that the leadership election wouldn’t be completely and utterly rigged.

In a social media post, the party said Conservative MPs Scott Aitchison, Leslyn Lewis and Pierre Poilievre, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, former Quebec premier Jean Charest and Independent Ontario MPP Roman Baber have been accepted by the Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC) as “verified” candidates. That means they have at least $300,000 to pay a series of entry fees and 500 endorsement signatures from members in 30 different ridings.

From Top-Left -> Bottom-Left clockwise. Pierre Poilievre, Jean Charest, Patrick Brown, Scott Aitchison, Roman Baber, Leslyn Lewis

Here are the chosen cucklets, ready to fight it out for cuck leadership. Although cucklets might not really be the best term for it. It’s more like, puppets who are here to get out in front of average everyday Canadians response to Coca Cola’s “Be Less White,” training, or child trannies, and make absolutely damn sure that goes nowhere and you get nothing.

Three candidates — Joel Etienne, a commercial lawyer from Toronto, Joseph Bourgault, a Saskatchewan business owner and B.C.’s Grant Abraham, a consultant — will not appear on the final ballot, despite their claims that they met the party’s requirements to be considered “verified.”

Grant Abraham

The party’s real requirements are that you get on your knees and please the voodoo doll with the yarmaluke on it. The other six got the message, why couldn’t these losers?

But candidates need more than money and signatures to advance.

I can practically hear the slurping from here.

According to the party’s leadership election rules, the Leadership Candidate Nomination Committee (LCNC), the group of party stalwarts reviewing applications from would-be candidates, can also rely on “any other information they see fit to ascertain the suitability of an applicant.” The LCNC can, in turn, recommend to LEOC that a particular candidate be barred from running.

Imagine being a conservative in the year 2022. Imagine having to defend this. Hell, imagine defending political oligopoly as actual democracy, when the servative leadership race is decided by an unnamed election committee behind closed doors with unwritten rules.

Bourgault, the president and CEO of Bourgault Tillage Tools, is a social conservative who was strongly endorsed by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), an anti-abortion group that has long sought to pull the party to the right on social issues.

Pull the party to the right on social issues? LMFAO.

This is a Conservative MP, just so you know.

The CPC’s entire raison d’etre is to cocktease the goyim, while ensuring that you get literally no actual policy. They don’t want some uppity goyim to get in there and get it into their thick skulls that the purpose is to actually get policies like a ban on abortion. The purpose is to not do that and pretend like they’re going to.

In addition to his anti-abortion credentials, Bourgault was a member of the so-called Freedom Convoy and participated in protests against COVID-related measures like vaccine mandates on Parliament Hill earlier this year.

Joseph Bourgault

In a letter to supporters last week, Jack Fonseca, the director of political operations for the CLC, said it was crucial to get Bourgault and at least two other candidates — Conservative MP Marc Dalton and Abraham — into the race to advance a “pro-family” agenda within the party.

Those efforts appear to have failed — the only “so con” candidate still in the running is Lewis.

Leslyn Lewis

This is how completely and utterly malicious and evil (((conservatism))) is.  They take people’s normal response to disgusting and evil stuff like child trannies. Then they tell them that this makes them conservative. It doesn’t, it simply makes them normal, and the people they are fighting against child abusers. Calling yourself a “conservative fighting against progressives,” instead of a normal person fighting against child abusers is already terrible rhetoric designed to get you to lose.

Then they explain to these people that there’s a political party for them that represents them. But of course this party has no actual interest in giving them a single thing, in fact it’s purpose is to make sure that they don’t get policy. Then they have all these long list of excuses from “Conservative Establishment,” to “DR3,” or whatever else, that justifies them not actually getting policy.

Eventually, they get these people to the point where only one single politician who even pretends to give a shit about their issues is allowed into the leadership race. And they are allowed to be their voice because they’re a Black Woman. And they’re going to lose. Leslyn herself is fine, but don’t make any mistake about it, the zionist jews who run the CPC will never allow even a normie conservative White Man who isn’t a complete puppet into the rigged race for leadership.

Abraham has criticized Conservative MPs for failing to stop Bill C-4, the Liberal government’s ban on conversion therapy. He has also called for a return to a “Judeo-Christian framework” in Canada and an end to secularism.

Just understand that even this guy is too genuine and populist to be allowed into the rigged leadership election.

“Grant has responded to the party with a communication asking for a detailed justification of their decision,” Abraham’s campaign said, adding it will “question the ruling” and provide an update to supporters.

Reached by phone Monday, Fonseca said blocking some social conservatives from the final ballot “looks like skullduggery.”

Jack Fonseca

“It’s another lynching of social conservatives. They’re trying to cancel us and it’s a total disgrace. This is what Red Tories do. Red Tories cheat. They’re dishonest and they don’t like to play fair. They’re corrupt,” Fonseca told CBC News.

