The best argument we can make to average everyday people, at least in the short term, is “look at our enemies.” I’ve made this point a few times before.

For a few different enemy groups.

And this came up yet again with the NJP’s protest in Fargo.

As well as their protest in Akron.

In both cases the counterprotesters were a bunch of inert dysgenic blobs. The Fargo antifas are so unlikeable that they even got booted out from their little den by their landlords. They don’t have any connection to the NJP, they’re just in the 99.9% of society who hates these people and is disgusted by them. The only thing harder than liking antifas is understanding what the fuck you are even looking at.

Speaking of which, Kurt Phillips of “The Canadian Anti-Hate Network,” everyone!

My memory of this creep was jogged by the “Kurt Phillips of ARCCollective,” channel. He’s a member of the “Anti-Hate Coalition,” an anti-White Israel First organization that is also big on pushing pervertism on children.

Apparently he is also a weight lifter.

Thanks for telling us Kurt. I honestly would not have figured that one out if you gave me a million guesses.

Kurt’s a big fan of doxxing the enemies of billionaires. His own doxx got out in 2020 after the incompetent CBC let his image slip. It’s hard to say how accurate the information is nowadays, being two years out of date.

Even beyond that, as someone who doxxed myself in the past, then adopted a monikor, then re-doxxed myself, I can say it’s not that much of a deal anyway. I’m putting it back up because it’s fun and I enjoy doing it. 

What I do know is that his instagram account is private. And he once again reminds us all that he is a weight lifter.

When I was first introduced to Kurt, I simply assumed that he was a homophiliac. Turns out he’s not. Instead Kurt is just a childless 50+ year old midget loser who looks like he was created from the pure essence of soy. I’m not exaggerating when I say that my opinion of him went down upon learning that he was heterosexual. At least if he liked men he had an excuse for being a childless middle aged catlady with obvious hormonal problems and a seething hatred for normal people. Turns out he’s just a run of the mill spiteful mutant.

And one with a history of creeping out women to boot.

The loveless Kurt Phillips has taken to filling his sad, lonely days by doing unpaid labour, starting at least as early as 2007, tracking down “nazis,” online.

Apparently this unpaid labour became paid labour sometime around 2020, when the Trudeau government gave the Anti-Hate Network a significant six figure grant. Probably they gave them more, but those are the numbers I was given. You may remember the Anti-Hate Network from some of the pieces I’ve written on them. But the work is one thing, and I want to focus on one of the hideous losers doing the work here. 

Imagine posing like this for a picture back when you were in school. Now imagine seeing your fag soyboy teacher, Kurt Phillips, posing like this in front of your locker. And then you search for him online and you stumble upon his then public instagram page where he presumably uploaded it, probably with a caption like “feelin’ cute #resistance”.

And remember that fag Peter Smith, who went by “Baldur’s Run,” on telegram?

Need I say more?

God has blessed us with ridiculous enemies.

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