“It’s the same kind of corruption the party used to disqualify Jim Karahalios and Richard Décarie the last time — they don’t like their views and that’s why Bourgault is out, despite whatever excuses they’ll say publicly,” he added, referring to two social conservative candidates who were barred from running in the last leadership election.

Jim Karahalios

Here we see Jim Karahalios, a White Man. And below we see Richard Decarie, another White Man.

Richard Decarie

Both of these men were barred from being allowed to fight in the conservative leadership race in 2020. Both of these men would have been undoubtedly more popular than Erin The Toole. But of course, that’s the reason why they got banned.

Bourgault did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Fonseca said any attempt by the Conservative Party to “purge” itself of social conservatives would hurt its electoral fortunes in the next campaign.

He said some anti-abortion activists could jump to another party that is seen as more welcoming to their cause.

“We have the corrupt Red Tory establishment disqualifying ‘so cons’ left and right because they can get away with it and they’re destroying the party in the process. It’s just pushing people into the arms of Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party and they think they’re wonderful for doing so,” Fonseca said.

That’s very true, and it’s exciting how utterly fake and controlled the CPC is. Poilievre is the only one even doing the fake populist bit. The rest of them have given up on even pretending to be populist. And frankly, that’s exciting, as it allows us an easier time getting up and running.

Unfortunately, we are then treated to a picture of the faggot Maxime Bernier.

Which, yeah, I hate to break it to you, but the PPC isn’t designed to go anywhere.

I’ll have a lot more to write about this career politician, but suffice to say, he still has a twatter account. And you know what that means.

Fonseca said the People’s Party’s relative success in the last federal election — Bernier and his candidates secured about five per cent of the national vote — was due to a number of ardently conservative voters who were tired of what he called “Liberal-lite” policies.

This Fonseca guy is really starting to get on my nerves. His organization, the Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), does some decent legal work. However, he’s already been burnt by the Cuckservative Party slamming the door on his nose in 2020. And yet, instead of going full scorched earth on them, he’s whining about their electoral chances not being so good and calling them Liberal-Lite.

No dude, they’re not “Liberal-Lite,” they’re employees. And their job is to pretend to be against abortion, so that you waste your fucking time and energy and money trying to get policy through them. But their entire job is to not get you policy. They don’t have a second job of pushing back against the “Trudeau Agenda,” or any other retarded shit like that. They have one job, and it’s to get out in front of your anger at, in this case, abortion, and make absolutely damn sure that no policy comes of that. That’s it.

He said the anti-abortion movement’s last hope in this leadership race is Lewis, a candidate who has promised to table a suite of social conservative measures if she ever makes it to the Prime Minister’s Office. Lewis has said she wants a ban on “sex-selective” abortions and criminal penalties for “coercive” abortions.

See what I mean about this guy? I think it’s an intelligence issue. I hate to say this, but some people are quite simply too stupid to ever move past the constantly falling for (((conservative))) tricks phase. You don’t have any hope of “social conservatism,” in the conservative party, their entire job is to slam the door shut on your face.

“If they could take Leslyn Lewis out, they would. But she’s too high-profile and too well liked by party members. They know it would totally destroy the party if they did that. She’s the only one we can trust,” Fonseca said.

Okay, maybe this guy is also malicious. It’s hard to say. It’s either that or he’s a complete retard, because the Conservative Party of Canada took out Maxime Bernier, who was their only popular member, and the guy who actually won the leadership race in 2017 versus Scheer the Queer. So this whole idea that this Leslyn Lewis broad, who most Canadians have never heard of, is untouchably popular is laughable.

But really, how could you possibly believe that the party that fucks over candidates because they are opposed to abortion, would allow you some sort of hope through Leslyn Lewis? How is it possible to be this stupid?

Speaking to Radio-Canada, CBC’s French-language service, Etienne, the other rejected candidate, said he personally delivered the required paperwork to the party’s Ottawa office last Friday at 2 p.m., well before the LEOC-imposed deadline.

He said he was told subsequently that the party wouldn’t accept a credit card as payment for some of the necessary fees.

Etienne also said the party rejected some of the signatures he collected as “invalid,” but he hasn’t been told why.

Joel Etienne

I have no idea what race Joel Etienne is, but in this case it doesn’t matter. The CPC will happily screw over anyone of any race on anti-pedo or related issues. As we’ll see in another installment, they’re happy to explicitly lose seats in order to do so.

In an email to CBC News, Wayne Benson, the party’s executive director, said that “Mr. Etienne failed to meet all the necessary requirements at the deadline.”

Benson did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the decision to leave Abraham and Bourgault off the ballot.

CPC Secretary Wayne Benson

There you have it. Keep all this in mind when we see the WMD Liars bloviating about Poilievre being a “populist dynamo.”

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